Week 1 Hi-Lo Jackpot Goes Out

Alice StapenhorstSheldon, Iowa — A Sheldon woman, who is a faithful KIWA listener, was the winner of $155 in week #1 of the KIWA 55th Anniversary Hi-Lo game.

All this week we’ve been playing Hi-Lo, a game in which a listener is required to guess a number between 105 and 1550.  Each incorrect guess helps listeners narrow down the possible right answer.  Shortly before 7:30 Thursday morning, this week’s prize was given out during the KIWA Morning Show.

Alice Stapenhorst of Sheldon was the week #1 winner, and pocketed a check for $155 for her correct guess.  She stopped at the KIWA studios Thursday morning to claim her prize, and said she had been keeping track of the numbers other has guessed, all week.

She says she was “kind of stunned” when she learned she had been the contest winner for this week, and as a result, has no idea yet what she’ll do with the money.

From all of us at KIWA, we want to say “Congratulations Alice!”

A brand new Hi-Lo game will begin this coming Monday, August 22nd, and everyone , except Alice, will have an opportunity to win.  Your first chance to win will come on Monday’s KIWA Morning Show.  The jackpot will reset to $155 for next week, and if it goes unclaimed next week, the jackpot for the 3rd and final week of KIWA’s Hi-Lo game will roll over, making the total $310.

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