Western Christian Takes Home First Place In Regional Envirothon In Cherokee

Western EnvirothonCherokee, Iowa — It’s another first place for Western Christian High School in Hull.

Three teams from Western Christian High School recently participated in the state of Iowa regional Envirothon contest in Cherokee. Last year there were about 70 teams around the state of Iowa that participated in various regional contests during the month of March. The team of Mason DeVries, Colton Van Otterloo, Jeffrey Granstra, Kim Kroeze, and Jordan Van Maanen finished in first place at the Cherokee regional and now wait to see if they are one of fifteen teams that will participate in the state Envirothon contest which will be held in late April in Guthrie Center.

Examples of questions that were asked include: What side of a home (north, south, east, or west) would a person want to plant a wind block in order to receive best heating cost efficiency? Identify pictures of various soil organisms (nematodes, arthropods, earthworms). Identify pictures of various tree leaves or bark. Which species of squirrel is currently endangered in Iowa? What chemicals do fish possess in their body in order not to freeze? There were also questions about the history of Iowa’s landscape.

The Western Christian Envirothon teams are sponsored by Alysia Haveman, Life Science Teacher at Western Christian. Evan Wielenga, a local agronomist and soils expert; Sunday Ford, a Sioux County naturalist and wildlife expert; and Aaron Ohn from the Iowa DNR who is an aquatics expert all helped prep the teams during the weeks preceding the competition. The local NRCS office in Orange City generously sponsors the entry fee each year.

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