Winners In Event Center Naming Contest Identified

Event CenterSheldon, Iowa — City officials have released more information on the contest to name the events center that’s currently under construction in the Sheldon Crossing area of the city.  Officials say 373 people participated in the voting to name the new events center.   46 percent voted in favor of naming the facility, “The Crossroads Regional Events Center”, a name suggested by Mitch Giese.  31 percent voted for “Water’s Edge Pavilion” which had been entered in the contest by Addison Beckman.  The Sheldon City Council decided to combine wording of both of those entries, voting to name the facility, “Crossroads Pavilion”.    Since a part of the top two vote-getters were combined in naming the facility, both Giese and Beckman will receive one hundred Sheldon Dollars.  The third place entry, “The Water’s Edge Regional Event Center”, was submitted by both Keanna Wynja and Carmen Vanden Hull, who will each receive fifty Sheldon Dollars.  Cassie Wolthuizen who had suggested  “1860 Regional Event Center” came in fourth in the voting and will also receive fifty Sheldon Dollars.

In a related subject, the Council approved the wording of a Request for Proposal for Management Services relating to the Crossroads Pavilion.  The City anticipates  opening the facility in September, 2017.  The selected Manager would begin participating before that date, to work with the City in the selection of furniture, fixtures and equipment.  The City anticipates entering into a Management Agreement with the Manager for no more than five years.  It is the city’s goal to make a final selection of the Manager by November 11th of this year.  Those who are interested must submit their information to the City of Sheldon, no later than September 16th.   A committee has been appointed by the Mayor to  review the applications.

In other business at their Wednesday meeting, the Council approved a request for extending the Friday Downtown Grill-Outs which have proven to be very popular.  In addition, the Council approved a request from Sanford Clinic to block off certain street intersections for the Glow Run that will be held September 3rd.

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