Work On Highway 60 At Worthington Wrapping Up For The Winter, Detour To Be Removed

Worthington, MN -– Good news for those who travel Highway 60 in the Worthington area. The majority of construction work is wrapping up for the winter and the rural detour to county roads may be removed by Friday, December 7, if weather permits.

Highway 60 motorists will continue to be re-routed around the area of the Union Pacific Railroad Bridge while the retaining wall work continues into December. The short detour includes Nobles County Roads 35, 5 and 33.

This third and final phase of reconstruction on Highway 60 from north of Nobles County Road 35 to Interstate 90 will resume with a detour for Highway 59 to the west and Highway 60 to the east in the spring.

Work remaining south of the new UP Railroad Bridge includes center median work, trail paving, additional lighting and final pavement markings. Retaining wall construction and finishing work will continue in the spring at the bridge itself. Work from the new railroad bridge to I-90 will include pavement reconstruction and construction of two additional roundabouts, and one signalized intersection.

A separate contract for landscaping will take place in 2014.

Worthington’s first roundabout will be partially open as part of the new Highway 60. Driving tips include:

  • Prior to the roundabout watch for signing for lane assignments
  • When approaching a roundabout, slow down and get into the appropriate lane
  • Yield to pedestrians
  • Yield to traffic in all circular lanes. Merge when it is safe.
  • Continue through the roundabout until you reach your exit. Do not stop or pass in a roundabout.
  • For visual information on roundabouts visit

    For more information on the Highway 60 project and detour maps for the 2013 construction season, visit

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