Younie & City Of Hartley Settle Lawsuit

Hartley, Iowa — The former Hartley Chief of Police has settled his civil lawsuit against the City of Hartley.  Mark Younie was fired by Hartley’s then-Mayor Clayton Pyle, in January, 2014.  Younie had alleged he was fired for filing a grievance in which he alleged a labor law violation.  The City denied Younie’s allegation.

In the days following Younie’s firing, citizens of Hartley tried, unsuccessfully, to have Pyle removed as Mayor of that city.

Documents were filed in Federal District Court yesterday (Wednesday, June 15th) for a Stipulated Dismissal of the case, stating that Younie and his attorneys, along with the City of Hartley and their attorneys stipulate that all claims have been settled, and that the case is dismissed.

We reached out to Younie’s attorney, who declined comment on the settlement.

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