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Endless Love

Endless Love

Actors: Alex Pettyfer (Magic Mike, I Am Number Four)
Gabriella Wilde (The Three Musketeers, Carrie)
Bruce Greenwood (Star Trek, I, Robot)
Joely Richardson (The Patriot, The Girls with the Dragon Tattoo)

A privileged girl and a blue collar boy spark a romance that is only made stronger due to the girl’s overbearing parents trying to keep them away from each other.

If you’ve seen a lot of romantic movies, this one is no different. Pretty much this movie is exactly the same as every other romantic movie, the cliches, the music that comes in during the dramatic confrontation scenes and someone trying to keep them apart that keeps the couples love strong.

Gabriella Wilde plays the main character of Jade, who for the last 2 years has stayed home with her family or reading books while mourning the loss of her brother. Alex Pettyfer plays the male lead David as the simple boy who lives with his dad, played by Robert Patrick, and work together at a Patrick’s service garage. After graduation and learning that David has had a crush on Jade for the last two years but has never talked to her, they have a chance encounter at a fancy restaurant. From there on out its all kissing and falling in love, IN JUST A DAY AND A HALF. From there on out it’s the same as a lot of romantic movies. Jade puts her promising future of med school on hold and the father tries to keep them apart by any means necessary since he cannot get over the death of his son either and feels that David is taking his daughter away from him.

Director Shana Feste tries desperately to show you the characters’ love that they have for each other but just can’t seem to get them fully into it, and given you’ve pretty much seen a movie like it before in another romantic drama, there isn’t a whole lot of direction it can take.

If you’re into romantic dramas or still want to believe in true love this movie is for you. I recommend it personally for 12-15 year old girls.

I give it 2 out of 10 popcorns



Rated PG-13 for sexual content, brief partial nudity, some language and teen partying

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