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Need for Speed

Need for Speed

Actors: Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad)
Dominic Cooper (Captain America, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter)
Imogen Poots (28 Weeks Later, Fright Night)
Michael Keaton (The Other Guys, Batman)

Director: Scott Waugh (Act of Valor)

A man is in a race against time to get to a race across the country and exact his revenge.

With a no name cast, a sub-par plot, and trying to bank the video game title of the same name, this movie does better than expected. Aaron Paul, being the only big name to try and draw you to this movie, plays the quiet, but tough main character who was an up and coming racer till Dominic Cooper’s character came along and caused Paul to fall through the cracks. This movie is your typical Count of Monte Cristo plot, but with really fast cars. Michael Keaton’s character says it best, “love, vengeance, and motor oil all swirling together.” The banter between the rest of the cast is whimsical, fun, and quite light, but otherwise they were minor, were just a lot of filler.

I give most credit of this movie being respectable to the director. Scott Waugh used very little, and possibly ZERO CGI and a obeyed a lot of the laws of physics for fast moving cars, well, as much as an action movie can. Being that Waugh used to be a stuntman, I would say this helped the movie compete, if not beat the Fast and the Furious franchise in the category of realism.

This movie is great for car people, and guys 13-50.

I give it 5 out of 10 popcorns.


Rated PG-13 for sequences of reckless street racing, disturbing crash scenes, nudity and crude language.

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