2013 Hunting and Fishing license sales

Iowa DNRThe Iowa Department of Natural Resources has released figures on the numbers of hunting and fishing licenses issued in the state during the past year.  Here’s how the numbers break down…


241,332 annual fishing licenses

*16,470 three year fishing licenses

*6,399 bonus line third fishing line

6,469 lifetime fishing license

1,183 seven day fishing license

2,899 one day fishing license

 *39,007 outdoor combination hunting/fishing/habitat licenses37,493 trout stamps


56,810 annual hunting licenses

*56,526 annual hunting/habitat combination licenses

*6,371 three year hunting/habitat licenses

2,380 lifetime hunting licenses

55,733 habitat fees

25,717 migratory game bird fees

19,334 fur harvester licenses

*810 fur harvester/habitat combination licenses

53,795 any deer shotgun season 1 licenses

44,712 any deer shotgun season 2 licenses

54,069 any deer bow license

19,078 any deer late muzzleloader licenses

9,975 youth season deer licenses

18,025 spring turkey season 1-3 licenses

15,823 spring turkey season 4 licenses

5,904 spring turkey bow licenses

4,043 spring turkey youth licenses

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