Dock Permits Required For Public Waters in Iowa

DNR logoThe summer open water season is just around the corner and dock owners are reminded to be sure to have a current dock permit before installing or constructing a dock over any public waters in the state. This includes all docks on lakes, streams and rivers.

Standard dock permits (Class 1) are free for private individuals; however, they have specific limitations and require the applicant to have a permanent or seasonal residence on the property with the dock and only allow for a single dock with no more than two hoists or slips off the property.

Additionally, there may be placement, platform size and length limits which apply. If you do not have a seasonal or permanent home on the property or do not meet other criteria required for a standard dock permit, you are required to file for a Class 3 dock permit. There is a $125 application fee for Class 3 permits and additional hoist fees may apply. Commercial docks require a Class 4 permit.

For more information about dock permits or to apply, log into the Iowa Department of Natural Resource’s webpage at or contact your local DNR conservation officer or district office.

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