Fishing Slows as Temperatures Cool

Little Sioux River (Correctionville to Missouri River)
Fishing in the Little Sioux is reported to be slow.

Some of the smaller lakes have 1 to 1.5 inches of ice. Some of the deeper lakes have skim ice in the morning but are usually opening by mid-day.

Clear Lake
There is a little ice next to shore but expect that to melt with the warmer weather the next few days.

Big Spirit Lake
The lake is partly skimming over at night and thawing during the day. Use extreme caution when venturing on new ice. Little Anglers Bay and the Grade will be the first places to look for fishable ice but don’t overlook taking a boat out while the water is still open.

West Okoboji Lake
With warm weather in the forecast don’t anticipate ice on the main lake until a good cold snap hits but the canals may offer some early ice action. Fishing from the boat may be good yet look for fish in early ice locations.

Some of the smaller lakes in the area have frozen over but ice fishing has not yet begun. With the warm forecast for the first week of December don’t expect good ice until the middle of the month. Remember to use caution when venturing on new ice.


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