Over 700,000 Camped at Iowa State Parks in 2012

DNR logoTotal camping guest day at Iowa State Parks totaled 709,595 in 2012. In 2011 the number was 684,417.

Here are the top 10 State Parks for Camping Nights in 2012 in Iowa:

Lewis and Clark State Park

Rock Creek State Park

Viking Lake State Park

Lake Ahquabi State Park

Clear Lake State Park

Lake Anita State Park

Ledges State Park

Brushy Creek State Recreation Area

Marble Beach State Recreation Area

Backbone State Park

2012 Hunting and Fishing license sales numbers have also been released by the Iowa DNR.


328,718 fishing licenses

318,003 annual

6,938 lifetime

1,215 7-day

2,562 1-day

39,351 trout stamps


164,194 hunting licenses

161,843 annual

2,351 lifetime

161,228 habitat fees

24,301 migratory game bird fees

19,219 fur harvester licenses

57,783 any deer shotgun season 1 licenses

45,971 any deer shotgun season 2 licenses

55,075 any deer bow license

20,425 any deer late muzzleloader licenses

9,555 youth season deer licenses

16,919 spring turkey season 1-3 licenses

12,368 spring turkey season 4 licenses

5,295 spring turkey bow licenses

3,789 spring turkey youth licenses

Landowner licenses

33,707 any deer licenses

32,613 antlerless licenses

5,017 spring turkey licenses

2012, nonresident purchases included:


40,090 fishing licenses

4,306 trout stamps


23,421 hunting licenses and habitat fees

2,162 migratory game bird fees


Any deer applications by nonresidents

4,073 bow licenses

2,760 shotgun season 1 licenses

941 shotgun season 2 licenses

1,291 late muzzleloader licenses

9,257 preference points



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