Pheasant Survey Begins Today

pheasantNorthwest Iowa — Starting today (Monday, August 1st) you’re likely to see people driving up and down rural roads in our area, and across the state, as Iowa’s annual Pheasant Population survey is held.

Todd Bogenschutz, a wildlife research biologist at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, says indications show the popular game bird’s population is at least stable and is likely growing.

He says the roadside survey is done every year during the first two weeks of August, or sometimes a little longer, depending on the weather.

Bogenschutz said the survey records the numbers of other animals the spotters see, as well, including: quail, Hungarian partridges, cottontails and jackrabbits. The results of the survey will be released in early September. Iowa’s pheasant hunting season begins October 29th.

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