Sioux County 2018 Sportsman’s Club Gun Winners

Each Wednesday throughout the year, the Sioux County Sportsmen’s Club will draw the name of one individual who purchased a Club’s 2018 Gun Calendar.  The name drawn will win their choice of the Club’s “Gun Of The Week”, or a cash prize.

Check back weekly for the name of the latest gun winner.

Here are the latest Sioux County Sportsmen’s Club 2018 Gun Calendar winners:

January 17th — Justin Postma #1155 CZ 912 12 Ga. or $225

Next drawing will be January 24th

January 10th — Brian Schutt, Alton #0098 S & W AR .22 or $200

January 3rd — Nyla Harskamp, Orange City #1152 Marlin 1894 .45LC or $300

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