Sports Scores From Saturday January 9th

wrestling gearNorthwest Iowa — Sheldon South O’Brien wrestlers played host to a JV and Varsity Tournament at the Sheldon High School Gym.


E-LC, LeMars, Sioux Central and Lenox SD at the Sheldon invite

Sheldon/South O`Brien 52.00 Estherville Lincoln Central 30.00
285: Harrison Norgaard (SSO) over Cole Anderson (ELCH) (Fall 0:18)
106: Jason Peta (ELCH) over (SSO) (For.)
113: Zack Snyder (ELCH) over Dakota Johannes (SSO) (Fall 3:24)
120: Jalen Tripp (ELCH) over Riley Erickson (SSO) (Fall 2:10)
126: Dakota Peters (SSO) over (ELCH) (For.)
132: Zach Broesder (SSO) over (ELCH) (For.)
138: Andreu Caballero (SSO) over (ELCH) (For.)
145: Clayton Leng (SSO) over (ELCH) (For.)
152: Wyatt Meendering (SSO) over Ethan Crees (ELCH) (Fall 1:16)
160: Kelly Clabaugh (ELCH) over Jake Roos (SSO) (Fall 3:06)
170: Luke Jenness (SSO) over Lincoln Coakley (ELCH) (Fall 0:53)
182: Jonah Dacken (SSO) over Kylan Fitzgerald (ELCH) (MD 12-1)
195: Travis Sterler (SSO) over (ELCH) (For.)
220: Amed Castro-Chavez (ELCH) over (SSO) (For.)

LeMars 45.00 Sheldon/South O`Brien 36.00
195: Travis Sterler (SSO) over Tyler Hoffman (LEMA) (Fall 0:59)
220: Travis Theisen (LEMA) over (SSO) (For.)
285: Jesus Diaz (LEMA) over Harrison Norgaard (SSO) (Fall 2:13)
106: Fernando Zetina (LEMA) over (SSO) (For.)
113: Dakota Johannes (SSO) over Kaden Ostermyer (LEMA) (Fall 2:22)
120: Robert Morra (LEMA) over Riley Erickson (SSO) (Fall 3:03)
126: Donny Allaway (LEMA) over Dakota Peters (SSO) (Fall 1:23)
132: Jordan Jensen (LEMA) over Zach Broesder (SSO) (Fall 3:58)
138: Andreu Caballero (SSO) over Chris Deiterman (LEMA) (Fall 2:00)
145: Joel McGrew (LEMA) over Clayton Leng (SSO) (Dec 3-1)
152: Wyatt Meendering (SSO) over Myles Kass (LEMA) (Fall 0:38)
160: Jake Roos (SSO) over Jared Kessenich (LEMA) (Fall 2:45)
170: Luke Jenness (SSO) over Jacob Todd (LEMA) (Fall 0:23)
182: Tony Fifita (LEMA) over Jonah Dacken (SSO) (Fall 1:34)

Lennox, SD 54.00 Sheldon/South O`Brien 24.00
106: Riley Williams (LENN) over (SSO) (For.)
113: Jaetin DeCou (LENN) over Dakota Johannes (SSO) (Fall 0:38)
120: Wesley Weischedel (LENN) over Riley Erickson (SSO) (Fall 0:23)
126: Tyson Stoebner (LENN) over Dakota Peters (SSO) (Fall 1:39)
132: Mitchell Messersmith (LENN) over Zach Broesder (SSO) (Fall 1:52)
138: Cole Halouska (LENN) over Andreu Caballero (SSO) (Fall 1:20)
145: Nick Eli (LENN) over Clayton Leng (SSO) (Fall 1:24) 152: Tyler Zebell (LENN) over Wyatt Meendering (SSO) (Fall 1:39)
160: Jake Roos (SSO) over Isaiah Smidt (LENN) (Fall 0:29)
170: Luke Jenness (SSO) over Brock Stien (LENN) (Fall 1:04)
182: Jonah Dacken (SSO) over Seth Van Gelder (LENN) (Fall 1:01) 195: Double Forfeit
220: Sam Metivier (LENN) over Travis Sterler (SSO) (Fall 2:43)
285: Harrison Norgaard (SSO) over Thomas Fischer (LENN) (Fall 2:28)

Sioux Center 52.00 Sheldon/South O`Brien 27.00
113: Dakota Johannes (SSO) over Avery Sandbulte (SICE) (Fall 0:59)
120: Garrett Schley (SICE) over Riley Erickson (SSO) (MD 13-2)
126: Dakota Peters (SSO) over Seth Zomermaand (SICE) (Fall 5:08)
132: Keaton Wynia (SICE) over Zach Broesder (SSO) (Fall 1:13)
138: Collin Den Herder (SICE) over Andreu Caballero (SSO) (Fall 3:26)
145: Roberto Cardenas (SICE) over Clayton Leng (SSO) (Fall 2:47)
152: Wyatt Meendering (SSO) over Jose Cardenas (SICE) (Dec 4-1)
160: Jake Roos (SSO) over Jesse Jara (SICE) (Fall 2:59) 170: Luke Jenness (SSO) over Edgar Diego (SICE) (Fall 0:54)
182: Caleb Kempema (SICE) over Jonah Dacken (SSO) (Fall 3:25)
195: Dennis Hernandez (SICE) over (SSO) (For.)
220: Ko Kieft (SICE) over (SSO) (For.)
285: Elijah Van`t Hof (SICE) over Harrison Norgaard (SSO) (Fall 1:49)
106: Jaren Pierce (SICE) over (SSO) (For.)

Sheldon/South O`Brien 64.00 Sioux Central 6.00
220: Double Forfeit
285: Harrison Norgaard (SSO) over (SICE) (For.)
106: Double Forfeit
113: Dakota Johannes (SSO) over (SICE) (For.)
120: Riley Erickson (SSO) over (SICE) (For.)
126: Dakota Peters (SSO) over Keaton Lidner (SICE) (Fall 4:35)
132: Zach Broesder (SSO) over (SICE) (For.)
138: Andreu Caballero (SSO) over (SICE) (For.)
145: Caleb Gunderson (SICE) over Clayton Leng (SSO) (Fall 2:37)
152: Wyatt Meendering (SSO) over Elijah Hoffman (SICE) (MD 9-0)
160: Jake Roos (SSO) over Colton Schau (SICE) (Fall 0:41)
170: Luke Jenness (SSO) over (SICE) (For.)
182: Jonah Dacken (SSO) over (SICE) (For.)
195: Travis Sterler (SSO) over (SICE) (For.)

BHRV at the Sioux City East Tourney

Okoboji and Akron Westfield at the Graettinger Terril

Central Lyon George Little Rock, Alcester Hudson, Brookings, Hinton, Kingsley Pierson, Sioux Falls Lincoln, Spencer and Western Christian at the West Sioux Tourney


Girls Basketball
Unity Christian 59, Sioux Falls Christian, SD 31

Boys Basketball
Sioux Falls Christian 64, Unity Christian 50
Western Christian 65, Sioux Center 58

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