Sports Scores from Saturday January 23rd

Date posted - January 24, 2016

wrestling gearNorthwest Iowa — A¬†scattering of basketball games made¬†up the Saturday sports schedule.

Girls Basketball

West Lyon 67, West Sioux, Hawarden 52

Boys Basketball

West Lyon, Inwood 79, West Sioux, Hawarden 78 (OT)
Boyden-Hull 60, South O’Brien, Paullina 57


Alta-Aurelia, IA 39.00 Sheldon/South O`Brien, IA 36.00
182: Nick Gaes (ALTA) over Jonah Dacken (SSO) (Fall 0:45)
195: Travis Sterler (SSO) over Dalton Woosley (ALTA) (Fall 0:28)
220: Trenton Miller (ALTA) over Cesar Salazar (SSO) (Fall 0:38)
285: Harrison Norgaard (SSO) over (ALTA) (For.)
106: Double Forfeit
113: Sam Scherkenbach (ALTA) over (SSO) (For.)
120: Dakota Johannes (SSO) over (ALTA) (For.)
126: Bret Scherkenbach (ALTA) over Dakota Peters (SSO) (Dec 7-4)
132: Colten Larson (ALTA) over Zach Broesder (SSO) (Fall 0:41)
138: Chris Langner (ALTA) over Andreu Caballero (SSO) (Fall 0:36)
145: Skylar Solko (ALTA) over Clayton Leng (SSO) (Fall 1:29)
152: Wyatt Meendering (SSO) over Don Moore (ALTA) (Fall 1:16)
160: Jake Roos (SSO) over (ALTA) (For.)
170: Luke Jenness (SSO) over (ALTA) (For.)

Sheldon/South O`Brien, IA 55.00 Coon Rapids-Bayard, IA 24
220: Clayton Heck (CRB) over Cesar Salazar (SSO) (Fall 3:23)
285: Harrison Norgaard (SSO) over (CRB) (For.)
106: Carson Hilgenberg (CRB) over (SSO) (For.)
113: Garrett Peterson (CRB) over (SSO) (For.)
120: Dakota Johannes (SSO) over (CRB) (For.)
126: Dakota Peters (SSO) over Lane Namanny (CRB) (Fall 1:38)
132: Zach Broesder (SSO) over (CRB) (For.)
138: Carter Hilgenberg (CRB) over Andreu Caballero (SSO) (Fall 1:54)
145: Clayton Leng (SSO) over Patrick McCallister (CRB) (Dec 8-6)
152: Wyatt Meendering (SSO) over (CRB) (For.)
160: Jake Roos (SSO) over (CRB) (For.)
170: Luke Jenness (SSO) over Dalton Arnold (CRB) (MD 11-3)
182: Jonah Dacken (SSO) over (CRB) (For.)
195: Travis Sterler (SSO) over (CRB) (For.)

Westwood, IA 54.00 Sheldon/South O`Brien, IA 24.00
170: Luke Jenness (SSO) over Jeremiah Adams (WEST) (Fall 1:53)
182: Tony Baker (WEST) over Jonah Dacken (SSO) (Fall 0:30)
195: Travis Sterler (SSO) over David Munoz (WEST) (Fall 0:14)
220: Dalton Craven (WEST) over Cesar Salazar (SSO) (Fall 2:13)
285: Harrison Norgaard (SSO) over Nathan Payne (WEST) (Fall 1:33)
106: Brennan Brown (WEST) over (SSO) (For.)
113: Double Forfeit 120: Kody Berg (WEST) over Dakota Johannes (SSO) (Fall 1:31)
126: Markes Myers (WEST) over Dakota Peters (SSO) (Fall 3:15)
132: Braden Dean (WEST) over Zach Broesder (SSO) (Fall 0:40)
138: Andrew Donnelly (WEST) over Andreu Caballero (SSO) (Fall 3:39)
145: Clayton Leng (SSO) over Hunter Rea (WEST) (Fall 1:19)
152: Drew Anderson (WEST) over Wyatt Meendering (SSO) (Fall 3:37)
160: Jakob Shattuck (WEST) over Jake Roos (SSO) (Fall 2:34)

Worthington, MN 60.00 Sheldon/South O`Brien, IA 12.00
106: Kent Lais (Wort) over (SSO) (For.)
113: Hser Eh Pwae (Wort) over (SSO) (For.)
120: Hser Moo Pwae (Wort) over Dakota Johannes (SSO) (Fall 1:17)
126: Ethan Pavelko (Wort) over Dakota Peters (SSO) (TF 18-1 4:00)
132: Brayden Donkersloot (Wort) over Zach Broesder (SSO) (Fall 1:56)
138: Jeffrey Camacho (Wort) over Andreu Caballero (SSO) (Fall 2:48)
145: King Blanchette (Wort) over Clayton Leng (SSO) (Dec 8-4)
152: Wyatt Meendering (SSO) over Jacob Neuberger (Wort) (Fall 1:59)
160: Cody Michelson (Wort) over Jake Roos (SSO) (Dec 7-1)
170: Vince Riley (Wort) over Luke Jenness (SSO) (MD 10-0)
182: Brandon Kempema (Wort) over Jonah Dacken (SSO) (Fall 1:10)
195: Nic Putnam (Wort) over Travis Sterler (SSO) (Dec 8-6)
220: Cesar Salazar (SSO) over (Wort) (For.)
285: Ty Veen (Wort) over Harrison Norgaard (SSO) (Fall 0:48)

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