Sports Scores from Saturday January 23rd

wrestling gearNorthwest Iowa — A scattering of basketball games made up the Saturday sports schedule.

Girls Basketball

West Lyon 67, West Sioux, Hawarden 52

Boys Basketball

West Lyon, Inwood 79, West Sioux, Hawarden 78 (OT)
Boyden-Hull 60, South O’Brien, Paullina 57


Alta-Aurelia, IA 39.00 Sheldon/South O`Brien, IA 36.00
182: Nick Gaes (ALTA) over Jonah Dacken (SSO) (Fall 0:45)
195: Travis Sterler (SSO) over Dalton Woosley (ALTA) (Fall 0:28)
220: Trenton Miller (ALTA) over Cesar Salazar (SSO) (Fall 0:38)
285: Harrison Norgaard (SSO) over (ALTA) (For.)
106: Double Forfeit
113: Sam Scherkenbach (ALTA) over (SSO) (For.)
120: Dakota Johannes (SSO) over (ALTA) (For.)
126: Bret Scherkenbach (ALTA) over Dakota Peters (SSO) (Dec 7-4)
132: Colten Larson (ALTA) over Zach Broesder (SSO) (Fall 0:41)
138: Chris Langner (ALTA) over Andreu Caballero (SSO) (Fall 0:36)
145: Skylar Solko (ALTA) over Clayton Leng (SSO) (Fall 1:29)
152: Wyatt Meendering (SSO) over Don Moore (ALTA) (Fall 1:16)
160: Jake Roos (SSO) over (ALTA) (For.)
170: Luke Jenness (SSO) over (ALTA) (For.)

Sheldon/South O`Brien, IA 55.00 Coon Rapids-Bayard, IA 24
220: Clayton Heck (CRB) over Cesar Salazar (SSO) (Fall 3:23)
285: Harrison Norgaard (SSO) over (CRB) (For.)
106: Carson Hilgenberg (CRB) over (SSO) (For.)
113: Garrett Peterson (CRB) over (SSO) (For.)
120: Dakota Johannes (SSO) over (CRB) (For.)
126: Dakota Peters (SSO) over Lane Namanny (CRB) (Fall 1:38)
132: Zach Broesder (SSO) over (CRB) (For.)
138: Carter Hilgenberg (CRB) over Andreu Caballero (SSO) (Fall 1:54)
145: Clayton Leng (SSO) over Patrick McCallister (CRB) (Dec 8-6)
152: Wyatt Meendering (SSO) over (CRB) (For.)
160: Jake Roos (SSO) over (CRB) (For.)
170: Luke Jenness (SSO) over Dalton Arnold (CRB) (MD 11-3)
182: Jonah Dacken (SSO) over (CRB) (For.)
195: Travis Sterler (SSO) over (CRB) (For.)

Westwood, IA 54.00 Sheldon/South O`Brien, IA 24.00
170: Luke Jenness (SSO) over Jeremiah Adams (WEST) (Fall 1:53)
182: Tony Baker (WEST) over Jonah Dacken (SSO) (Fall 0:30)
195: Travis Sterler (SSO) over David Munoz (WEST) (Fall 0:14)
220: Dalton Craven (WEST) over Cesar Salazar (SSO) (Fall 2:13)
285: Harrison Norgaard (SSO) over Nathan Payne (WEST) (Fall 1:33)
106: Brennan Brown (WEST) over (SSO) (For.)
113: Double Forfeit 120: Kody Berg (WEST) over Dakota Johannes (SSO) (Fall 1:31)
126: Markes Myers (WEST) over Dakota Peters (SSO) (Fall 3:15)
132: Braden Dean (WEST) over Zach Broesder (SSO) (Fall 0:40)
138: Andrew Donnelly (WEST) over Andreu Caballero (SSO) (Fall 3:39)
145: Clayton Leng (SSO) over Hunter Rea (WEST) (Fall 1:19)
152: Drew Anderson (WEST) over Wyatt Meendering (SSO) (Fall 3:37)
160: Jakob Shattuck (WEST) over Jake Roos (SSO) (Fall 2:34)

Worthington, MN 60.00 Sheldon/South O`Brien, IA 12.00
106: Kent Lais (Wort) over (SSO) (For.)
113: Hser Eh Pwae (Wort) over (SSO) (For.)
120: Hser Moo Pwae (Wort) over Dakota Johannes (SSO) (Fall 1:17)
126: Ethan Pavelko (Wort) over Dakota Peters (SSO) (TF 18-1 4:00)
132: Brayden Donkersloot (Wort) over Zach Broesder (SSO) (Fall 1:56)
138: Jeffrey Camacho (Wort) over Andreu Caballero (SSO) (Fall 2:48)
145: King Blanchette (Wort) over Clayton Leng (SSO) (Dec 8-4)
152: Wyatt Meendering (SSO) over Jacob Neuberger (Wort) (Fall 1:59)
160: Cody Michelson (Wort) over Jake Roos (SSO) (Dec 7-1)
170: Vince Riley (Wort) over Luke Jenness (SSO) (MD 10-0)
182: Brandon Kempema (Wort) over Jonah Dacken (SSO) (Fall 1:10)
195: Nic Putnam (Wort) over Travis Sterler (SSO) (Dec 8-6)
220: Cesar Salazar (SSO) over (Wort) (For.)
285: Ty Veen (Wort) over Harrison Norgaard (SSO) (Fall 0:48)

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