Sports Scores From Thursday January 12th

wrestling gearNorthwest Iowa — High School wrestling was on the air Thursday night on KIWA FM 105.3.  Sheldon South O’Brien hosted Sibley Ocheyedan and Okoboji at Orab Gym for a Siouxland Conference Triangular.



Sibley Ocheyedan and Okoboji at Sheldon South O’Brien

Okoboji 40, Sheldon 39 (Okoboji won on a criteria point after the wrestling ended tied at 39-39. The tie breaker for Okoboji was most near fall points in the match)
106: Peter Hamill (SSO) over (OKOB) (For.)
113: Cain Hansen (OKOB) over (SSO) (For.)
120: Jacob Canales (SSO) over Sean Griener (OKOB) (Fall 2:37)
126: Hunter Abrahamson (OKOB) over Dakota Peters (SSO) (Fall 1:19)
132: Dominick Titus (OKOB) over Gavin Leng (SSO) (Dec 10-6)
138: Dakota Johannes (SSO) over Blake Abrahamson (OKOB) (Fall 5:48)
145: Isiah Huey (OKOB) over Kanner Baver (SSO) (Fall 1:23)
152: Bobby Beldt (SSO) over Jacob Bockman (OKOB) (Fall 1:40)
160: Zach Riedemann (SSO) over Trey Fife (OKOB) (Dec 4-1)
170: Matthew Eckard (OKOB) over (SSO) (For.)
182: Luke Jenness (SSO) over Dakota Woodward (OKOB) (Fall 0:18)
195: Luke Bossard (OKOB) over Jason Barwick (SSO) (Fall 4:31)
220: Riley Anderson (OKOB) over Thomas Nelson (SSO) (Fall 0:57)
285: Jonah Dachen (SSO) over (OKOB) (For.)

Sibley-Ocheyedan, IA 51.00 Sheldon/South O`Brien, IA 26.00
120: Trey Schuck (SIOC) over Jacob Canales (SSO) (Fall 3:13)
126: Dakota Peters (SSO) over Zak Stanton (SIOC) (Dec 9-4)
132: Mitchell Paca (SIOC) over Gavin Leng (SSO) (Fall 3:44)
138: Dakota Johannes (SSO) over Jordan Klein (SIOC) (TF 20-5 5:58)
145: Kanner Baver (SSO) over (SIOC) (For.)
152: Dylan Schuck (SIOC) over Bobby Beldt (SSO) (Fall 0:57)
160: Garrett Sayler (SIOC) over Austin Kavanaugh (SSO) (Fall 0:38)
170: Trent Kruger (SIOC) over (SSO) (For.)
182: Ryan Sterler (SSO) over Alberto Ortiz (SIOC) (Fall 1:20)
195: Hunter Dejong (SIOC) over Luke Jenness (SSO) (Dec 3-0)
220: Thomas Nelson (SSO) over Trevor Kruger (SIOC) (Fall 1:53)
285: Matt Naig (SIOC) over Jonah Dachen (SSO) (Fall 1:04)
106: Jose Flores (SIOC) over Peter Hamill (SSO) (Fall 0:21)
113: Mario Martinez (SIOC) over (SSO) (For.)

Sibley-Ocheyedan, IA 57.00 Okoboji, IA 21.00
113: Mario Martinez (SIOC) over Cain Hansen (OKOB) (Fall 5:40)
120: Trey Schuck (SIOC) over Sean Griener (OKOB) (Fall 1:03)
126: Hunter Abrahamson (OKOB) over Zak Stanton (SIOC) (Dec 7-2)
132: Mitchell Paca (SIOC) over Dominick Titus (OKOB) (Fall 5:38)
138: Tyler Whittrock (OKOB) over Jordan Klein (SIOC) (Fall 2:36)
145: Isiah Huey (OKOB) over (SIOC) (For.)
152: Dylan Schuck (SIOC) over Trey Fife (OKOB) (Fall 0:49)
160: Garrett Sayler (SIOC) over (OKOB) (For.)
170: Trent Kruger (SIOC) over Matthew Eckard (OKOB) (Fall 4:20)
182: Alberto Ortiz (SIOC) over Luke Bossard (OKOB) (Dec 9-7)
195: Hunter Dejong (SIOC) over Dakota Woodward (OKOB) (Fall 0:29)
220: Riley Anderson (OKOB) over (SIOC) (For.)
285: Matt Naig (SIOC) over (OKOB) (For.)
106: Jose Flores (SIOC) over (OKOB) (For.)

BHRV, Kingsley Pierson and Sioux Falls Washington at CL-G-LR
Central Lyon/George-Little Rock 76.00 Kingsley-Pierson 6.00
106: Dax De Groot (CLGL) over Garrett Gorczynski (KIPI) (Fall 1:43)
113: Cody Kramer (CLGL) over (KIPI) (For.)
120: Kevin Seuntjens (KIPI) over (CLGL) (For.)
126: Nile Christensen (CLGL) over (KIPI) (For.)
132: Gable Sieperda (CLGL) over (KIPI) (For.)
138: Mitch Van Beek (CLGL) over (KIPI) (For.)
145: Dylan Sprock (CLGL) over (KIPI) (For.)
152: Caleb Kramer (CLGL) over Alex Hanner (KIPI) (MD 16-7)
160: Bryce Vande Weerd (CLGL) over Joshua Miller (KIPI) (Fall 1:13)
170: Bryce Bickerstaff (CLGL) over (KIPI) (For.)
182: Kolten Bus (CLGL) over (KIPI) (For.)
195: Jarrett Meyer (CLGL) over (KIPI) (For.)
220: Austin Winkel (CLGL) over Mitch Trejo (KIPI) (Fall 3:22)
285: Ross Wiertsema (CLGL) over (KIPI) (For.)

Central Lyon/George-Little Rock 65.00 Boyden-Hull/RV 4.00
138: Austin Rozeboom (RVBH) over Mitch Van Beek (CLGL) (MD 10-0)
145: Dylan Sprock (CLGL) over (RVBH) (For.)
152: Caleb Kramer (CLGL) over Austin Roemeling (RVBH) (MD 15-3)
160: Bryce Vande Weerd (CLGL) over Zach Rau (RVBH) (Fall 5:01)
170: Bryce Bickerstaff (CLGL) over Brandon Roemeling (RVBH) (Dec 7-4)
182: Kolten Bus (CLGL) over Logan Block (RVBH) (MD 18-5)
195: Austin Winkel (CLGL) over Jesus Aranda (RVBH) (Fall 0:31)
220: Jarrett Meyer (CLGL) over Chris VanDerBrink (RVBH) (Fall 1:41)
285: Ross Wiertsema (CLGL) over Don Kraai (RVBH) (Fall 2:36)
106: Dax De Groot (CLGL) over Caleb Westra (RVBH) (Fall 1:04)
113: Cody Kramer (CLGL) over Lane Busby (RVBH) (Fall 3:34)
120: Double Forfeit 126: Nile Christensen (CLGL) over (RVBH) (For.)
132: Gable Sieperda (CLGL) over (RVBH) (For.)

Central Lyon/George-Little Rock (CLGL) 51.00 Sioux Falls Washington (SFW) 24.00
106: Dax De Groot (CLGL) over Reydon Danner (SFW) (Dec 8-4)
113: Cody Kramer (CLGL) over Moise DeReconfort (SFW) (Fall 5:15)
120: Blessing Taniah (SFW) over (CLGL) (For.)
126: Nile Christensen (CLGL) over Alex Stoneall (SFW) (Dec 12-6)
132: Gable Sieperda (CLGL) over Kamren McCubbin (SFW) (Fall 1:29)
138: Mitch Van Beek (CLGL) over Simon Tiede (SFW) (Fall 0:43)
145: Caleb Kramer (CLGL) over Jack Bren (SFW) (Fall 0:55)
152: Dylan Sprock (CLGL) over Jonah Nelson (SFW) (Fall 0:39)
160: Tupak Kpeayeh (SFW) over Bryce Vande Weerd (CLGL) (Fall 0:16)
170: Jacob Wagner (SFW) over Bryce Bickerstaff (CLGL) (Fall 0:59)
182: Kolten Bus (CLGL) over Brock Walker (SFW) (Fall 1:43)
195: Austin Winkel (CLGL) over Brody Etrheim (SFW) (Fall 1:20)
220: Jarrett Meyer (CLGL) over Thomas Vissers (SFW) (SV-1 2-0)
285: Alex Lorenzini (SFW) over Ross Wiertsema (CLGL) (Fall 1:20)

Boyden-Hull/RV 54 Kingsley Pierson 12
Sioux Falls Washington, SD 48.00 Boyden-Hull/RV 27.00

MOC Floyd Valley and West Lyon at Sioux Center
MOC Floyd Valley 46 Sioux Center 22
MOC Floyd Valley 58.00 West Lyon 18.00
West Lyon 39 Sioux Center 36

Sergeant Bluff-Luton and Storm Lake at Akron-Westfield
Sergeant Bluff-Luton 60.00 Akron-Westfield 16.00
Sergeant Bluff-Luton 60.00 Storm Lake 15.00
Storm Lake 48.00 Akron-Westfield 30.00

Heelan and Western Christian at Hinton
Bishop Heelan 46.00 Hinton 33.00
Bishop Heelan 66.00 Western Christian 15.00
Hinton 54 Western Christian 21

Girls Basketball
Algona 74, Spencer 64
LeMars 60, MOC-Floyd Valley 46
Newell Fonda 65, E-LC 52
Rock Valley 56, Trinity Christian, Hull 33

Boys Basketball
Algona 60, Spencer 50
Canton, SD 49, West Sioux, Hawarden 45
Rock Valley 75, Trinity 26
Sioux City, West 83, Hinton 48

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