Trees and Shrubs Available Through State Forest Nursery

Iowa DNRThe State Forest Nursery has a great selection of quality trees and shrubs for sale to improve your property.  These conservation seedlings are fantastic for aiding in erosion control, improving wildlife habitat, establishing food plots for you or wildlife, and for creating personal timber/forest area.

Nursery manager Aron Flickinger said the nursery has been accepting orders since August 1, 2013.

“We sell two different sizes for each of our 50 types of trees, and much of our smaller, lower priced seedlings are still available for most species,” Flickinger said.

A diversity of plant species in combination with a variety of vegetation types (trees, grass, wetlands) increases the amount of wildlife a property can support.

“If your goal is to improve wildlife habitat on your property, keep in mind which shrubs and trees can provide not only shelter, but also foodstuffs to get them through the winter,” Flickinger said.

For help planning the latest cost-sharing opportunities and/or to plan a successful personalized tree/shrub planting, contact your local forester or wildlife biologist.

For more information on ordering trees or seedlings available, contact the State Forest Nursery at 1-800-865-2477 or go to

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