Village Northwest Unlimited Presents Check to Sheldon Athletic Boosters

VNU Orab Boosters-sm

Sheldon, IA — Village Northwest Unlimited, in Sheldon, recently presented a check for $500 to the Sheldon Orab Athletic Booster Club. The check represents 10% of the total merchandise purchased by Sheldon boosters for embroidered shirts, jackets, sweatshirts and hooded sweatshirts.

What-A-Stitch developed this offering of giving back to booster clubs in order to encourage schools to purchase and wear their team gear to events and show their team pride. Under this program for every item purchased, the Village and What-A-Stitch returns 10% of the purchase back to the booster club. What-A-Stitch works with each club to develop a catalog of items that is then mailed or e-mailed to the booster club supporters. Catalogs for spring/summer and fall/winter apparel are developed with the booster club and then distributed to their members.

Barry Whitsell, CEO of Village Northwest Unlimited commented, “This program is a win for everyone. The booster club gets their fans to support their team with team apparel and they get back 10% of the proceeds for their club activities and since What-A-Stitch is a Village business it helps to support the programs we provide to people with a disability.”

Whitsell presented the check to Terry Boone, President of the Orab Athletic Boosters Club. Boone stated, “The process was very smooth and everyone was very happy with the apparel options. It’s especially rewarding because What-A-Stitch is part of Village Northwest and we know we are supporting a great cause. We are so thankful to both the Village and What-A-Stitch for developing a program where some of the proceeds go back to support our athletic program. We look forward to continuing this partnership in the coming years.”

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