Walleye Fishing Picking up in Recent Days

DNR logoStorm Lake (including Little Storm Lake)

Fishing for walleye seems to have picked up over the last couple weeks.  However, many of are 12 to 14 inches.  The mornings and evenings have been the best with anglers fishing in 4 to 5 feet of water.

Big Spirit Lake

Expect to find 10 to 13 inches of ice across most of the lake with ATVs currently being the best means of travel. Northern Pike – Fair: Most pike are being caught by accident on walleye tackle but setting tip-ups with chubs around structure has been producing. Bluegill – Slow: A few gills are being caught in Little Anglers Bay and off the grade.  Try small jigs and being very quite as they are spooky. Yellow Perch – Slow: Look for perch off the ends of structure as well as in the main basin.  Moving to find active fish may be necessary to catch any numbers.  Wigglers, waxies, and minnow heads on either spoons or small jigs seem to be the go to lures.  Walleye – Slow: Action seems to be restricted to dawn and dusk without much of a pattern.   Try spoons and jigging raps tipped with a minnow head.

West Okoboji Lake

There is 6 to 10 inches of ice and ATVs are driving on much of the lake. Be aware: geese kept holes of open water in a few areas, avoid discolored ice and when in doubt turn back or test the ice with a spud.  Northern Pike – Fair: Setting tip-ups in or near weeds is producing a few pike as well as setting them on drop-offs. Bluegill – Slow: Look for bluegills in the bays (Emerson and Millers seem to be the best) in or near standing weeds. Sight fishing has been the most popular method but a few choose to hole hop. Try small jigs tipped with wax worms or wigglers but don’t overlook some of the finesse plastics.  Yellow Perch – Fair: Look for perch in 20 feet plus of water along drop-offs or on mudflats. Try spoons tipped with live bait such as wigglers, wax worms, or minnow heads.

Lost Island Lake

A few yellow bass, walleye, and perch are being caught but fishing has slowed from earlier in the year.

For more information contact the Spirit Lake Hatchery at 712-336-1840.



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