Western Falls to Dike New Hartford in 2A Title Match

Date posted - November 10, 2012

Dike New Hartford repeated as Class 2A Volleyball Champions winning a rematch against Western Christian 3-2. The set scores were 18-25, 18-25, 25-18, 27-25 and 16-14.

Western was led by All-Tournament Team members Brooke Wolterstorff with 17 kills and Jamie Gesink with 44 assists. Alissa Pollema had 27 digs while Kim Kroeze went 26-of-27 serving with 3 ace serves.

Dike New Hartford was led by All-Tournament Team Captain Briana Weber with 22 kills and Lizzy Blough who contributed 22 digs.

With the win Dike New Hartford finishes the season as Iowa’s only undefeated team at 45-0. Western Christian wraps up the year with a record of 43-4.

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17 Responses to “Western Falls to Dike New Hartford in 2A Title Match”

  1. LISA says:

    Probably not right, but………..WAY TO GO DIKE!!!!! Those of us from the smaller northwest Iowa schools are getting a little tired of having to go through Western and their recruits and the Sioux County bias! Private schools should have their own class or be made to play up a class due to the fact that they can go out and get players from a large area.

    • Eric says:

      I agree WC is getting tired of having to go through all those schools that pull from so far as well to get to football state…public schools should have their own tournament….I don’t think WC’s football program has been charged with recruiting…

      Here’s one example…


      BTW…WC has played up a class and beat the 3A champ MOC-FV, also beat the #1 ranked team in 4A and the #1 ranked team in 5A. They are running out of classes.

      WC also split games with the #1 nationally ranked team from Papillion, Nebraska.

      Dike-NH is an exceptional team and has a tradition as long as Western’s in appearing at state. Maybe it’s not the recruiting, but a tradition that starts when these children are young wanting to be like their heroes in highschool, couple with parents instilling a strong work ethic and exemplar coaches who can pull every last ounce of work and talent out of each of their players.

      It is love and passion for volleyball that has built these two schools dynasties….charges of recruiting come from jealous individuals who can’t figure out why their schools programs are not successful.

  2. JULIE says:

    Lisa…..I respect your opinion, but, before you speak about “recruits” let me tell you about us. First and foremost, we sent our children went to Wesern Christian to get a “Christ centered” education…..not to play volleyball. We do not live in Sioux County, and the 32 mile trip to and from school each day was a commitment in trusting that God would watch over the miles traveled for our children as well as the other kids who attend there. We did have one daughter that was a part of the volleyball program. She was not “recruited” but worked very hard to make the team! She was very fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of such a hard working group of girls and coaches!!! She spent many hrs during the summers, conditioning and going to many camps in order to improve her skills. Western continues to have a successful volleyball program because of all the time and effort put into it by the girls and coaches. We could say the same thing about Emmetsburg and their amazing football program….should they be in a different class just because they have a good program and the kids work very hard to be a part of the team???? Welcome to the real world….if you want something bad enough, be prepared to work hard to achieve it. We are proud of the Western girls coming in 2nd at state!!!!

  3. Jeremy says:

    I bet the 7ft kid from overseas went to Western for that “education” to. Had nothing to do with sports.

    • Jon says:

      Jeremy, “to” is spelled t-o-o.

      • Eric says:

        No, he went to Western because of the substantial paperwork and regulatory problems that would have burdened Boyden-Hull to try and admit him there, that school system was their first choice. WC due to it’s private school status was an easier vehicle for him to remain in the states versus deportation. WC became their only viable choice.

  4. ryan says:

    explain how charging 4k in tuition is recruiting, when the other option is paid for by our property taxes, making them double pay.

  5. LISA says:

    I understand that there are some families who do send their kids to Western for a Christ-centered education. However, over the years, I have to say that during sporting events with Western Christian, I have not witnessed a lot of Christ-like behavior. Not saying that the opposing teams are much better. However, if you are going to hold yourselves up as offering this awesome opportunity to become more Christ-like, it should be evident to people who encounter you. (not you, personally) I question how the “win at all costs” attitude that I have seen portrayed over the years from Western teams jives with what I know of Jesus Christ and His teachings.

    • JULIE says:

      I will have to agree that, at times, our teams and spectators, as well as other schools’ teams and spectators have a lot to learn about sportsmanship. We do not claim to be any better than any one else at trying to be more like Him, and it does hurt me to see ANY negative behavior at a sporting event that is supposed to be a fun and character building event…….but in my opinion, if we ALL strived to be more like Him, and strived to build each other up, instead of cutting down each other (like publicly rooting for a team that beat the team you don’t like and talking about “recruiting” which does not happen) wouldn’t this be a better world to live in???? I realize that everyone has their own opinion, and especially on this Veterans Day (thanks to all you Vets out there) we all have the freedom in this country to voice our own opinions without any fear of retribution. I just had to respond because I think we, as parents and grandparents, have the responsibility to be examples to our children and show them and others, that building others up, regardless of religion or race or class, would make this a better world to live in.

  6. Eric says:

    WC “recruits” come from Rock Valley Christian, Inwood Christian, Sioux Center Christian, Sheldon Christian, Sanborn Christian, Doon Christian schools and NWIPR Christian schools.

    Unfortunately, WC has not had any luck “recruiting” from the public school system….

    99.9% of the total enrollment are children from each of these schools.

    Parents happily make a substantial sacrifice to send their children to Christian schools.

    “Recruiting” has been laid against WC for so many years that it is laughable and makes me chuckle every time I hear it. The charge is not even worth the time to defend it.

    WC and all Christian schools welcome all students…athlete or not…

  7. Brian says:

    Fact- WC Bball coach tried to recruit BHull player last year.. Tell us again how they’re not recruiting from public schools

  8. Eric says:

    Did the “recruit” go to Western? Who was it?

  9. Tim says:

    I have been out of school for over 40 years, and yet, this “debate” still goes on. My father told me when he was in school, (he would have been 94 this year) this same “debate” was an issue when he was in school. The really interesting thing about this whole “debate”, it only comes from the ADULTS. Ask the majority of school age athletes, if it really matters to them. I would submit it doesn’t, it seems to me, they are more ADULT on this subject than the “adults”. It also seems to me, that this issue only comes about for sporting activities, what about the choir, the bands, the theatrical depts. and so many other activities that private, and public schools participate in. I also have noticed that the ‘debate’ seems to somewhat center basically around WC and Sheldon. Why is that? Really, WHY is that? I hear nothing about the Granville Spalding domination in Baseball for so many years. I have not noticed a strong ‘debate’ about the accomplishments UC in Orange city has had. I think it is time we as the Adults, think about what kind of example we are all setting for our kids. We have some very great kids in NW Iowa, lets show them we are adults also.

  10. Todd says:

    I currently have three children in the Christian school. And didn’t have anybody knock on my door when it was time for them to start school. It was the choice of my wife and i to send them to the Christian school. And its my choice to push my children to be the best God fearing person that they can be so if they do well in what ever they do then so be it.So don’t accuse wc of recruiting because its just young adults working hard to succeed.

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