USDA Makes 10-Year Forecast

IABRN — The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is issuing a 10-year projection of farm income and a range of other issues that would indicate supply, demand and population changes.

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ISU Study Shows Iowa Farm Equity Falling

Statewide Iowa — (RI) — An Iowa State University study finds farm equity across the state is on the decline. The study of more than 200 mid-size Iowa farms found 44-percent could be classified as having vulnerable liquidity in December of 2018. That percentage was just 31-percent in December of 2014. Read more

Korea Remains Top Destination For U.S. Beef

“Korea remains a very competitive and favorable market for U.S. beef,” according to Jihea Yang, U.S. Meat Export Federation – Korea director. United States red meat exporters see Korea heavily import beef, while its domestic production remains slow to steady.

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National Pork Board Releases Chinese Market Assessment

Trade with China is trying to get back on track. The National Pork Board (NPB) is focusing on the short- and long-term needs for protein consumption in China. They released their findings, Wednesday, in a report called, “Pork 2040: China Market Assessment.” It details how U.S. pork can meet immediate needs and plan for competing with China in the future.

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October Ag Economy Barometer Improves

IABRN — The October Ag Economy Barometer improved to a reading of 136 in October, up 15 points compared to September. The monthly measure of the farm economy saw an increase in the assessment of current and future conditions by farmers. The Current Conditions Index rose from 100 in September to 115 in October, and the Futures Expectations Index also rose 15 points to a reading of 146.

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