U.S. Residents Receiving Unsolicited Seeds From China

IARN — Numerous state agriculture departments, along with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), are urging consumers not to plant seeds sent to them from China. Americans across the country report receiving unsolicited seeds from China in packages labeled as jewelry. These unknown seeds are a concern for American farmers, as they could be invasive species, introduce diseases to local plants, or be harmful to livestock. USDA considers the practice agricultural smuggling, and all states reporting the practice are asking consumers to notify their state agriculture departments. Read more

AFBFA Grants Make Ag Education More Accessible

IARN — The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture is working to make things easier for parents and educators when school begins later this fall, whether that be in a traditional, virtual, or home classroom. Read more

National Pork Board Talks About Producers’ Commitment To Environment

IARN — While we have been talking about the state of the environment for several decades now, the discussion about the role agriculture plays in the environment has ramped up more in the past few years. We have had discussions on water quality, chemical safety, and livestock management just to name a few. Read more

On-Farm Energy Generation Hampered By Cost, Not Technology

IARN — Renewable forms of energy are nothing new. They are certainly nothing new in Iowa. When you look across the Iowa landscape, you will be treated to vistas of grain fields, barns, and wind generators. According to American Wind Energy Association, Iowa is second only to Texas in the number of installed wind turbine capacity. Iowa now generates the highest percentage of its electricity using wind. That figure surpassed 40% last fall. In fact, we generate the largest percentage of wind energy of any state. Read more