USDA Slow Walking Animal Identification

IABRN — Animal identification in beef cattle is still a hot issue, almost 20 years after being brought forth by segments of industry, government and consumer groups who wanted it for a number of purposes.

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USDA Releases Interim Hemp Rule

IABRN — Farmers across have been anxiously waiting for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to release its framework rules for regulating the production of hemp. Yesterday, USDA unveiled its U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program. This means the rules are ready for the 2020 growing season.

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Slow Down; Minimize Soil Compaction

IABRN — Many fields scattered along Interstate 35 South remain empty, some with water-filled tire ruts.

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Germany Now Top European Destination For U.S. Beef

IABRN — It seems the United States has a list a mile long of countries we are currently working on trade with. Whether it was Japan, Mexico, Canada, China, or the European Union, getting our products overseas is essential. When we have a strong demand for our products, it can hopefully help foster negotiations. Germany has now become the biggest European export destination for U.S. beef.

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Animal Disease Tracking Requires Identification

IABRN — Animal identification remains a hot topic in the cattle industry.

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Latest Iowa Crop Progress & Condition Report

Harvest progressed across Iowa as farmers had 4.1 days suitable for fieldwork during the week ending October 27, 2019, according to the USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service. Fieldwork activities included harvesting soybeans and corn for grain, spreading manure, applying anhydrous and baling corn stalks. Read more