Iowa Grain Quality Challenges: Corn

If we learned anything from 2018, it’s that nothing matters until the crop is in the bin. We dealt with many challenges to harvesting and storing our corn and soybeans. 2019 seems to be bringing issues of its own. Earlier, I talked with Dr. Charles Hurburgh of Iowa State about what he thought the challenges may be in soybeans. Now, we are hearing his thoughts on this year’s corn crop.

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Weather Service Gives Farmers Glimmer Of Hope

Northwest Iowa — With the late planting dates many farmers experienced this spring, many of them have been hoping against hope that the first hard freeze of the fall would hold off as long as possible. Well, it’s now fall. Read more

Iowa Egg Production On The Up And Up

Iowa egg production during August 2019 was 1.43 billion eggs, up 1 percent from last month and 2 percent from last year, according to the latest Chickens and Eggs report from the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service.

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How Are The Crops Doing?

Another week of heavy rainfall across Iowa allowed just 3.3 days suitable for fieldwork statewide during the week ending September 22, 2019, according to the USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service. Fieldwork activities included harvesting hay and seed corn, chopping silage, and seeding cover crops.

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U.S. And Mexico Avoid Anti-Dumping Dispute On Tomatoes

Mexican tomato growers have signed a deal to raise the prices of the tomatoes they sell in the U.S. market. That ends a threat from Washington, D.C., to slap a 25-percent anti-dumping tariff on tomato imports. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says the deal will protect U.S. growers from unfair trade practices. However, not all domestic importers were happy with the final agreement. They say the pact doesn’t include border inspection waivers for individual shipments if USDA can’t complete an inspection within a day.

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Iowa Grain Quality Challenges: Soybeans

It all comes down to this. Harvest is underway in a few parts of Iowa. 2019 has thrown some knuckleballs, which are far worse than curveballs. Heavy rains, floods, dry periods, late plantings and a shortened growing season come to mind. As we get ready to harvest, it is time to be thinking of what we might be encountering out there, this fall.

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