Controversy Brews Over Wind Energy Tax Revenue

Primghar, Iowa — There is at least some disagreement over what should be done with the new tax revenue from MidAmerican Energy’s wind turbine property that will start being directed into O’Brien County’s coffers in the 2019 fiscal year. Read more

Conservation Puts Some “Teeth” Into Monday Program

Sutherland, Iowa — February has been designated to be the awareness month for many different causes from heart health to black history. It’s also “Dental Month.” And here’s a tie-in we’re betting you didn’t expect — O’Brien County Conservation is doing an activity to celebrate Dental Month. Read more

More Snow on the Way!

A large scale storm system will impact the region Saturday morning and continuing into late Saturday evening. Significant snow accumulations are possible east of the I-29 corridor. This is still an evolving system, and exact details on amounts and heaviest snowfall location are likely to change, so please be prepared if you have travel plans, and continue to monitor the latest forecasts.

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Movie Money Hits Northwest Iowa

Northwest Iowa — Though they apparently haven’t shown up in our four-county area of northwest Iowa yet, they may be headed this way. I’m talking about counterfeit currency, but the latest batch finding its way into parts of northwest Iowa is different than what’s been seen in the past. Read more