Governing Pair Visit Hawarden

Hawarden, Iowa — Iowa’s new “acting” lieutenant governor says he sees God’s hand in what’s just happened in Iowa’s political scene.

Acting Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg visited his hometown of Hawarden on Friday. Gregg listed a series of events — starting with Governor Terry Branstad’s 1985 meeting with the man who would become president of China along with Branstad’s decision to pick Kim Reynolds as his runningmate in 2010, Branstad’s decision to hire Gregg as an aide in 2012 and then the decision REYNOLDS announced on Friday to name Gregg as her “governing partner.”

Hundreds of people turned out in Hawarden for the event, which featured Governor Kim Reynolds as well. Reynolds and Gregg also visited Mason City, Cedar Rapids and Davenport on Friday. The pair started their tour in Osceola, which is Reynolds’ hometown.

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