Sheldon Police Cracking Down On Fireworks Infractions

Sheldon, Iowa — At Wednesday’s Sheldon City Council meeting, Police Chief Lyle Bolkema told the council that his officers are going to be tougher in enforcing the city’s Fireworks Ordinance this year than they have in the past. Read more

D-Day Through The Eyes Of An American MP

Northwest Iowa — The 75th anniversary of the WWII invasion of the beaches at Normandy France takes place this week. It was June 6th 1944 when the D-Day invasion plan was put into motion. Read more

Council Approves Wording Of Proposed Ordinance On Revenues From Electric & Gas Franchises

Sheldon, Iowa — When the Sheldon City Council met Wednesday they gave their approval to the wording of a proposed ordinance that specifies the purposes for which franchise fee revenues from MidAmerican Energy would be used.  “A portion of the revenues will be used for property tax relief, i.e. to pay obligations that would otherwise be paid with funds generated by property tax levies.  The annual amount used for property tax relief will be approximately equal to 37.5 percent of all the annual, estimated local option sales tax revenues that would have been generated by the one percent tax on the sale of natural gas and electric energy but for the imposition of franchise fees on such sales.  The remaining franchise fee revenues will be used for public safety (including the equipping of fire, police, emergency services and civil defense departments) and for the construction, reconstruction, or repair of public grounds associated with public safety.   A public hearing will be held on June 19th, with the first reading of the ordinance on August 7th.  The proposed fee for residential customers is five percent, and two percent for non-resident users of gas and electric service from Mid-American Energy. Read more