Time To Register Your Boat

Okoboji Docks-300Des Moines, Iowa — It’s time to register your boat if you haven’t done so already. Iowans have until April 30th to register their boat, using a new system that has a new look and includes registration information, title and decals on one document.

Boat owners should take their current registration with them when they renew as the new system requires additional information, much of which is on the current registration including make, model, model year, hull identification number, boat length, width and more.

Boat registrations are handled by Iowa’s county recorders in the county where the individual resides. Nonresidents who register their boat in Iowa will go to the county where the boat is primarily used.

Owners who purchased a boat from a private seller and are registering it in their name should bring the signed registration and make sure the title is signed over to them, if applicable.

“Our recorders are familiar with the new system so the registration process should go smoothly, provided owners bring their current registration with them,” said Susan Stocker, boating law administrator and education coordinator for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Boat registrations are good for three years. The fees go to support water trails, navigation enforcement, aquatic invasive species, boater education and safety, and for the new registration system.

Rock Rapids And Inwood Outdoor Warning Siren Contractor Gives Examples Of Test And Tornado Siren Sounds

2001srnb sirenRock Rapids, Iowa — The outdoor warning siren system contractor for the cities of Rock Rapids and Inwood has released some information about the sirens in those towns.

Derek Thompson of Midcotech says that Rock Rapids has four outdoor warning sirens. Two different warning signals are sounded by the sirens, with each signal having a different meaning, and we’ll play a bit of each warning signal so you get the idea.

Thompson says the first type of signal is used only for a test. It is a steady siren sound for thirty seconds. This signal will only be sounded for the monthly siren test. It sounds like this:

Again, that goes for 30 seconds, and then winds down.

The second type of signal is the tornado signal. That is a fast Wail-type sound for five minutes. This signal will only be sounded for tornado warnings, tornado emergencies or if a trained severe weather spotter confirms a tornado in the area. It sounds like this:

Again, that signal continues for a full five minutes before winding down.

The 2013 Severe Weather Awareness Week for Iowa will take place March 25th through the 29th. The Iowa State Wide Tornado Drill will be held on Wednesday, March 27th 2013.

On the 27th, starting at 10:00 AM Central Time and if the weather permits, the National Weather Service will issue a “mock” Tornado Watch for the state of Iowa. At 10:10 AM Central Time, the National Weather Service will issue a “mock” Tornado Warning; at this time, the Tornado Signal will be sounded by the sirens throughout the city.

Additionally, the siren signal information we just gave you will also apply to the City of Inwood beginning this storm season. New Federal Signal siren equipment is being installed in Inwood and is expected to be operational this spring.

Two Arrested For Alcohol, Other Violations After Granville Area Traffic Stop

jail behind barsGranville, Iowa — A man from Alton and one from Granville were arrested after a traffic stop on Wednesday (3/20).

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office reports that one of their deputies made a traffic stop on Highway 10, two miles west of Granville in the 12 PM hour.

Upon further investigation, the deputy determined that the driver, 21-year-old Juan Torres-Perez of Alton was under the influence of alcohol.

The passenger, 20-year-old Ulises Ramos-Torres of Granville was arrested for open container and underage possession of alcohol.

Torres-Perez was arrested for operating while intoxicated, open container of alcohol, supplying alcohol to an underage person, driving without a valid license and forgery.

King Votes For Republican Plan To Balance The Budget

Congressman Steve King OfficialWashington, D.C. — Northwest Iowa Congressman Steve King has voted in favor of the House Republican budget (H.Con.Res.25). King staffers say that the budget would achieve balance in the next 10 years by fully repealing the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare and slowing the growth of government spending from 5% a year to 3.4% a year. King says the House Republican budget saves and strengthens Medicare and applies the lessons of the successful welfare reform efforts of the 1990’s to other means-tested programs. He says the budget would also fix our broken tax code, getting rid of special interest breaks and loopholes while lowering rates for families and businesses in a revenue-neutral fashion.

King says that when he first came to Congress, he went to the Chairman of the Budget Committee and asked ‘Where’s our balanced budget?’ He says the answer he received was, ‘A balanced budget is impossible.’ He says that despite years of overspending since then by President Obama and Congressional Democrats, this House Republican budget does what a budget should do: it gets to balance.

Most Democrats are opposed to the plan. They say the budget cuts taxes for millionaires, raises taxes on the middle class and forces seniors to pay more for their care by ending the Medicare guarantee. They call it a one-way path to steeper taxes for the middle class and a path to vouchers and higher health costs for seniors in place of guaranteed Medicare and Medicaid benefits.


King’s statement, continued:

“This is a pro-growth budget that begins the process of returning the federal government to its proper role. By repealing ObamaCare, this budget sets the stage for real, common-sense reforms to reduce health care costs for American families and businesses. By scrapping our current tax code and replacing it with a simpler, fairer, and more competitive one, this budget will put people back to work, increase Americans’ take-home pay, and get our economy growing in ways we haven’t seen for far too long. Finally, by stopping Washington’s practice of spending money we don’t have, this budget will get to balance and begin the process of warding off the debt crisis and austerity measures we’re now seeing in Europe.

Republicans continue to make the hard choices necessary to govern. Meanwhile, Senate Democrats haven’t passed a budget in four years because they have been unwilling to put their plans on paper and show the American people just how much taxing and spending is needed to sustain their vision of government. Now that Senate Democrats have been forced by the House of Representatives and by the American people to put a budget forward, we can see with our eyes what we’ve known all along: their budgets will never balance, would revive discredited stimulus spending, would allow our nation’s entitlement programs to go broke, and would raise taxes a trillion dollars. That’s unacceptable. The American people deserve better, and today’s House Republican budget delivers that better choice.”

Sheldon City Council Delays Trilogy Decision, Approves Downtown Project Assessments

community services center 300pxSheldon, Iowa — After a public hearing Wednesday, the Sheldon City Council decided to table action on the Trilogy Village lot prices and covenants until their April 3rd meeting.  The reason centered around a discussion about the possibility of installing sidewalks at the same time that the other infrastructure work was done.  Council member Ron Rensink had suggested this at a previous meeting.  In other housing additions, property owners are required to complete sidewalks when  their homes are constructed.  Rensink felt that it would be better to build the sidewalks in advance, resulting in a continuous sidewalk throughout the addition.

At Wednesday’s meeting the council was presented two different suggested prices for each lot.  One price without sidewalks and the other with sidewalks.  Some concerns were brought up about installing sidewalks before there was construction.  The city would have to clear the snow from them, they would also have to drive over the sidewalks to get to city owned lots for grass and weed control, and there might be problems matching the driveways and sidewalks.  It sounded like most council members were against the early sidewalk installation, but since councilman Rensink was unable to attend  this meeting they decided to bring the topic back on April 3rd when he could join the discussion.

The council also approved the bid submitted by Champion Coatings, Inc. of Savage Minnesota for the repair work on the City’s Ground Storage Water Reservoir.   Their low bid was for $138,087.00.  The council approved one change in the specifications which would subtract about forty thousand dollars, bringing the actual cost very close to the Engineer’s estimate of one hundred thousand.   The high bid on the project was over two hundred thousand dollars.  Public Works Director Todd Uhl told the council that the city wants the work on the tank to begin as soon as possible, but they have to wait until the temperature is over 50 degrees during the 21 days the tank will be out of service.

And in other business the council approved the preliminary assessment plat and schedule for the downtown infrastructure project.  The engineer submitted a complete list showing the assessments set for all property owners in the five-block downtown area that would be involved.  This list is available at the City Clerk’s office for anyone who wishes to see their assessments. The assessments including assessments to city-owned property adds up to $272,345.00.   All property owners will receive a letter from the city prior to a public hearing on the matter which has been scheduled for April 17th.  The city is also considering holding a public information meeting about the downtown project prior to the public hearing.

St. Patrick’s School Receives New SmartBoard Courtesy of Hy-Vee

SmartBoard2-smSheldon, IA — St. Patrick’s Catholic School in Sheldon was the recipient of a new piece of technology, a SmartBoard, Thursday, courtesy of the Hy-Vee Food Stores “Smart Points” program.  Hy-Vee employees were on hand Thursday for the presentation of the SmartBoard to St. Patrick’s.

Sheldon Hy-Vee Store Manager Keith Van Gent says that the program is a cooperative effort between Hy-Vee and Proctor & Gamble.

The “Smart Points” program allows Hy-Vee shoppers to acquire “Smart Points” for the purchase of specific advertised Proctor & Gamble products.  Customers then visit a website where they can select the school they want to receive credit for those “Smart Points”.  At the end of the promotional period, the school that has amassed the highest number of “Smart Points” is given a SmartBoard for their school.  One SmartBoard is given to a school from each Hy-Vee store location.

Van Gent says the program has been going on for several years, but only recently went online with “SmartPoints” redemption.

This is the third time that St. Patrick’s has won a SmartBoard through the “Smart Points” program.  The two they previously received are set up on a mobile platform so they can be moved from room to room, while the new one will be permanently mounted in a classroom at the school.