Sheldon City Council to Discuss Streetscape, Community Park Project and More Wednesday

community services center 300pxWhen the Sheldon City Council meets in regular session Wednesday January 2nd, they will again find the Downtown Infrastructure project on the agenda. The project, commonly known, as ‘Streetscape’ would result in full reconstruction of Ninth Street from Second to fifth Avenue and Third Avenue from Eighth to Tenth Street, including the intersections. The total estimated cost for the project is 1.5 million dollars. The council has indicated they would expect property owners to pay about two hundred seventy thousand dollars of that cost through sidewalk assessments as well as curb and gutter assessments.

In other business, the council will discuss the Sheldon Crossing Community Park project. This would include the development of lots, street access and related infrastructure for the area located directly East of the homes along Country Club Road. The council will be presented with a proposal for the work to be done in three phases. Phase one would develop nineteen single-family lots. Phase two would add twenty-two single-family lots. Phase three would add sixteen more single family lots plus lots for three multi-family units and a commercial building area. The council will also consider a memorandum of understanding with Northwest Iowa Community College.

Wednesday’s meeting begins at 4:30 in the upper level of the Sheldon Community Services Center.

Iowa State University Extension Blog Features Resarch Showing Delayed Gratification Is Good Pattern For Kids

Lori HayungsNorthwest Iowa — The Iowa State University Extension Science of Parenting web site at stirred up a bit of controversy in December.

Extension’s Lori Hayungs tells us more.

She says, however, the point is not that you should not give nice gifts to your kids.

She says the research in this area is very interesting.

For more about this, and many other parenting topics, you can visit Hayungs also encourages parents to subscribe so that they can be alerted when a new topic is posted on the web site.

Sheldon East Elementary KIDS Committee Working With Architectural Firm On A Plan For East

Sheldon KIDS CommitteeSheldon, Iowa — Phase one of the Sheldon East Elementary KIDS Committee’s work is done, and now it’s time for phase two.

The East Elementary KIDS Committee — that’s Keep Improving District Schools — was formed to determine and assess the East Elementary building needs.

We had a chance to talk with three members of the Sheldon KIDS Committee recently. Adam Besaw gave us a little history of the KIDS Committee.

He says the three of them consented to being on the committee because they have kids in the school. Lisa Johnson, who’s also on the committee agrees, and says it goes even further than that.

Lori Richards, who’s also on the committee tells us what they’ve been doing so far.

Besaw says they got a little help.

The committee says they’re working with an architectural firm on a potential floor plan for the renovations and additions to East Elementary.

We’ll have more from our talk with members of the KIDS committee on future newscasts on KIWA. We should tell you that they have a Facebook page if you’re looking for more information.

The election to decide the fate of the improvements at East will be on February 5.

Click here for the link to the KIDS Committee Facebook page.

Fire Marshal’s Office Offers Propane Safety and Winter Weather Steps to Keep Your Family Safe

Propane Tank - WinterDes Moines, Iowa — Extreme cold, sleet, and ice may all be part of winter, but being unprepared for them shouldn’t be. If your home or business uses propane to generate heat or run appliances,  the State Fire Marshal’s office  and the Iowa Propane Gas Association have some safety tips for you.

  • Make sure your heating system and appliances are running efficiently.
  • Make sure you have an adequate propane supply. 
  • Mark the location of your tank with a flag, pole, or stake that is higher than the average snow cover depth for your location.
  • After a winter storm passes and it is safe to do so, check the entire area for downed power lines, damaged gas lines, or damage to your propane tank, and call a professional if there is damage.
  • Check your chimneys, flue pipes, vent connectors, and propane tank for damage, blockage, or debris caused by snow and ice. Use a broom rather than a shovel.
  • Never use a stove for space heating and never use outdoor propane appliances indoors or in enclosed areas, particularly in the event of a power outage.
  • Use extreme caution when operating portable generators, and never use them indoors either.

Click here for a link to more information.

George, Iowa To Have Lyon County’s Freedom Rock

freedom_rock2George, Iowa — The City of George is going to have a “Freedom Rock”. What is a “Freedom Rock”?

The original Freedom Rock is located in Adair County, just a mile south of Interstate 80 exit #86 near Greenfield. It is re-painted with a different tribute to our veterans annually. The rock was dug out of the nearby limestone quarry in the late 60’s. Since it was placed so close to Highway 25 it was frequently covered in crude graffiti from local teens, usually to taunt other town’s sports teams.

In 1999, Ray Sorensen II asked the owners of the quarry if he could paint a tribute to our military for Memorial Day. They agreed, and Ray, better known as Bubba, has painted a tribute each year for the past 14 years on what is now known internationally as The Freedom Rock, and during this time has been hired across the country to create his patriotic murals.

Next came the Freedom Rock Tour. That idea came about when Sorensen was thinking about traveling around painting murals for American Legions throughout the country. Ray thought that would be a cool tourism draw to have paintings in each American Legion across the country…then it hit him, what a neat draw it would be for Iowa to have a “Freedom Rock” in all 99 counties.

The hope is that this will be a one-of-a-kind statewide Veterans Memorial that will lead tourists across our state
to see each rock, providing small towns with a unique tourist attraction.

The George Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that they will be commissioning Sorensen to bring a Freedom Rock to Lyon County. The Chamber will be partnering with the City of George and the George Depot Committee to place the rock near the newly-relocated George Railroad Depot on George’s north side in Locker Park.

Over the next several months the George Chamber of Commerce will be soliciting funds and accepting donations to help cover the cost of the project. It is expected to cost around $8000.

For more information and to view a live map of counties as they commit to the project visit

Sheldon Police Investigate Accident, Make Four Arrests In Three Incidents

Sheldon PD car police spdSheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon Police investigated an accident, made an arrest for driving without a license, and arrested three young people for shoplifting and possession of alcohol recently.

A Sheldon woman’s minivan and a Sheldon woman’s car were damaged in an accident on Friday (12/28) in Sheldon.

The Sheldon Police Department reports that about 10:05 AM, 36-year-old Amber VanKekerix of Sheldon was northbound on South Third Avenue, just south of Wyman Street, in a 2005 Chrysler. Twenty-four-year-old Amanda Boone of Sheldon was backing westbound from a driveway on South Third, in a 1999 Chevy.

Due to another parked vehicle, Boone did not see the VanKekerix vehicle approaching. VanKekerix attempted to avoid the collision, but was not able to.

VanKekerix’s Chrysler received $2000 damage. Boone’s Chevy received $2000 damage.

There were no injuries reported.

Boone was charged with unsafe backing.

In other news from the Sheldon Police:

The police arrested 24-year-old Chan Sontay on Saturday, December 22nd, on a charge of Driving without a license. He was taken into custody and transported to jail in Primghar.

On Friday, the 14th, they took a shoplifting report from Hy-Vee. The police arrested three people in connection with the incident. Arrested were 19-year-old Jeremy Sheriff, 19-year-old Nathaniel May, and a 17-year-old juvenile. They were charged with Fifth Degree Theft, a simple misdemenor, and Possession Of Alcohol Under Age, a serious misdemeanor. The adults were cited and released and the juvenile was cited into juvenile court.