Sheldon Police Handle Four Non-Injury Accidents

sheldon pd police car rearSheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon police handled three accidents recently involving property damage, but no injuries.

A Sheldon man’s parked car and a Sheldon woman’s car were damaged in an accident on Friday (1/25) in Sheldon.

The Sheldon Police Department reports that about 10:50 AM, a 2008 Dodge, owned by Mark Klemme of Sheldon was legally-parked on Sixth Street, facing east. Eighty-year-old Dorothy Merrill of Sheldon was eastbound on Sixth in a 2005 Buick.

Merrill was distracted by a fallen object and side-swiped the Dodge.

Klemme’s Dodge received $3000 damage. Merrill’s Buick received $1700 damage.

There were no injuries reported.

A Sheldon man’s pickup and a Sheldon woman’s SUV were damaged in an accident on Friday (1/25) in Sheldon.

The Sheldon Police Department reports that about 6:10 PM, 85-year-old Merlynn Miller of Sheldon was westbound on Highway 18 in a 2004 Ford pickup. Fifty-two-year-old Susan Zylstra of Sheldon was also westbound on 18 in a 2002 Chevy SUV.

Miller had stopped for a red light at 18th Avenue.  Zylstra did not see Miller stop. She swerved and braked, but still struck the pickup.

Miller’s Ford pickup received $2000 damage.  Zylstra’s Chevy received $5000 damage.

There were no injuries reported.

A Sioux City man’s truck and a Sheldon resident’s pickup were damaged in an accident on Monday (1/28) in Sheldon.

The Sheldon Police Department reports that about 9:05 AM, 27-year-old Matthew Clausen of Sioux City was northwestbound from Western Avenue into the city shed parking area in a 2008 Freightliner truck. A 2002 Dodge pickup owned by Brice Mosier of Sheldon was legally-parked in a parking space in front of the city shed.

Clausen was pulling into the parking lot to make a delivery, but when he attempted to stop, the truck slid on the ice and struck the rear of the Mosier pickup.

The truck driven by Clausen received $50 damage. Mosier’s Dodge received $1500 damage.

There were no injuries reported.

NW Iowa Food Summit Coming To NCC On Thursday

Flavors of Northwest IowaSheldon, Iowa — Iowa State University Extension is holding a “Northwest Iowa Food Summit” at Northwest Iowa Community College on Thursday (1/21). Extension specialist Laura Kuennen is the coordinator of the regional food network, “Flavors of Northwest Iowa”.

She says one of the highlights of the program will be a speaker from the Drake University Agricultural Law Center.

Kuennen tells us how the Extension Service became involved in what’s being called a “food network”.

She says the network is for local food producers and consumers and provides producer education, consumer information, and support of healthy food partnerships.

The summit is free and open to the public. It’s Thursday, January 31st from 10 AM to 2:30 PM in Building A, Room 116/119 at Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon.

RAGBRAI Will Not Pass Through NW Iowa This Year

ragbraiDes Moines, Iowa — Northwest Iowa will not be part of the RAGBRAI bike ride route in 2013.

The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, or RAGBRAI kicks off July 21 in Council Bluffs and ends 406.6 miles later in Fort Madison. And there are some pretty large towns included this year, including the state capitol.

Along the way, riders will spend nights in Harlan, Perry, Des Moines, Knoxville, Oskaloosa and Fairfield. The Des Moines stop is the first there in 16 years.

The ride is July 21 to 27.

Two Injured, One Airlifted After Saturday Accident Near Sioux Center

Accident 1-26-13Sioux Center, Iowa — Two women were injured, one of them seriously, in an accident on Saturday near Sioux Center.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office reports that about 10:45 AM, 17-year-old Joselyn Zomermaand of Sioux Center was driving a 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix southbound on Hickory Avenue, about two miles northeast of Sioux Center. She stopped for the stop sign at 370th Street. Twenty-year-old Carolyn Meendering of Hull was driving a 2007 Pontiac Vibe westbound on 370th Street. Zomermaand drove into the intersection where her vehicle was struck by Meendering’s vehicle.

Accident 1-26-13Zomermaand sustained serious injuries and was transported by the Sioux Center Ambulance to the Sioux Center Hospital. She was later flown to Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls by Sanford’s helicopter. Meendering sustained minor injuries and was transported to the Sioux Center hospital by private vehicle.

The Grand Prix sustained $10,000 damage. The Vibe sustained $12,000 damage.

The Sioux Center Police Department, Sioux Center Fire Department and Sioux Center Ambulance assisted the Sheriff’s Office.

Iowa Senator Tom Harkin Will Not Seek Re-Election In 2014

Senator HarkinCumming, Iowa — Senator Tom Harkin has decided not to seek another term.

The Senator says he wants to spend more time with his wife, Ruth, “before it gets too late”. He says, he doesn’t “by any means plan to retire completely from public life at the end of this Congress.” But Harkin says he is, “going to make way for someone new in this Senate seat.” He says he thinks that is right not just for him, but for Iowa, as well. He says he’ll be 75 at the end of this Congress and at the end of another 6-year term, he’d be 81.

No Iowa Republicans or Democrats have yet announced plans to run for the seat.

Here is the official statement and press release from Senator Harkin’s Office:

January 26, 2013
Senator Harkin Announces His Plans for the Future
Thanks Iowans for dedication during his nearly 40 years in public service Outlines full HELP Committee agenda for next two years

CUMMING, Iowa – Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) today issued the following statement on his plans for the future, including his decision not to seek reelection for his U.S. Senate term expiring in 2014. In doing so, he thanked Iowans for their dedication over the course of his career in public service and outlined his agenda for the HELP Committee over the next two years:

“I have been thinking hard about the decision whether to run for a sixth term in the United States Senate for a number of months – even more these last few weeks. I’ve reached a decision, and what I’ve decided really boils down to two things,” said Harkin. “First, I’m going to fulfill a promise that I made to my wife Ruth, and that I also made to myself. It’s a promise that we’re going to do certain things together – and that we’re going to live together in a way we’ve often talked about – before it gets too late. That’s a decision I believe many Iowans can relate to, either because of their own circumstances, or perhaps those of their parents. I have the privilege to be able to make this decision on my own terms, which not everyone can, and I’m deeply grateful to the people of Iowa that I do have that opportunity. I’ve been extremely fortunate. I was born here in Cumming in modest circumstances. My father was a coal-miner with just an 8th-grade education. My mother arrived to this country as an immigrant with virtually no earthly possessions. This state and this country have allowed me to enjoy a life and career beyond anything I imagined as a boy or young man.

“Second, I’m 73 years old right now. At the end of this term I’ll be 75. When the current Congress is over, I will have served in the United States House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate for a total of 40 years. After 40 years, I just feel it’s somebody else’s turn. I can’t put into words what an honor it is to serve Iowa. And I don’t by any means plan to retire completely from public life at the end of this Congress. But I am going to make way for someone new in this Senate seat. I think that is right not just for me, but for Iowa, as well.”

In announcing his plans, Harkin said that over the next two years in Congress, he would continue to advance a policy agenda that benefits Iowa. Among his priorities:

• Moving forward with bills to ensure that all Americans are able to achieve the promise of a quality education – beginning in early childhood, continuing through elementary and high school, and culminating with higher education.
• Working to significantly increase the employment of individuals with disabilities, in order to continue to fulfill the promise of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
• Advancing his proposal of a new type of pension plan, the USA Retirement Fund, to provide Americans with a secure source of retirement income for life.
• Ensuring the successful implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

As an appropriator and as chair of the Appropriations subcommittee that funds health, education, and labor, Harkin would ensure these initiatives have the funding necessary for implementation. So too would he continue to advance farm policy that improves, and strengthens a number of initiatives that we included in previous farm bills to assist and promote opportunities for farmers and good nutrition for consumers through farmers markets and increased local production and marketing of food.

“More than 40 years ago, I came to Washington with a simple goal: help people. It was that goal that has inspired me throughout my career and one that will continue to inspire my work. Iowans entrusted me with a great responsibility when they first elected me to public office in 1974. It is a responsibility I have never forgotten as I represented them in both the U.S. House and U.S. Senate,” Harkin concluded.

Tom Harkin has represented Iowa in Congress for 38 years. First winning election to the U.S. House in 1974, he represented Iowa’s Fifth Congressional District until 1984, when he challenged an incumbent Senator and won. Iowans returned him to the Senate in 1990, 1996, 2002 and 2008. He is the first Iowa Democrat to win as many consecutive terms in the U.S. Senate.

Harkin has a lengthy record of achievements, among the highlights of his career:

• Advancing the Rights of Individuals with Disabilities;
• Strengthening the Middle Class through Health, Education, and Retirement Security Policies and Investments;
• Promoting a Strong Agriculture Economy, Sound Conservation, and Renewable Energy;
• Protecting Human Rights and Combating the Worst Forms of Child Labor;
• Providing Funding to Maintain Modern Schools & Access to Healthier Communities;
• Ensuring Iowans have access to Disaster Relief and Flood Prevention and Mitigation;
• In Iowa, his office holds a record of strong constituent services, having logged its 100,000th constituent case earlier this year.

Ireton Woman Arrested On Drug Charges, One Of Them A Felony

marijuana pot 2Rural Sioux City, Iowa — An Ireton woman has been arrested on drug charges, one of them a felony.

The Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office reports that on Thursday (1/24) just before 5 PM, one of their deputies stopped a vehicle on K22 — the Perry Creek road — about 8 miles north of Sioux City. What caught the deputy’s attention was that the vehicle was without license plates. While talking to the driver, the deputy could smell a strong odor of burnt marijuana coming form the vehicle. After an investigation at the scene, the driver, 32-year-old Sadie Ann Nelson of Ireton was charged with Possession of a controlled substance – marijuana, a Class D Felony; Possession of drug paraphernalia, a Simple misdemeanor; and OWI/Drugged, a Serious misdemeanor.

Nelson was taken to the Plymouth County Jail and held to see a judge. The Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office was assisted at the scene by the Hinton Police Department.