Two Vehicle Accident Near Rock Valley Sends Two To Hospital

Rural Rock Valley — A two-vehicle accident at the intersection of 350th Street and Fig Avenue, four miles southeast of Rock Valley, sent two men to the hospital  Monday afternoon.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office reports the 62-year-old Kent Pruismann, of Rock Valley was driving a 2000 Ford F250 pickup pulling an empty 2005 Wilson horse trailer southbound on Fig Ave. Jerry Nelson, age 54, of Volga, SD was driving a 2006 Chevrolet Malibu westbound on 350th Street.

As Pruismann passed through the intersection, Nelson entered the intersection and collided with the rear of Pruismann’s trailer. The trailer detached from the pickup, rolled and entered the west ditch of 350th Street.

The Ford sustained approximately $500 in damages and the trailer sustained approximately $2,000 in damages. The Chevrolet, owned by Dairy Star, LLC of Sauk Center, MN sustained approximately $8,000 in damages.

Nelson and a passenger were both transported to Hegg Memorial Hospital for treatment of their injuries. Nelson was cited for failure to yield the right of way.

The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office was assisted by the Iowa State Patrol, Rock Valley Fire and Rock Valley Ambulance.

Graettinger Man Dies In Fatal Car vs. Motorcycle Crash Near Milford

Milford, Iowa — A Graettinger man is dead after his motorcycle was struck by an Arnolds Park woman’s SUV Tuesday.

The Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office reports that a 2011 Chevy Equinox, driven by Susan Klassen of Arnolds Park was eastbound on County Road A-34 and attempted to make a left turn onto 240th Avenue.

At that time, 29-year-old Mitchell Jesperson of Graettinger was traveling westbound on  A34 riding a 1997 Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle. Klassen turned in to the path of the oncoming motorcycle and struck Jesperson in the intersection.

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Jesperson was pronounced dead at the scene. Klassen was transported to Lakes Regional Healthcare with minor injuries.

Damage to the Equinox was estimated at $20,000. The motorcycle was totaled.

The accident remains under investigation.

The Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office was assisted at the scene by:

  • Milford Police Department
  • Arnolds Park Police Department
  • Okoboji Police Department
  • Iowa State Patrol
  • Milford Fire/Rescue
  • Lakes Regional Healthcare Ambulance

Colorado Woman Found Dead In West Lake Okoboji

Okoboji, Iowa — A Denver, Colorado woman was found dead Tuesday, the victim of an apparent drowning.

The Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office reports 46-year-old Jennifer Galagher was reported missing by her family Tuesday morning after swimming with friends on West Lake Monday night. A short time later, a family member located Galagher underneath a nearby dock. Medical personnel responded and she was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office was assisted at the scene by Milford Fire/Rescue, Arnolds Park/Okoboji Dive Team and Lakes Regional Healthcare Ambulance.

The incident remains under investigation by the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office.

Branstad Says Americans “Bamboozled” About Ethanol

Des Moines, Iowa — Iowa’s governor says “folks on the east coast and west coast” don’t know enough about farming to know that ethanol plants are using “very little” of the U.S. corn supply.

Last week, U.S. livestock producers petitioned the federal government to lift the “renewable fuel standard” for ethanol. The farmers complained they have to compete with ethanol plants for scarce and very expensive corn to feed their livestock. When a reporter asked Governor Terry Branstad about that complaint, Branstad pulled out a crumpled piece of paper that he’d been carrying in his pocket. “Let me explain something,” Branstad said as he unfolded the paper and flattened to out. According to the calculations on that piece of paper, the net amount of corn acres that went into ethanol production in the U.S. was 16 percent last year. And Branstad says ethanol production has declined by at least 12 percent since the drought. The governor maintains a “small percentage” of the U.S. corn crop is being turned into ethanol.


More than 150 members of the U.S. House and seven United States senators co-authored a letter last week urging federal officials to waive the renewable fuels standard — and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, the National Turkey Federation, the Meat Institute and other livestock groups have praised the effort. Iowa’s governor is siding with corn farmers and blasting the idea.


Last week Branstad blasted “a bunch of east coast people” on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign for steering Romney to oppose extending the wind production tax credit. Today (Monday), Branstad said loss of that tax credit would stop the “momentum” in Iowa that has led to reducing the cost of producing wind energy “dramatically.”


Branstad is trying to “talk personally” with Romney.

Sheldon Police Report Several Incidents, Accidents, and Arrests

Sheldon, Iowa — From the Sheldon Police Department:

Two arrests have been made in connection with a June burglary at 1818 Western Avenue. A door and frame were damaged, car parts were removed from a 1991 Honda Civic. A stereo, three speakers, a subwoofer and amp, a sub box, and a stereo face plate were stolen, along with a Honda shifter knob and a bug zapper, valued at a combined total of $1950.

The police have arrested 18-year-old Brandon Hall of Sheldon and a 17-year-old boy in connection with the crime. Both have been charged with Third Degree Burglary and Fourth Degree Theft. Hall was cited into court, and the juvenile was refered to juvenile court.

An inflatable swimming pool was stolen from R & J’s New and Used in July. It was valued at $110. Police have now made an arrest in that case as well. They arrested 30-year-old Matthew Colvert of Sheldon. He was charged with Fifth Degee Theft. The pool was recovered.

A Sheldon man’s pickup and a Sheldon man’s van were damaged in an accident on July 23 in Sheldon.

The Sheldon Police Department reports that about 7:10 AM, 68-year-old John Meyer of Sheldon was eastbound on Highway 18, in a 1994 Chevy pickup in the inside lane. Forty-one-year-old Brian Ramsey of Sheldon was westbound on 18 in the outside lane in a 1991 Ford van.

Meyer was slowing down to make a left turn into a business drive. The driver of a semi in the opposing inside lane of traffic waved him across and stopped on the highway so Meyer could turn. At that moment the Ramsey vehicle appeared from behind the truck, westbound on 18, and struck the Meyer pickup as it turned. Neither driver saw the other because of the semi.

Meyer’s Chevy pickup received $5000 damage. Ramsey’s Ford van received $5000 damage.

There were no injuries reported.

A van and an SUV, both driven by Sheldon women were damaged in an accident on July 25 in Sheldon.

The Sheldon Police Department reports that about 4:00 PM, 70-year-old Karen Boer of Sheldon was northbound in the post office parking lot in a 2012 Dodge van. Seventy-Eight-year-old Alyda Roetman of Sheldon was also northbound in the lot in a 2011 Ford SUV.

Boer had mailed a letter. Roetman was driving through the parking lot, and pulled alongside Boer. Both vehicles made right turns at about the same time.

Boer’s Dodge van received $1000 damage. Roetman’s Ford SUV received $1500 damage.

There were no injuries reported.

A minivan and a car driven by Sheldon women were damaged in an accident on July 31 in Sheldon.

The police report that about 12:35 PM, 27-year-old Katherine VanderNaald of Sheldon was westbound on Highway 18, in a 2005 Dodge. Thirty-year-old Heather Schoenrock of Sheldon was eastbound on 18 in a 2011 Kia.

VanderNaald was making a left turn onto Washington Avenue. She said that the oncoming Schoenrock vehicle had the turn signal on to turn left as well. VanderNaald was making her left turn when Schoenrock went straight instead. Schoenrock reported that she changed her mind.

VanderNaald’s Dodge received $500 damage. Schoenrock’s Kia received $2000 damage.

There were no injuries.

Someone on Eighth Street reported that somebody stole a purse and wallet with cash, credit cards, and a checkbook, valued at a combined total of $215 from their unlocked vehicle parked near their home on Tuesday or Wednesday the 31st or 1st. In the same timeframe, another victim reported that her unlocked vehicle parked in her driveway on Fifth Avenue was entered, and someone took a purse, an iPod, a checkbook, and perfumes, valued at a combined total of $160. Another victim reported the theft of a pair of cleats, also from an unlocked vehicle during the same timeframe. They were valued at $100.

Sheldon Police arrested three thirteen-year-old boys from Sheldon in connection with the thefts. Two of the boys were charged in all three incidents, and one of them on two of three. They were all charged with Third Degree Burglary and Fifth Degree Theft, and were all cited into juvenile court.

On Wednesday, August 1, the Sheldon Police received a report from Northwest Decor that someone had stole $200.

That same day, they also received the report of an abandoned kitten at Prairie Ridge Apartments.

On Saturday, August 4, the Sheldon Police report that they arrested 23-year-old Cory Sens of Sheldon for OWI, possession of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. He was taken into custody and transported to jail in Primghar, and the vehicle he was driving was impounded.

That same day, they arrested 29-year-old Dustin Lockhorst of Sheldon for violation of a protection order. He was also transported to jail in Primghar.

A Sanborn man was taken to the hospital after an accident on Friday, August 3 in Sheldon.

The Sheldon Police Department reports that about 12:15 PM, 89-year-old William Storm of Sheldon was westbound on Highway 18, in a 2008 Ford pickup. Ninety-four-year-old Frederick Bakker of Sanborn was also westbound on 18, behind Strom in a 2001 Buick. Sixteen-year-old Garrett Lang was behind Bakker in a 1997 Ford pickup.

Storm had stopped, waiting for a vehicle making a left turn onto Country Club Road. Bakker was slowing down in preparation to stop behind Storm. Lang rear-ended Bakker, pushing his vehicle into Storm’s.

Bakker was transported to Sanford Sheldon by SCAT.

Storm’s Ford pickup received $500 damage, Bakker’s Buick received $3000 damage, and Lang’s pickup received $500 damage too.

Lang was charged with Failure To Maintain Control.

Boyden Is Added To List Of Communities Under Watering Restrictions

Boyden, Iowa — You can add Boyden to the list of communities with voluntary water restrictions.

Boyden officials say that due to current drought conditions, Lyon Sioux Rural Water is asking that all their customers voluntarily conserve water. The City of Boyden is a customer of Lyon Sioux Rural Water and the Boyden City Council is hereby requesting that all residents of Boyden comply with the voluntarily water conservation request.

Boyden residents are asked to limit any lawn and garden watering, car washing (except in commercial establishments that provide that service), recreational use or any other unnecessary use of water. Any additional measures that can be implemented to cut down daily water needs would be greatly appreciated.

The Splashpad in Boyden will also have the hours reduced in an effort to conserve water usage.  They’ll be open from 3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. effective on Wednesday (August 8, 2012).

If the current dry conditions continue, Boyden officials say further water restrictions may be coming.

Rock Valley has voluntary water restrictions in place as well, plus Sioux Center, Hull, and Rock Rapids have mandatory water restrictions in place.

Sheldon does not have watering restrictions yet, but city officials are asking that you think about only watering when it’s most efficient — not during the heat of the day.