Highway Patrol Vehicles Being Struck On Thursday Is A Chance To Remind Drivers Of The Move Over Law

move over lawSioux Falls, SD — It’s an emergency responder’s worst fear. Being struck by a car. Fortunately, no one was injured when two South Dakota Highway Patrol vehicles were struck Thursday morning by other vehicles. Troopers were responding to traffic issues during snowfall that created slippery roadway conditions on highways in the Sioux Falls area.

Trooper Dave Knutson was assisting on a call for service on Interstate 29 near mile marker 84 when another vehicle lost control and struck the back of his patrol vehicle. There were no injuries. Mile marker 84 is near the exits for I-90 in northern Sioux Falls.

Trooper Jason Husby was traveling northbound at reduced speed on I-29 near mile marker 23 when a southbound vehicle lost control, slid across the median and struck the left rear of the patrol vehicle. There were no injuries in this crash either. Mile marker 23 is about 9 miles west of Westfield, Iowa, or five miles northwest of Elk Point, South Dakota. Both crashes happened shortly after 10 AM.

Trooper Knutson was in a vehicle that was struck by another motorist two years ago. After that incident, Trooper Knutson was one of three Highway Patrol troopers who described being struck on the highway as part of a campaign to make the traveling public aware of the state’s Move Over Law.

Iowa also has a Move Over Law. According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, the Iowa law requires motorists to:

1. Change lanes or slow down when approaching a stationary emergency, tow or maintenance vehicle that has its flashing lights activated.(Iowa Code section 321.323A)
2. Yield the right of way to an emergency vehicle displaying flashing lights or giving an audible signal by moving over to the right, stopping and waiting until the vehicle has passed before proceeding. (Iowa Code section 321.324).

These laws are designed to protect motorists, persons being transported in emergency vehicles and personnel at high risk while performing their duties on Iowa’s roadways, according to the DOT. A good rule of the road is to change lanes or slow down anytime you are approaching a vehicle that is slow moving, stopped or stranded on the shoulder, if you can safely do so.

The scheduled fine for a conviction is $100 plus any surcharge and court costs.

If the violation causes damage to another person’s property, your license could be suspended for up to 90 days.

If it causes bodily injury of another person, it could be suspended up to 180 days, and the fine is increased to $500.

If it causes the death of another person, the license is suspended for a year, and the fine is increased to $1000.

DOT Will Not Approve Licenses Or ID’s For Illegal Aliens

Sioux Center, Iowa — A while back, we told you about a legal clinic in Sioux Center that was supposed to help people older than 16, but younger than 30 whose parents had illegally immigrated to the United States with them, when the children were living with them. Those children, now adults — while they are illegal aliens, did not come here on their own. President Obama issued a memorandum in June of this year that would grant those immigrants “deferred action” status if they had attended college or served in the military.

The idea of the legal clinic was that they would help the immigrants get a temporary work visa and possibly a driver’s license.

Now comes word that the Iowa Department of Transportation will not issue driver’s licenses or I-D cards to immigrants who have been given “deferred action” status by the U-S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. D-O-T director, Paul Trombino, says they made the decisions after reviewing a memo issued by the secretary of U-S Homeland Security.

(as he says) “As we’ve reviewed the Iowa Code, in the code chapter it essentially does require a foreign national as it’s discussed, authorized to be present,” Trombino says. “So as a result, based on our review of state law and state code, we do not have legal authority to issue a driver’s license or a non-operator I-D card.”

Trombino says there are licenses issued to non-citizens.

(as he says) “Typically what happens is, for any what we call foreign national as it’s written, they would supply an employment authorization document. And that is issued basically through U-S Citizen Immigration Services and D-H-S,” Trombino says.

He says there are a number of foreign nationals that are authorized to be here to work. Trombino says the memo from Homeland Security changed how the paperwork is reviewed.

(as he says) “What Homeland Security did was use that same document, but they created a specific category code that was different from all the other ones,” Trombino explains. “So as a result, we will see these documents and if it has that specific category code, that gives us the ability to say we can’t issue it, based on Iowa code.”

Trombino says it is hard to say exactly how many people in Iowa may be impacted by the decision.

(as he says) Trombino says the last information he saw in mid-December showed about 367-thousand people applied for licenses nationally. “As to how many that relates to the State of Iowa, I don’t know. I know that Iowa is not among the top 10 states for residence of these individuals,”Trombino says.

The Iowa A-C-L-U had asked the D-O-T to state its position on the driver’s license issue for illegals after the release of the memo. Trombino says the legislature would have to take action for the department to make a change in its policy.

RadioIowa assisted with this story.

Six Northwest Iowa Young People Charged After Deputies Break Up Hull Party

underage drinkingHull, Iowa — Six northwest Iowa young people were charged with alcohol violations after Sioux County authorities broke up a party in Hull on Sunday.

In the early hours of Sunday, they were called to investigate a report of suspicious activity at a home on Division Street in Hull.

Upon further investigation, deputies determined that several minors were gathering at the residence where alcohol was being consumed.

As a result of the investigation, 18-year-old Jennifer Miller and 19-year-old David Grave, both of George and 20-year-old Dakota Acevedo of Rock Rapids were each cited for underage possession of alcohol.

Nineteen-year-old Brandon Lund and 20-year-old Brett Stark both of Hospers were both arrested for 5th Degree theft and cited for underage possession of alcohol.

Twenty-one-year-old Kent Vink of Doon was arrested for supplying alcohol to underage persons.

Extension Highlights Parenting Website

Lori Hayungs
Lori Hayungs

Northwest Iowa — With the kids or grandkids home from school, perhaps things are getting a little louder at your house than you would like. Perhaps the battle of wills is happening again. There is help.

Iowa State University Extension reminds parents of their parenting website at scienceofparenting.org. We talked to Lori Hayungs, the Extension parenting and child development representative for northwest Iowa, and she told us a little about the web site.

Recently the site has also covered overindulgence and a response to the Connecticut school shootings. She says they cover all ages from the toddler temper tantrums through the rebellion of the teenage years. She says if you’re looking for a particular topic, you can just search the archives.

Again, that parenting web site is scienceofparenting.org.

Fire And Vandalism That Both Killed Thousands Of Dollars-Worth Of Pigs Are Not Related Say Officials

siouxsheriffRock Valley, Iowa — Although there were two cases involving the death of hundreds of pigs last week near Rock Valley, Sioux County Sheriff’s officials are saying they are finding no link between the two.

A hog confinement fire near Rock Valley on Saturday (12/22) caused over $150,000 in damage, both to the structure and in loss of pigs, and was fought by firefighters from three fire departments. About 650 30-pound feeder pigs were lost due to the fire.

Last Wednesday (12/19), nearly $100,000-worth of hogs were destroyed by a vandal or vandals at a hog confinement on Elmwood Avenue, five miles south of Rock Valley, when someone allegedly tampered with the climate control system. About 500 hogs were lost in that incident.

Hawarden Man Taken To Le Mars Hospital After Accident

Iowa State Patrol logoHawarden, Iowa — A Hawarden man was taken to a Le Mars Hospital after an accident on Sunday.

The Iowa State Patrol reports that 23-year-old Drew Sasse of Hawarden was southbound on K22 about a third of a mile south of 500th street in a 2004 GMC Envoy. He crossed the centerline and went off road to the left then swerved back to the right. The Envoy went off the road to the right and rolled in the west ditch. It came to rest on its driver’s side facing west.

Sasse was transported to Floyd Valley Hospital in Le Mars by his girlfriend.

His Envoy received $5000 in damages.

He was charged with failure to maintain control.