El Nino Pattern Likely To Linger

Northwest Iowa — While it was slow to develop, it appears the effects of the current El Nino weather pattern will hang around for a while — likely several months. Read more

Tuition Rates Remain In Limbo

Statewide Iowa — The Iowa Legislature could wrap its business for the session this week, and their final budget will impact how much the students at the three state-supported universities pay in tuition. Read more

Wind Farm Planned For Plymouth County

Plymouth County, Iowa — Wind turbines dot the landscape around northwest Iowa, and now plans are under way to construct a 200-megawatt wind farm in Plymouth County. Read more

Spring Manure Application Not All Bad

Northwest Iowa — Last fall was a very difficult application season for manure, because of wet conditions and early freeze up. If the manure did not get applied last fall, there may be a window this spring to get the job done, according to Iowa State University Ag Engineering Specialist Kris Kohl. Read more