Lost dog Friday May 6th

Date posted - May 6, 2016

Sheldon Iowa — Lost dog in Sheldon by East Elementary. Female German Shepard. Answers to Nala. Described as friendly, but …

Found Dog

Date posted - May 5, 2016

Female, medium size dog, gold in color. Very friendly, found by Sheldon City Park. Please call the vet clinic at …

Found Husky

Date posted - April 22, 2016

Sheldon  – April 22, 2016, adult male Husky found in Pleasant Court area, no collar or tags. Please call the …

Lost Wallet

Date posted - April 18, 2016

Lost Black Wallet around the vicinity of The Village Treasure Chest in Sheldon.
If found please call 712-541-9748

Found German Shepherd

Date posted - April 13, 2016

A German Shepherd was found in rural Sheldon.
Call 712-324-3524

Lost Husky

Date posted - April 8, 2016

Lost – male husky w/gray collar, answers to “Charger”. Last seen on 6th Ave in Sheldon, very friendly. Please call …