Found – Cell Phone

Cell phone found over the weekend in Sheldon by Shopko / Car Wash. Please call KIWA at 324-2597 to claim.

Lost Dog

Lost dog 3 miles west and 3 miles north of Hartley by the Plessis Elevator.

1 year old female Lab/Springer mix, with black ears and white and black speckled body. Wearing blue collar. Names Zoey and very friendly.

Call 712-348-3368

Lost Cell Phone

Lost smartphone Monday night (8/15/16), possibly in the downtown area along the street in Sheldon. It’s a Samsung Galaxy S7 with a gold and black Spigen brand protective case. Please call 712-348-1770 if found.

Found – German Shepherd

Found – Male German Shepherd in Sheldon on 8/1, very friendly. Please call the Vet Clinic at 712-324-0175 to claim.

Found – Sunglasses & Ring

Found in Sheldon – Sunglasses and ring. Please call the Sheldon police Department at 712-324-2525 to describe and claim.

Found – Furnace Duct

Found along Highway 18 East of Boyden 1 mile – 90 degree insulated furnace duct. Please call 712-725-2129 to claim.