Lost Drone

Lost drone in Sheldon. Sharper Image brand and black in color.

Lost around 5th Street and Washington Avenue in Sheldon



Found Wallet

A wallet was found at Neal Chase Lumber in Sheldon on Tuesday morning (12/18/18). Please call them at 712-324-2564 to describe and claim.

Dog Found In Hospers

A lost dog has been turned in to the Sheldon Veterinary Medical Center. Was found in Hospers.  It is an adult female brown possible shepard mix with a pink and gray collar.   Call 324-0175

Lost Dog

Lost – female Golden Retriever/Cocker Spaniel mix, reddish in color, answers to “Lady.” Faded green collar with rabies tags from Sheldon Vet Clinic. Lost in Hull, but just moved there from Sheldon.

If found, please call 479-926-1617


Found – Husky

A female (?) Husky with a red collar and no tag was found NE of Sheldon on Sunday morning (11/11/18). Please cal 712-348-2353 to claim.

Found – Cell Phone

A cell phone was found in Sheldon on Sunday, 11/4/18 and turned in to the Sheldon police Department. Please call them at 712-324-2525 to describe and claim.