Latest Iowa DNR Fishing Report Out 8/9/12

Clear Lake
The water level is 21 inches below crest. Use caution when launching and boating near shore. Channel Catfish – Fair: Stink bait, cut bait, and crawlers are working in the evenings and mornings near reefs and vegetation beds. Yellow Bass – Good: Anglers are catching yellow bass on crawlers, cut bait, and minnows. Drifting and vertical jigging in 6-10 feet of water off the State Dock area has been good. The fish are schooled so move around until you find active fish.

Little Wall Lake
Channel Catfish – Good: Anglers are drifting fish guts and cut bait.

Crystal Lake
Bluegill – Fair: Drift small jigs and crawlers in the dredged area for the best bluegill action. Largemouth Bass – Fair: Spinner baits and top water baits worked along the aquatic plant beds are catching bass.

For more fishing information in the north central Iowa area, contact the Clear Lake Fish and Wildlife office at 641-357-3517.

Big Spirit Lake
Bullhead – Fair: Action has slowed on the grade but a few fish are being caught on the main lake around weeds. Traditional presentations, such as a worm on the bottom, should be used. White Bass – Fair: Look for schools of white bass breaking the surface in the morning and afternoon, once located a popper or minnow bait should get some action. A few smallmouth bass should also be expected while fishing a school of white bass. Smallmouth Bass – Fair: Some of the bigger smallmouth are being caught on weed edges but the rock piles are still producing a few. Largemouth Bass – Fair: Largemouth are still being found near weeds but are starting to disperse to other areas in the lake. Yellow Perch – Fair: Action is picking up look for schools of perch on the mudflats in the 18 foot plus range. Try drifting crawlers on bottom bouncers or with slip bobbers. A GPS or marker buoy could prove to be very useful once a school is located. A few perch are also being caught in or near the weeds while targeting walleye or other species. Walleye – Slow: With the warm water, fishing has slowed a bit but a few are still being caught. Best results have been coming in early morning, at dusk, and after dark using slow presentations.

East Okoboji Lake
Bullhead – Fair: Try using worms on bottom. Channel Catfish – Fair: Try using cut bait around rocks and wood during low light conditions. Bluegill – Fair: Action has picked up a bit but can still be sporadic. Try fishing around weed edges with worms. Walleye – Fair: Try fishing near bottom with crawlers and leeches or trolling crank baits. Twister tails can also be productive. Yellow Bass – Good: Many yellow bass are being caught using small baits near rocks and wood.

West Okoboji Lake
Fish early in the morning to avoid boat traffic. Bluegill – Fair: Look for bluegills around weed edges and try fishing in the early morning or later afternoon. A small jig on a slip bobber or a plain hook with live bait should bring results. Smallmouth Bass – Fair: Try fishing for smallmouth around deep rock piles with crayfish and minnow imitations. Yellow Perch – Fair: Perch are being caught in 12-18 feet of water within the weed beds. Try using a pilkie or crappie tube with wigglers. Walleye – Fair: A few fish were caught trolling crankbaits as well as live bait rigs with crawlers and leeches.

Five Island Lake
During a recent netting survey many catfish were sampled in the lake with an average size of 16-22 inches. Good numbers of fish over 24 inches were also found. Try using cutbait or stinkbait in the afternoon and into the night.

Little Sioux River (state line to Linn Grove)
With low water levels look for deep holes near snags and bends in the river. Try using worms on a bottom rig for multiple species action.

For more information contact Mike Hawkins at the Spirit Lake office at 712-336-1840.


Visit the DNR at the State Fair Plenty to See and Do

For more than 100 years the DNR has been present at the Iowa State Fair. The DNR’s historic aquarium, pavilion and courtyard, located at the west end of the Grand Concourse, draw thousands of State Fair visitors each year.

The aquarium, built in 1921, is filled with Iowa fish species and the focal point of the open-air pavilion built around it. Inside, there are interactive displays and hands-on activities, touch live reptiles and amphibians and shoot a bow at the new archery range.

This year, visitors can test their knowledge of state parks and maybe receive one of the $100 Sportsman’s Warehouse gift certificates offered each day.

Conservation officers and other DNR staff are on hand to answer questions related to natural resources and the outdoors and then be sure to stop and get your subscription to the Iowa Outdoors magazine.

Outside the west gates of the building is a pond full of waterfowl and turtles — a magnet to fairgoers of all ages. The courtyard also features a full-sized replica of a bald eagles nest and new this year — the world’s largest birdhouse. The birdhouse and eagle’s nest make great photo opportunities, and the courtyard, with its benches, picnic tables and water fountain, is a great place to sit and relax during the fair.

Learn how to make simple, everyday behavior changes inside your home to help protect and improve the environment outside at the mobile education exhibit along the north courtyard fence.

Sculptor David Williamson uses metal trash collected from the DNR annual river clean up event, Project AWARE, to create sculptures and most recently to create gates for the pavilion. He provides plenty of opportunity get involved during his weekend courtyard demonstrations. This will be Williamson’s last year turning “trash into treasure” as he completes the final gate. Williamson will also be featured in the Cultural Building during the week.

Be sure to check out the display of entries in the fly tying competition, sponsored by the Hawkeye Fly Fishing Association. The entries will be judged on the DNR courtyard stage at 4 p.m., August 13.

Presentations are given daily on the courtyard stage including live animal talks and cooking demonstrations. Chef Patrick from Honey Creek Resort State Park will join the stage this year, cooking up some samples off the resort’s menu.

See a full stage schedule and more information about what to find at the DNR building by visiting The DNR “tweets” stage schedule reminders to its followers on Twitter and will be posting highlights of the Fair on Facebook. Like us at

Results Released For 2012 Lake Pajoha Triathlons

The Lake Pahoha Youth Triathlon was held Friday July 27th with the Mini Triathlon and 5K held on Saturday July 28th. Final official results are listed below.


Male Age 1-19 Triathlon

Place   Name                             Time     Age

1          John Luze                     2:34:44  16

Male Age 20-29 Triathlon

Place   Name                             Time     Age

1          Andrew Manning          1:26:31   24

2          Brent Roth                     1:58:21   28

3          Dustin Wallenburg        2:00:09   24

Male Age 30-39 Triathlon

Place   Name                             Time     Age

1          Brenton Rains               1:24:53   36

2          Nick Madland               1:25:59   32

3          Luke Serck                    1:42:25   36

Male Age 40-49 Triathlon

Place   Name                             Time     Age

1          Lance Bergeson             1:28:45   44

2          Joey Graber                   1:40:33   49

3          Scott Jucht                     1:46:22   42

Male Age 50-59 Triathlon

Place   Name                             Time     Age

1          Glenn Voss                   1:38:10   53

2          Kirby Shroll                  1:41:59   54

3          Mcchyne Rall                2:01:39   53

Male Age 60-99 Triathlon

Place   Name                             Time     Age

1          Gary Patton                   1:49:01   66

2          Howard Bich                 2:04:22   72

Female Age 1-19 Triathlon

Place   Name                             Time     Age

1          Laura Kelderman          1:55:15   18

2          Sarah Kuhn                   2:02:53   19


Female Age 20-29 Triathlon

Place   Name                             Time     Age

1          Katie Rall                      2:01:35   22

Female Age 30-39 Triathlon

Place   Name                             Time     Age

1          Amy Barr                      1:48:02   39

2          Meredith VanderZee     1:50:59   30

3          Amy Bates                    1:51:57   35

Female Age 40-49 Triathlon

Place   Name                             Time     Age

1          Kathy Grady                 1:29:56   46

2          Teresa VanHyfte           1:36:54   46

3          Christine Ellis               1:53:42   40

Female Age 50-59 Triathlon

Place   Name                             Time     Age

1          MaryAnn Voss             2:01:50   54


Place   Name                             Time     Age

1          Brenton Rains               1:24:53   36

2          Nick Madland               1:25:59   32

3          Andrew Manning          1:26:31   24

4          Lance Bergeson             1:28:45   44

5          Kathy Grady                 1:29:56   46

6          Teresa VanHyfte           1:36:54   46

7          Glenn Voss                   1:38:10   53

8          Joey Graber                   1:40:33   49

9          Kirby Shroll                  1:41:59   54

10        Luke Serck                    1:42:25   36

11        Scott Jucht                     1:46:22   42

12        Tom Vlach                    1:46:46   46

13        Amy Barr                      1:48:02   39

14        Bruce Reifenrath           1:48:55   45

15        Gary Patton                   1:49:01   66


Male Age 1-19 5K

Place   Name                             Time     Age

1          Chriss VanDerBrink       30:58      10

Male Age 30-39 5K

Place   Name                             Time     Age

1          Lance Kille                    22:40      32

2          John Karr                      23:46      32

3          Ruda Baga                      32:21      39

Male Age 40-49 5K

Place   Name                             Time     Age

1          Brian Denny                   25:09      41

2          Dave Rozeboom             26:39      46

Female Age 1-19 5K

Place   Name                             Time     Age

1          Brooke VanHeuvelen     27:55      15

2          Taylor Warner                33:22        9

Female Age 20-29 5K

Place   Name                             Time     Age

1          Kaylee Small                 20:56      24

2          Sarah Groneck               27:10      24

3          Joan Schelling                34:27      27

Female Age 30-39 5K

Place   Name                             Time     Age

1          Amy Christensen           25:56      33

2          Nicole Kruse                  26:42      38

3          Alyson Bylone               26:49      34

Female Age 40-49 5K

Place   Name                             Time     Age

1          Lisa Van Heuvelen         24:07      42

2          Carol Rozeboom            27:29      47

3          Lisa Van Maanen           32:13      43


Youth Triathlon Results

01             Adam Grady               14             27.02

45             Katie Scholten            14             24.36

1              Pamela Regneus          14             25.07

2              Andrea Blankenspoor   13             26.21

3              Emily Van Ginkel       13             26.21

4             DawsonDaniels          13             32.20

46             Frankie Waters            13             32.03

48             Jack Waters                13             26.05

5              Lauren Vande Kamp     12             29.40

6              Morgan Van Der Brink 12             27.10

7              Alyse Pederson           12             27.50

8              Chayla Besonen          12             31.03

9              Elizabeth Ratzloff        12             27.17

10             Makayla Witt              12             27.17

41             Christina Boogerd       12             32.59

11             Zach Springer             11             24.18

12             Trent Hoogendoorn      11             32.43

13             Kolten Bus                 11             23.05

14             Cody Huisman            11             33.39

15             Marcus Blankenspoor   11             25.03

17             Reegan Hawf              11             27.12

18             Julie Storm                11             33.54

19             Erica Kellenberger       11             37.49

20             Isabelle Warner            11             37.50

21             Abigail Kaskie            11             27.52

22             Lexi Williams             11             32.56

43             Jared Jaros                  11             25.01

47             Joe Waters                  11             29.18

23             Andrew Grady             10             24.54

24             Sami Ebel                  10             32.39

25             Jayda Kruse                10             34.27

26             Chris Van Der Brink    10             26.57

27             Macay Van’t Hul         10             22.15

28             Eli Van Ginkel            10

29             Nate Springer              9              31.54

30             Taylor Warner             9              33.54

31             Jacob Van Der Brink    9              27.33

32             Levi Waddell              9              27.33

40             Sarah Boogerd            9              38.06

49             Cade Warner               9              30.18

33            CamdenKruse            8              36.04

34             Belle Schiermeyer        8              34.52

35             Shelby Kellenberger     8              36.29

36             Ty Brinkman              8              27.36

37             Connor G Bates          8              30.35

38             Emma J Yost              7              33.49

39             Faith Williams            7              50.32


Restored CCC Era Lodge To Open August 20th On Spirit Lake

The restored lodge at Mini-Wakan State Park, on the north shore of Spirit Lake, will begin accepting reservations through the local park office on Aug. 20.

The lodge, originally built during the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps, was renovated over the last two years. A free-standing, open air shelter with a modern restroom adjoining the lodge was added and next fall, a parking lot will go in. The total project cost is $1.25 million.

The project was supported locally with a fundraising campaign that netted more than $500,000, of which more than $200,000 will go into an endowment to fund the Mini-Wakan lodge and the Gull Point lodge for future repairs. The rest of the funds went to the Mini-Wakan restoration.

The lodge will rent for $150 per day on the weekend, and $75 per day on weekdays. It features a galley kitchen for catering and has a maximum occupancy of 125.

The lodge shares the area with a two lane boat ramp. Parking is available in designated areas and along the road. The area where the new parking lot will be installed is currently going through an archeological recovery of Native American artifacts. Once completed, the parking lot will be installed that can accommodate the lodge use and boat ramp traffic.

To reserve the lodge you can call the park office at 712-337-3211.