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10,978,040 Now on Disability in U.S.

Date posted - May 29, 2013

Assuming this information is true what does it say about our country?  Are all these people suddenly disabled and unable to work or have they given up.  I am not saying the majority of those who are receiving disability checks don’t deserve them but why did they start collecting all of a sudden.  If the moderator allows here is a link to the story.

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32 Responses to “10,978,040 Now on Disability in U.S.”

  1. Mother says:

    Unfortunately people have been working the system for years. I’m not sure if it is the lack of jobs or what.

    • Sam says:

      It is not a lack of jobs. Have you looked at a newspaper lately – all kinds of help wanted ads. Obama’s socialism wants us to be completely dependent on the government.

  2. libertarian says:

    Actually, the didn’t just start collecting. The Feds expanded who could collect disability and had sign up drives.

  3. Gramma46 says:

    It is easier to get disability if you have a drug problem than those that actually are disabled.

  4. Bob says:

    I don’t think that is a credible source. Nonetheless, if you open the coffers to people and they have no incentive to earn their paycheck because of a disability or “disability” then this situation is always going to happen.

    I know disability can be extremely helpful and there should be a form of safety net, but not a long-term safety net. Can we not use our critical thinking skills, creativity, and innovative spirit to solve this issue?

  5. Ashshade says:

    Yet another abused government program.

  6. Dug says:

    This is the part that just kills me…Now I’m not saying this to get a pity party or wanting anyone to feel sorry for us, it’s just life. My wife and I both work full time jobs(as in way, way over 40 hours a week)she has a rare disease that interferes with normal life, but she keeps working these long hours, 6 days a week. She feels the need to work to help support our needs and bills to get paid. I have a 25 year old son with 2 kids, from 2 different women, who hasn’t had a job in the past year. Not because he is unable to work, but because he doesn’t want to work!! It seems like this is a growing trend, I’m almost to the point where the old saying goes, if you can’t beat em, join em comes in to play! I mean is it really worth beating ourselves up year after year just to have to pay into the IRS when some worthless piece of crap is lounging on the couch day after day getting state aid or government assistance while we have to bust our asses just to make ends meet? Not to mention when they get money back from the IRS…Personally, I think they should enforce a drug test if you are applying for ANY aid whatsoever, just sayin…I’m sorry for venting but damn, it pisses me off to see these people living better and driving better vehicles than I do when I’m the one with the frickin’ job!!!!

    • juicey bananas says:

      I feel your anger and live it every day. I was illegally commited to a PRIVATE mental hospital Aug 25,2005. I pulled into my driveway at the house I’m Buying with the money I make from my Plmg. and Htg business and a Lyon county sheriff deputy takes me away to Spencer and I’m a single parent, whos mate died in 1999 and left me to raise a little girl who inheirited money and land. Needless to say I still work and collect disability and their hands are tied,and the money is gone. The system is so screwed up with manwhores and thieves working the system. Like they tell me in the court house,Just Pay It!

    • juicey bananas says:

      They should drug test politicians and law enforcement and court authorities first. I believe this would turn the tide.

    • Red says:

      Amen and amen!

  7. Robert Keller says:

    I heard a 66 year old lady on a radio talk show tell of trying to get a job and being told that she would be placed on disability because she no longer had to look for work. She said she did not want the disability, that she was able to work and wanted to get a job. She was told again that she did not have to work and that she would be placed on disability against her will. She was told that all people who are past the legal age of retirement were being put on disability and not being assisted in finding employment.

  8. Hank Rearden says:

    Yes We Can!!!!!!!

  9. Lee Ann says:

    I worked since I was 15 years old, until last year. I am 60 years old. I got to the point I could no longer work an entire nursing shift. I spent the rest of my time on the couch, exhausted, unable to do anything around the house. My doctor had kept telling me that I should apply for SSDI. But I really didn’t want to, because if I worked the next 5 years, my retirement would be better. And I really wanted to finish my working career. So many people reapply year after year. I got my SSDI in 118 days. I have 9 medical conditions. out of that 9, 4 are enough to allow me to retire on disability. I can take any drug test you want, I miss the working with people I like. Not everybody wants to stay home all the time.

    Remember, while I realize that there are people that abuse the system, whether its food stamps or disability, or unemployment, whatever. The reason for these programs is because there are people who genuinely need these programs.

    • juicey bananas says:

      Lee Ann you are one who truley deserves the benefits. All the years of work and paying into the system you deserve the assistance and shouldnt feel bad that your body has given out so to speak. These benefits are there for just these reasons, People like you who need help with day to day exspenses.

  10. virgil says:

    I have a bro in law and his wife. One or the other is always on unemployment . They take turns one works just long enough to get unemployment then does something to get fired then the other one goes to work till they can get unemployment then does something to get fired and they just keep going back and forth. Ticks me off. I am 67 years old and have never been unemployed a day in my life. I would be willing to bet that in all those years I have not missed more than 10 days to sick leave. Not bragging but what have you taught the younger generation?

    • juicey bananas says:

      Virgil in this day and age it doesnt matter if you show up for work every day. I would show for work as an employee in Sioux Falls in a snowstorm and the local fellas would call in that they couldnt make it in because of the snow. Now as a self employed HVAC contractor I cant take off but do have down and out slow times. I weep for the youth of today.

  11. I M Disgusted says:

    Like any program, it was started in good faith, and as something temporary. Not a way of life. But, it has evolved into just that; a way of life. Why do you think Obama was elected / re-elected? Why would anyone getting “freebies” vote to stop that? Look at other countries. No hand out or welfare. I would wager most people getting help can do many thing; answer the phone, run a computer, or even greet at Walmart. In other words, there are jobs available. Reminds me of the Bird Feeder story. Keep the feeders full and the birds show up, fighting over the free food and leaving a mess behind. Take away the free bird feed and the mess leaves with it.
    2 generations ago, people would do just about anything to stay off of any type of assistance. What a change. Now people will do just about anything to get it.

    • Lee Ann says:

      The only reason one is supposed to get SS disability is if it is a permanent condition. You can’t get disability for a temporary condition. They usually have a review after 7 years to ensure that it is still a permanent condition, that you didn’t get an operation that fixed it, or whatever. I don’t have to go through that because I will have gone onto regular social security by then.

      They do want people to try working. Its a gradual way to get back into some kind of work situation. Which is ironic, that if you can work, why would you be on disability? If I could work, I would have worked, not tried for disability.

  12. Robert Keller says:

    Don’t forget the squirrels that free-load off of the bird feeders, even though they are not supposed to free load off the system that was not set up for their free assistance. I wonder what group the squirrels might be?

  13. doug white says:

    Now you know why Romney finished second!

  14. FoodforThought says:

    What if it wasn’t such a big deal to have a disability program? What if we don’t have enough jobs for these people on disability or “disability” to fill? We all want people to contribute and be a productive member of society, but what if they have no means of doing that because their low-wage job is now automated and/or filled by a robot? I know the Baby Boomers want everyone to work their tails off (presumably to make sure you get your SS benefits when you retire…:P (that’s me sticking my tongue out at you)) but what if they aren’t able to contribute to society? What should we do with these people?

    The article I read goes on with what Henry Blodget points out “Fewer Americans are working than at any time in the past three decades.” The New York Times observes “The jobless rate remains far higher than it typically would be this far into a recovery,” quoting a factory owner: “Because it is automated, we won’t have to add a lot of employees with the upturn in the construction industry.”

    The article goes on… “Think you’re safe because you don’t work in a factory? Guess again. “In a move that could put millions of teenagers around the world out of their first job, Momentum Machines is creating a hamburger-making machine that churns out made-to-order burgers,” reports Gizmag. A Cornell robot can learn how and when to pour you a beer. Well, never mind food service, how about social services? …Oh. Other robots have been shown “wiping the mouth of a disabled man and adjusting a blanket.”

    I can only add little excerpts from the article (in order to maintain interest), but the article continues, “In other words, the US government is already quietly paying a significant fraction of the American population not to work. If jobs keep disappearing, while the overall wealth of America and the world keeps increasing, then we can expect initiatives like that to keep expanding. George Monbiot is the latest to propose a basic income, which “gives everyone, rich and poor, without means-testing or conditions, a guaranteed sum every week.”

    So what do you all think? Do you think we’re truly going to have enough jobs to support all of the workers who are unemployed given the increasing demand for automation and efficiency? I thought the article was quite interesting. Perhaps a little apocalyptic, but thought-provoking.

    You can access the article, here:

    • Ashshade says:

      I’m having a hard time thinking of a way to respond to this that the moderator would actuality post.

      A guaranteed sum every week? Yo bro, this is a Republic. Not, socialist state. Capitalism rules. If you can’t find a job, make one.

      Um, not on my watch.

      Yea, um work.

      • FoodforThought says:

        How can you work when there isn’t a job for you to work… low-skilled workers will be replaced by efficient robots or some other form of automation. If burgers can be flipped faster, cheaper (over time, I presume), and with greater quality control then I am pretty sure that machine wins out every time.

        Capitalism might be the death of millions of people if they have no way to provide for their families. Think about it.

        • Mother says:

          There are jobs out there for those who seek them disability isn’t meant for those who can’t find a Job. It is meant for disabled people

          • FoodforThought says:

            If the job is non-existent, there isn’t a job. I am not sure that this idea is registering for you.

            Robots replace humans. Humans have no jobs.

          • Dug says:

            Sure is funny, funny sad, not funny haha, that in the work environment I’m in, I see so many people come and go…I mean in the hundreds. It’s like a revolving door in some places. True, there are jobs out there. When I graduated from high school, many moons ago, I did the college thing, got a degree, but because I was a youngster, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life. I did land a job in Sioux Falls with a good company, then the foreign industry flooded the market with the same product we were producing, needless to say, I got laid off. It forced me to make a life changing decision, either go on unemployment or find a different job. I opted to go on unemployment for a while. I will tell you one thing, it was very inticing to not work, but after a while, the work ethic that was instilled in my brain from my parents(my Dad worked in the same place for over 45 years and I can only remember him being sick from work a couple times and that is the truth)so I got into the line of work I’m in now. I have only had 4 jobs my entire life and am very proud of the job I do now, I have been at it for over 18 years. In those 18 years I have been at numerous establishments that hire so called NON-SKILLED workers. Listen, it isn’t that they are non-skiilled, it’s that they aren’t educated at the job they are doing. They are taught how to do a job, you aren’t born into the job you do, you’re taught and you learn to do the job. But back to the point I was trying to make, the younger generation has potential, I’ve seen it. They just don’t want to do it is all. I’m not placing all the younger generation in the same catagory, because they are not all that way, some have great work ethic, others not. Those are the ones I’m speaking of. Wonder why there are so many illegal alians? Because they are doing the jobs that OUR people won’t do. I understand about the pay, but that doesn’t excuse somebody from not doing the job that’s needed. People sit and gripe and complain there aren’t any jobs, well just open your eyes and maybe get into one of those NON-SKILLED jobs and work your way up the ladder to success. That’s the way the system works, you don’t just go into a job and expect to be President of the company immediately, you shouldn’t expect 4 weeks of vacation immediately, you have to work for what you want. That’s part of the problem with today’s society, they expect to have everything given to them. Work hard and you will get results. You just don’t get that out of the younger generation. Sure illegals have jobs here, at least they show up for work, doing a job that an American could do, but refuse to do, because they think they are too good to do it. I know, I see it every day I’m working. Young people come in and they think THEY can tell the supervisor what they can and can’t do…that’s the way they think…only it’s a complete surprise when they get canned!!! I’m not perfect by any means, but if we could just instill into the young people to work hard and you will get results, that would help alot!! Just sayin’

        • Ashshade says:

          So, food for thought, just where is all of this money going to come from?

          If uncle sam is going to give me 30k a year just for being alive, why should I work?

          That is the problem with socialism, you don’t have to work to make money. It’s not because of the robots. There is not a never ending money well under DC.

          Where do you think the money is going to come from, I really want to know?

          • Mother says:

            First people who don’t need it, need to be kicked off. And of course it comes from our taxes.

            But seriously, why on earth would you think someone on disability gets 30,000?

  15. Harriet Oleson says:

    Back in Walnut Grove – if someone was down and out or needed help – the church would help them out or the neighbors would pitch in to help. Then I’m told that those infidels(FDR and LBJ) expanded social programs so that everyone would be taken care of. Thinking it might be better going back to the church and neighbor policy.

    • Lee Ann says:

      If we went back to Churches and neighbors helping the poor, we’d have a lot of people standing in soup lines, or standing around a 55 gal drum with wood in it, trying to keep warm, like they did in the ’30s. Churches are not getting enough in donations to help the poor, the food banks are not getting enough to help the poor, and I know for certain my neighbors wouldn’t have enough to help me if I needed it.

      The reason for the social programs was that sometimes people need help and they aren’t going to get ahead depending on churches and neighbors. Neighbors back in Walnut Grove (hey, I know the Laura Ingalls Wilder float actress from Sleepy Eye, who played Laura E.W. in the parade, lol) May be able to help once or twice. They can’t help an ongoing problem. Just as Churches may be able to help with utilities once…..or twice. But these are ongoing problems that can’t be help in that way.

      • Art says:

        I am totally against welfare as a concept. Christians are directed to help the poor. It doesn’t say that the GOVERNMENT should help the poor.

        I would imagine that the churches of northwest Iowa could probably help most of the poor. The problem with that is that people aren’t tithing and giving as much as they should to the church. People nowadays think of giving to the church as supporting the church’s missionaries, keeping up the building and paying the pastor’s salary. Donations would have to go WAY up.

        Secondly, the church is not as popular in the US as a whole as it is here in northwest Iowa. Going to church on a regular basis is really becoming pretty rare. Therefore, donations are dropping even faster.

        If we could somehow have a revival in this nation and people would be interested not only in going to church but in actually helping their neighbors, maybe we could go back to having the church take care of the poor.

        But because the church is dysfunctional, SOMEONE needs to step in. And since we’re all greedy by nature, the government had to step in and FORCE us to help others through our taxes. I don’t like it either, but it’s better than letting the poor die of starvation. I don’t think that’s what Jesus would have done, do you? (not directed to anybody in particular — just people in general)

        • Lee Ann says:

          I read that the Churches in our country, through their tax exemptions get back $71 Billion dollars in tax exemptions, which is a form of subsidy. Even tho in the last few elections, Churches and religious organizations have spent a lot of their time backing one candidate over the other, which they aren’t supposed to be doing, and discussing in the pulpit who they should be voting for, they still receive back $71 BILLION dollars. One would think that money would be well spent on the poor and people needing help. But the majority of that tax money received back is spent on mortgages, payroll, etc.

          I once was the social dept director of a Catholic Church in Colorado. And when people brought in past due utility bills, or a note stating they would get evicted if they didn’t pay XXX amount of money by a certain date, I would write out checks for these needy people. Some days we would spend thousands of dollars. Some days a man just needed a bus ticket, etc. We probably spent ten thousand dollars a month on people’s needs. I would imagine they are still doing the same. I would only wish that all churches could do so.

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