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STREETSCAPE – Downtown Renaissance or Boondoggle.

Date posted - December 7, 2012

One of the matters before the Sheldon City Council is that of STREETSCAPE, a $1,500,000 downtown Sheldon infrastructure and beautification  project. As KIWA Radio news reported by a 4 to 1 majority the council on Wednesday voted to move forward with the project by entering into an engineering agreement with McClure Engineering.  Derek Anderson, a representative of the engineering firm told the council that this next step will be for them to establish a preliminary plat of the proposed work, followed by a public notice to property owners and chance for public input into their proposals. The council would have to give final approval to a final plat before any work would be done. The engineering firm indicated to the council that the majority of the work could be completed by the end of the 2013 construction season if the final plat is approved.

KIWA Radio encourages Sheldon residents to become informed about STREETSCAPE.  Get the facts via radio, newspaper, by attending council meetings or any public forums available.  Maybe you don’t want to address the subject directly at a city council meeting, fine you can still ask questions of your councilmen in person, via letter, email or phone.  We are sure the councilmen would appreciate your input.  Call the Sheldon City offices at 712 324 4651 to ask the best way to contact your councilman.

Only after you have all the available facts can you make an informed decision about whether you believe STREETSCAPE will be a Renaissance or Boondoggle for downtown Sheldon.


Walt Pruiksma

General Manager

KIWA Radio




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6 Responses to “STREETSCAPE – Downtown Renaissance or Boondoggle.”

  1. Lee Ann says:

    I have to admit I haven’t been following this closely. I am amazed that it will cost $1,500,000. That seems too high. the pictures I have seen , artist’s renditions, show places to sit, trees. Isn’t it amazing that long ago, nobody wanted brick areas in their streets, so they took them all out, now all the popular looks in cities shows brick walkways? My garage floor is Sheldon brick from downtown, if anybody wants it back. lol.

  2. Red says:

    It broke my heart to read that Primghar is taking out it’s cobblestoned streets. :0(

    • Lee Ann says:

      I was born in Estherville and had a whole lot of family in Emmetsburg. I was raised in another state, and came back to visit several years ago, was driving through Emmetsburg and got lost. (yeah, how could I get lost?) I went to a gas station and asked, “I’m lost. where is the corner where the brick street is and the bears lived in the cage?” The guy was astonished, and said, “You haven’t been here in a LONG time.”

      I have Sheldon brick for my floor in the garage. They have moved over the years, and I have big ruts where the tires have run over them. Once I get started in the garage, its almost like being in an automatic car wash, I couldn’t get off track. haha

  3. Jeff says:

    Better places to invest money in Sheldon beside the uptown. Tax the owners more to offset cost? Not sure on this idea. I have spoken to three owners up town, two of them claim they never received any info from the committe as in letters, invite to meets etc. the other owner said he did receive a letter. I think typical Sheldon committe stuff. I gave them x so therefor lets vote and pass it and I can tote my own horn type of thing. I don’t understand.

  4. Jon says:

    The fact is that most towns and small cities, whether or not they have a thriving downtown, are investing money in the infrastructure, the lighting, and the historical buildings they have in their central downtown districts. Sheldon has some fairly impressive downtown structures that ought to be preserved and enjoyed, and too many historical landmarks in the community have been demolished or succumbed to fire. Look around at communities like Le Mars, Spencer, Cherokee, Sibley, Spirit Lake, Osage, Forest City, Independence, Orange City, Oelwein, Decorah, Cresco, Clear Lake or Pella. All of these communities have spent money on downtown infrastructure, lighting, and other efforts to beautify their downtown districts. No, it is not a guarantee that it will bring a thriving downtown- that takes a proactive chamber of commerce, a supportive business community, and innovative and intelligent marketing on the part of business owners, but it certainly demonstrates an amount of pride in the community and support for its businesses. Even small towns like Hartley and Sanborn have at the very least put in new lights and Primghar just this year replaced their downtown square, unfortunately needing to replace their cobblestone streets with a smoother surface that better accommodates pedestrians, particularly elderly ones. Sheldon is behind the times in this process, and it will not get any cheaper nor become less of a need.

  5. Jeff says:

    I agree with Jon. Sheldon is behind and will never get cheaper. Although the town does a good job on street, sidewalk, etc replacement through out the years. Is western ave or 16th street on the list for future upgrading.

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