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a let-die list

Date posted - May 22, 2014

When President-Elect Obama nominated Gen. Eric K. Shinseki as VA Secretary he said that Veterans Affairs needed cultural and technological change. The technological change was outlined in the Office of Inspector General’s Strategic Plan FY 2009-2015, stating that the VA needed a comprehensive database to study and track the medical care and treatment of all veterans and… to identify savings and dollar recoveries. The cultural change was clarified in the original ACA, Obamacare, legislation empowering an Independent Payment Advisory Board to develop quality and efficiency measures that limit what government and private insurers can spend on each individual’s health care. Critics called this the “death-panel”, so its name was changed; yet, now, we find that the VA health system has a secret “let-die list”. When Obamacare is fully implemented, one uniform standardized national data base and decision-making computer program will … ration health care not just for veterans but for all Americans. It ‘s a culture of death!


Michael McCarthy

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8 Responses to “a let-die list”

  1. Bi-polar Vet says:

    Am here to Give My perspective of VA Care,It’s exceptional as a truly Socialized Medicine can be.
    There are Rules,There are Eligibility Rules.
    Just because you served in our Armed Forces does not,and Has not been even Close to the Eligibility Standards of the VA,When you Get out of the Military,You Have A matter of months to sign up,and Sometimes it may take up too a year to receive Acceptance into the VA Heath System,You Can’t Wait till your on your Death Bed,To try to get VA Benefits,It’s that simple.

  2. Outsider looking in says:

    Just my opinion. I believe that all governing officials should be required to have served in the military before taking any type of government job. If you want to run the country, show your allegiance by protecting it first. If you don’t have the will to put your life down for your country, then how do you command those that do (President)? Don’t forget last year when the country shut down, the military lost its pay/death benefits for that period. Considering the holiday coming up, nothing but the utmost respect for those that have served and are serving is required. It just doesn’t seem that the respect is carried very far anymore.

  3. Lee Ann says:

    The VA has been good in some ways, and horrible in others. For a long time, far longer than this President has been on the job. On a TV program they were talking about the fact that the people doing the work in the VA are afraid to whistleblow, afraid that they can’t do their job right, its a culture of fear and “don’t rock the boat”.

    People that make the appointments look at the schedule and realize they have no open appointments for 6 months, due to the lack of medical staff. Yet they are unable to say anything, so all they can say is we will put you on the “call if we get an opening” list and try to make sure you are contacted within 14 days. But they are understaffed and nobody ever gets back to the veteran. President Obama put more money into the VA this budget, they know there were problems, but things just don’t get done right. This has been a problem since the Viet Nam war, and probably before that. I know that military hospitals during Vietnam USED to be slow and you just never seemed to get the care you needed. That was upgraded with computers, electronic records, etc. I hope they can do the same with the VA.

    The VA probably has enough money, they need more staff, more scheduling appointments and someone with enough power and control to enforce the lowering of the days it takes to get a decision on a disability. Right now its over 300 days. It should be less than 100 days.

    I hope they can get this straightened out. Our veterans should get the health care they deserve for serving this country with honor.

    • piggerguy says:

      If this is the best the govt can offer the best among us (our vets) what will govt run healthcare look like for the rest of us when obamacare has a stranglehold on our healthcare system….???

  4. Just Facts says:

    The VA has been exempt from many federal regulations that our local hospitals and clinics have to follow. This goes back as far as 1988 for sure. At the time that these regulations were implemented the government said that the VA had their own regulatory system????? This has been going on for years and through many different administrations. The VA system is a total disgrace. In early 1988 I had to finally go tell the nurses that my family member had passed away about an hour earlier. Seriously…you didn’t notice that he was dying?

    • Lee Ann says:

      I know several nurses that went to work at the VA, they were excited about it, because the VA pays better than most local health care jobs. They stay there about six months, and then leave, coming back to a lower paid position in the health care field. They must be overwhelmed or short staffed, or something. Because a good paying government job would sound great to most. But they never stay.

  5. Judy says:

    Our veterans should have the same coverage and care that congress and the president receive. It may cost taxpayers more, but isn’t that the least we can do for them?

    • Lee Ann says:

      I think the VA should give every veteran either a medicare card or a Tricare card. They can use it anywhere in the country. Use the VA as a critical care place for amputations of Vets, PTSD, medical problems they need critical care and surgery, etc. for these guys. They would come home injured and go to critical care VA centers. Then as they get better, with medical and emotional support, they can then cycle to medicare or Tricare.

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