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ACA – aka, Obamacare

Date posted - April 18, 2014

With so much controversy finding way into mainstream media these days, I offer for review and comment tonight’s post from a credible source. I ask that you review the article, along with the included talking points – please take time to review the twelve or so talking points along with the full analysis.


While I concede that some of our reading audience will find fault with the content, I simply ask that readers take time to review the overall content, and then comment on the value. I anticipate that there will be examples cited of varying individual experiences; yet, I believe it is time to confront the myths maintained and promulgated by the far-right.


Thank you for thoughtful responses.



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36 Responses to “ACA – aka, Obamacare”

  1. guest says:

    House GOP quietly passes bill to expand coverage choices under ObamaCare
    posted at 11:21 am on April 7, 2014 by Allahpundit

    Well, they tried to do it quietly. It didn’t work out.


    Originally, O-Care placed caps on deductibles in plans offered by small businesses, which meant less flexibility for employers in what they could offer their workers. That’s bad news for young and healthy employees who don’t visit the doctor much and would have preferred a plan with low premiums and a higher deductible. It’s also bad news for people who use health savings accounts to make high deductibles more affordable. So, last week, the House leadership agreed to insert a provision in the “doc fix” bill (the one that “passed” via a rigged, bogus voice vote) to eliminate the cap. Business wanted it, Democrats wanted it, the Republican leadership wanted it — but did the House GOP rank and file want it?

    Because the vote was so opaque and tainted, we’ll never know.

    “Maybe you say it helps (Obamacare), but it really helps the small businessman,” said Rep. Phil Roe, R-Tenn., one of several physician-lawmakers among Republicans and an advocate of repeal…

    It is unclear how many members of the House rank and file knew of it because the legislation was passed by a highly unusual voice vote without debate…

    Asked if the legislation strengthened the law, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said, “I would hope so. I believe that” it does. He added, “So there are changes being made. But the Republicans have to get over if they hate ‘Obamacare’ and are going to repeal it,” he added.

    Rory Cooper, a spokesman for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., said, “This is another in a series of changes to Obamacare that the House has supported to help save Americans from being harmed by the law, and we’re glad to see the President signed it into law.” Cantor was involved in negotiations on the legislation, which were overseen by Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and Reid.

    Lifting the cap is the first time the GOP’s cooperated with Democrats to make it easier for people to get coverage under O-Care. Which raises anew a question the party will be wrestling with until January 2017 (at least): If repeal is momentarily impossible, should Republicans work to improve the law to lighten the burden on Americans (“bide your time”) or should they demand that O-Care be implemented exactly as it was passed so that Americans can render a fully informed verdict on Democratic-led health care (“let it burn”)? Here’s Joel Pollak on the bide-your-time approach in October of last year, after the shutdown:

    The problem is that a member of Congress has to face his or her constituents and explain what he or she is doing to help them–not in 2017, when the only realistic possibility for repealing Obamacare will arise, but today. It would be unacceptable for Rubio or Cruz to tell their constituents that the voters have to be taught a lesson. So they have to take some kind of action to “fix” Obamacare, while still pressing for its repeal.

    And here’s DrewM in the “let it burn” camp, writing today about the GOP’s new O-Care fix:

    The whole idea behind not “fixing” ObamaCare is that in order to do the heavy lifting of repealing it you need as many people angry about it as possible. If you start pealing off repeal supporters, you’re helping eliminate pressure to actually repeal the damn thing. But let’s be honest, “repeal” is just some BS Republicans tell people to win their votes. When push comes to shove, they will tinker with it and call it a day.

    The risk in the “bide your time” approach is that the more comfortable you make O-Care for Americans, the harder it is to get people excited about repeal later. The risk in “let it burn” is that the more obstructionist you are, the easier you make it for Democrats to convince people that O-Care would be working just fine if not for Republicans blocking the necessary repairs. Which strategy is better? Back in October, defending the “defund” effort that led to the shutdown, Ted Cruz rejected the “let it burn” crowd’s proposal to get out of the way and let ObamaCare take effect in full, knowing that Republicans would only benefit from the backlash. “Basically inflict a bunch of harm on the American people and hope we benefit politically from it, what a terrible cynical approach,” said Cruz. “I’m not interested in seeing the American people suffer just because my party might benefit politically if they blame the Democrats for the foolish policies that have been imposed.” Here we are six months later and the law’s a political reality. Does that principle — ease the people’s suffering as much as you can — still hold or has the urgency to stop the law now that it’s taken root changed such that the GOP should oppose stabilizing “improvements” at all cost?

  2. Harold says:

    I would like to see a name for the person who always submits these kinds of articles that causes more liars to lye.

    • Harold says:

      I would like to see the name of the person who submits these kind, (ACA) of articles that causes more liars to lye!

      re: far right, — read Ecclesiastes 10; 2

      • guest says:

        Harold what part of the articles were a lie. I thought it was good non partisan information.

      • Lee Ann says:

        I don’t really think that any part of the Bible has anything to do with politics in this modern world. When the Bible was written, nobody knew which was right and which was left. While I respect your right to believe that this scripture was put in there, specifically so you would know which side to believe in, I don’t think it has anything to do with the topic at hand.

        • dsa says:

          To say the Bible has nothing to do with the topic at hand is frightful. It’s the word of God. The God who controls everything. I think we should be interested in what he has to say.
          Also, bear in mind that He is a merciful God who wants to direct us in the way that’s best for us.
          I have heard the political terms “right and Left” originated at the time of the French revolution. Taken from Matt. 25;32 – 46, the group that was in conscious rebellion against God named themselves the left.

          • Lee Ann says:

            I really respect your right to believe in your religion. However, the US is not a theocracy. We do not base any of our laws and rules on any religion. To be fair, if we were to do that for any laws, we’d have to do that for all the other religions out there too.

            A good example is Gov. Scott in FL signed a bill allowing prayer before high school football games. The Satanists had a demonstration in approval and support for Scott. They’re waiting for THEIR night to say the school prayer.

            The word of God is about individuals and their individual relationship with God and the Bible. The Bible is never to be used to make law. Your rights end where my rights begin.

      • TM says:

        Matthew 7 1-5

  3. Sally says:

    Forgive me for not taking the time to read, but when costs are skyrocketing and coverage is actually decreasing, nothing’s going to change my mind that this is a BAD thing!

    • guest says:

      Sally costs of medical services and insurance have gone up for years. The increase this year was par for other years. The article was about the Republicans voting to EXPAND Oamacare. The sad part is they would not use electronic voting. It was done on a voice vote so no will no who voted yes.

    • LazloTu says:

      Unfortunately, Sally, it’s sad that you and others prefer to remain uninformed while opposing that which you know so little. Please do yourself a favor by becoming a bit curious; don’t simply take up space.


    • ActualFacts says:

      For those who don’t mind reading to inform themselves, here are some actual facts: (1) The US Bureau of Labor Statistics Medical Care Consumer Price Index shows that cost increases for 2013 and 2014 ytd are significantly lower than any year since 2004. Use the link to see for yourself. (2) Health Insurance profits have skyrocketed in recent years. Here’s another link for those who can and will read.

      • The Plain Truth says:

        Others were more cautious.

        “It’s hard to say whether the 2014 rates anticipated the current age and health mix of enrollees,” analyst Richard Evans, of SSR Health, told the Journal. “Our guess is that the premiums will be too low for the issuers to earn a sustainable margin.”

        Some Republican lawmakers pointed out that the CBO didn’t say premiums would decrease.

        “‘Lower than expected’ is still not the same as ‘lower,'” said Don Stewart, deputy chief of staff for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. “Costs and premiums are still going up.”

        “The savings come about mostly because insurance companies have redesigned plans on the government-run exchanges to shave costs, narrowing networks of doctors and lowering reimbursement rates, The Journal noted.”

        • ActualFacts says:

          Exactly – Premiums are higher, not costs.

          • ActualFacts says:

            Or a more correct way to put it is that premiums increased by a greater percentage than the costs increased. This has gone on for many years, long before Obamacare. We have maybe the most dysfunctional system in the industrialized world. There are many examples of better systems currently working in other countries, yet we can’t seem to stop defending our inept system. Obamacare, by the way keeps most of bad parts our health system and fails to implement most of the good parts of other systems.

  4. Lee Ann says:

    I think the ACA is a good idea. I believe that health care is just like food or a roof over your head, in a country as exceptional as this, we shouldn’t be the only industrialized country that has no universal health care.

    Huffington Post is one of my favorite sites to read. But a lot of our conservative friends will blast it because it is a liberal media paper.

    Here’s a more center of the road, pro and con site about health care reform, its pretty interesting. It doesn’t list all the good or bad, it also lists the debatable ideas. is another good one about the ACA.

    • Scott says:

      Lee Ann,

      The thing that gets me about the ACA is that it would’ve cost in the hundreds of billions to just subsidize the uninsured and be done with it. Instead, we’ve spent trillions already with many more trillions to follow, and for what? Many more people have lost their health coverage than have bought insurance on the exchanges. Further, the President outright lied about being able to keep the insurance and Doctor you already have if you like them. He also lied about costs going down for average families. This is the most poorly run disaster of a social program ever forced on Americans.

      No matter what your party affiliation, one thing we can (hopefully) all agree on is that the current level of entitlements in this country WILL bankrupt us. The only question is: when? I fully support the government being a provider of a short term safety net for those less fortunate, or for those whom have fallen on hard times. However, many social programs have far exceeded the reach of what they were originally intended to do.

      The debt we’re handing off to our kids and many generations that follow them is horrific. Honestly, unless government gets spending under control NOW, the chances of us getting out from under that debt is impossible. With the new entitlements and extensions of others under this administration, sadly, our debt won’t be going down anytime soon.

  5. Free Man says:

    I liked this from the link to the Huffpo article touting what a success Obamacare is;

    The Obama administration hasn’t yet released a breakdown of the enrollment figures that would allow for a full analysis of the first year of sign-ups through the exchange marketplaces.

    The 8 million figure touted by the president Thursday doesn’t include what likely is millions of consumers who purchased plans directly from health insurance companies or through a private agent or broker.

    Those policyholders are as important to the insurance systems in each state as those who signed up via an exchange because their medical costs will be pooled together, which will determine how much premiums will rise next year. According to a Gallup poll, this segment of the market disproportionately avoided the exchanges and obtained coverage directly from an insurer, a finding supported by previous data released by eHealth, an online insurance broker.

    The latest numbers also don’t fully account for the effects of the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of Medicaid to more low-income people, which 26 states and the District of Columbia adopted. Between October and February, total enrollment in those programs increased by 3 million people, according to the White House. The number may increase, however, as federal and state authorities sort through incomplete and stalled enrollments in these programs.

    How about these;

    When MSNBC is This Hard on the White House for Cooking the ObamaCare Books, You Know Something’s Up

    How do you get from 5 million Obamacare enrollees to 7.1 million Obamacare enrollees in two weeks?
    You start the applications yourself.

    Health and Human Services was mailing out letters notifying certain Americans that they had already started a healthcare coverage application on their behalf.
    HHS had started the applications for them.

    ObamaCare Defender Forced to Try ObamaCare says, “I Feel Like a Dupe”.

    Employers Say Obamacare Will Cost Them $5,000 More Per Employee
    Businesses reveal in confidential survey that Obamacare will add up to $200 million in costs


    “If you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan, PERIOD.” Well, I like my plan but I will not be able to keep my plan because of Obamacare.

    “If you like your Dr. you can keep your Dr.”

    A Thursday Huffington Post article highlighting Obamacare victims is causing quite a stir on the left.

    The piece, titled “How Obamacare Leaves Some People Without Doctors,” breaks from the Huffington Post’s usual embrace of Obamacare and features the voices of Covered California customers who are already dissatisfied with the health insurance they bought through the Covered California exchange.

    “My insurance is pretty useless,” 35-year-old new Los Angeles mother Ruth Iorio told HuffPo. “I don’t know what to do. I may just drop it for myself and keep my son on it. It’s really depressing.”

    Iorio says her Obamacare plan is worthless because after over a dozen calls, she still cannot find doctors who accept her Obamacare plan who are also practicing in a hospital that accepts her coverage. Prior to buying through the California Obamacare exchange Iorio had an individual Blue Shield plan that cost less and covered a wide array of doctors and hospitals. Iorio’s plan is so bad that after giving birth to her son she learned her Obamacare plan did not cover her UCLA ob-gyn, forcing her to pay out of pocket.

    Washington Post gives Obama’s health care promise four pinocchios

    • LazloTu says:

      Freeman: Again you still reach for anything to make your case against the ACA. You still rely on ultra-conservative information and worn out cliché to avoid the reality that the ACA is here to stay.

      Why not ‘contribute’ something useful to improve’ the ACA instead of following the party line by wastefully attempting to repeal it 40+ times. The GopTp yet wastes taxpayer time and money by continually trying the same tactics that fail every time.

      You have the right to oppose the ACA, but lies from the ‘right’ will not change reality, despite your hope. Time to be part of the solution…….


  6. ticked off says:

    ACA is crap! I went from a $600 deductible to $2000 and the price doubled..if I have a medical problem that needs surgery, I don’t have the money to pay it off.. it will take me forever.

    • Free Man says:

      Thank you for your first hand experience Ticked Off.

      So far the personal experiences with Obamacare are Ticked Off with higher deductibles and a doubled premium, and myself with a health care plan I like but will be forced out of because it does not cover Ob/Gyn and a host of other coverages I neither want or need.

      I do expect Paul to come back and say how much he likes his Obamacare plan, as it is Peter who is forced to subsidize it for him.

      • Lee Ann says:

        I’m an example of the ACA. I was paying over 800 a month for a health plan through Sanford Health, because I had worked there for many years. I got a health insurance plan for 516 a month, with the same deductible and same out of pocket costs. Of course, I won’t be on it for long , as I will soon qualify for medicare, since Iam on disability. But I’m happy with this policy.

    • Free Man says:

      Ticked Off, your premiums went up because they are needed to keep the prices lower for the older folks signing up for Obamacare. It is the younger, healthier individuals who will be paying more than free market premiums that will be used to keep the premiums down for the older folks who are enrolling. This is just one way Obamacare subsidizes the older folks who use more health care services. It is redistribution from the young to the old.

    • TM says:

      ticked off can i ask you a few question.
      1. was you old policy catastrofic only
      2. dose you new policy meat all ACA requirements.

      If you answered yes to both of these then yes you have to pay more you are getting better coverage. I find that many people who complain about paying more for heath care are skipping the fack they have much better coverage. My preamums went up to big dael everything gose up gas, postage, bacon, and my blood pressure. The only thing not going up is my wage. But thats a different story. one other thing if you need surgery the ACA will cover alot more then your old policy. Other wise you did a fine job expessing yourself.

  7. Rick says:

    I have cancer. I had a great insurance plan but now it has changed due to Obama care.
    I know pay 3 times what I use to because of this CRAP! Health care cost in some areas may have gone down a little but premiums and out of pockets have sky rocketed. My health care provider indicates that this due to Obama care and all the regulations associated with it. I’m also losing my chief surgeon/doctor due to Obama care and now I just found out I’m losing my nephrologists as well! Both say they can’t take the train wreck that is approaching. They indicated it isn’t about providing quality care anymore. Both these guys saved my life … at least so far!!!! Say what you want, it’s more out of pocket due to the rise in premiums and deductibles, and both the existing tax increases and the upcoming taxes. Remember a lot of this law has been delayed and the worst is yet to come. Again.. say what you want and think what you want until you are affected by it you just might think otherwise, that is unless your one that gets everything subsidized! If there were so many uninsured.. everywhere from 10 to 30 million we have been told then why weren’t they the first to sign up?!? Why all the changes and delays for something so good? Why are those libs that forced this down our throats getting subsidized by this as well. No republicans/independents voted for this thing! What the H— is going on here?!?! Just wait until it hits you! Just wait!!!

  8. Rick Hollander says:

    Sorry if I had some misspellings or bad grammar but I am furious at what this anti-Christ has done to me!
    Here are a few other thoughts I have:
    1. We are advised to not judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics. Funny how that works.
    2. Seems we constantly hear about how Social security is going to run out of money. How come we never hear about Welfare running out of money? What’s interesting is the first group “worked for” their money, but the second didn’t!

    Our country is going downhill fast and I feel so sorry for my grandkids! It’s shameful! This “experiment is F’in over .. at least it should be!!!!!!

    To all the others .. show your name!!!!

  9. Free Man says:

    “When the president said in his first inaugural address that middle-income Americans “will not see your taxes increased a single dime,” most still believed in his supreme powers to solve the nation’s toughest problems, including health reform, that had so thwarted his predecessors.”

    “We now know that the total hit to the U.S. economy from Obamacare will be more than $1 trillion over the next decade, nearly double the $569 billion that Congress’ Joint Committee on Taxation estimated for its first ten years when the law passed in 2010.”

    • guest says:

      Of course taxes went up.Remember the tax break that Bush gave us. He cut taxes started a war and spent more money than we knew about. We are now and will continue to pay for the tax cuts and war for generations. The debt may have balloned under Obama but the cause was Bush.

  10. Free Man says:

    “More ObamaCare Problems: Kaiser Reports Employers To Dump Workers”

    • LazloTu says:

      Amazing; you manage to come up with the most ultra-con sites among your ultra-con cadre. I realize you are one of the ‘well-armed’ among your haters of democracy; may you find your just desserts. :)

  11. Free Man says:

    “California Obamacare patients are finding it more affordable to drive to Tijuana, Mexico for health care treatment than to use their high-deductible Obamacare plans.”

  12. Free Man says:

    “Confirmed: Many of Obamacare’s ‘Eight Million Enrollments’ are Duplicates”

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