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Date posted - April 3, 2014

Having read the article concerning new amenities downtown, I can only shake my head. Another $30,000 thrown down the drain! Really!? Where’s the money come from to place 23 planters with trees (which I understand why there is a need for only one trash receptacle because these planters will become trash receptacles). How much do we pay someone to water plants? Will they water the trees planted as well? The trees planted years ago in the parking lot didn’t make it because they need a root system or constant watering. Now another committee meeting! Come’on Council step up and say “Not now”. Frustrated

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25 Responses to “Amenities”

  1. WP says:

    Commenting in this forum is fine but if you really feel this project is a waste of money volunteer to be on the committee and let your voice be heard.


    • Frustrated says:

      Pretty sure those committees are hand-picked with people who love to say yes when they’re spending tax-payer dollars to “beautify” a downtown they may not even utilize. Doubt they want 60+ people’s comments. You’re right about a forum and I thank this site for the opportunity to let my voice be heard. Frustrated

    • Rainbow says:

      Just wondering if downtown is all spruced up if it really is going to improve shopping down town, it makes no difference as I see it. Look at Sibley, streets are attractive with flowers and yet there is many empty store fronts and business for sale. I personally feel product selection and fair prices for shopping downtown is the key. Bump outs on are pain, one time when it was snowing I was downtown to go to Benfrankin store, I went to park along a bump out and could not determine where it was, drove right on it! had to back up and try again, still caught the edge , said the heck with it and went in left in less then 10 minutes.

      • Concerned says:

        Agreed! The bump outs are a pain. I was sitting at a corner once and about got hit by a truck turning. Too narrow of a space.
        Just because it looks nice, doesn’t mean people will go there to shop. Did it change the prices? No

        • Bob says:

          I have to agree. I live out of town and came to town to do some shopping-the downtown project/remodel is terrible. The bump out causes so much headache. You can’t even hardly maneuver 2 cars down town. Terrible, but that’s just my opinion. It was a total turn off. Haven’t been there to shop since. Had to drive around the block numerous times to even get where I needed to be. Awful. Awful. Awful.

          • Actual Bob says:

            It appears my original alias has been hijacked. I actually support the pedestrian-friendly feel of a downtown. A city center (downtown) is not intended to be a major thoroughfare even in a small town.

            The downtown should make you want to slow down and explore the amenities available. I think a beautification project is a nice addition to what has been established, but I think it should be community-driven, not city council-driven.

            Why not bring back the ol’ marigolds? :)

    • Robert says:

      Planters and trees won’t bring people downtown, but free hotdogs will. Spend the additional $30,000 on hotdogs. Cook them and they will come….by the masses.

    • willy pedro says:

      this WP is NOT WILLY PEDRO!

  2. Ashshade says:

    They could have just let it get more run down and trashy looking. Something had to be done it looked bad.

  3. Jon says:

    You’re right. We don’t need nice things. I think that in a small town, we ought to take some pride an initiative for the town to look good. Now, perhaps the best way to go about this beautification would be to ask community organizations to step up to volunteer and take some initiative to have some pride in the community. But, we all seem to have plenty of time to complain about everything and tell people what they’re doing wrong. We’re all wonderful critics, but when it comes down to it, maybe our time is better spent making this world and this community a better place. I’m frustrated too, with this constant need to complain about everything.

    Also, to Bob, though I understand some of the frustration, the goal of the bump-outs is to make the crosswalks more pedestrian friendly and to slow traffic down. In addition, the city made the decision to insert more angled parking. However, in order to accommodate all those things, the roads were greatly narrowed at the intersections (perhaps too much). Drivers actually have to slow down and pay attention to what is going on.

    • HAPPY says:

      Jon, you’ve got it right! I appreciate all the time and effort that the people that lead our community put in for the betterment of our community. Also appreciate the people who serve on committees and the volunteers.

      Also if driving downtown is to challenging for some peoples driving skills they might consider walking.

  4. up north gal says:

    All the years I worked downtown I never had a dangerous moment at a crosswalk (speeding or dangerous drivers) hence no need for bump outs. As for the angle parking, it is very dangerous and limits visibility when backing out. One has to back out blind and hope if someone is coming from either direction they will let you back out.

  5. Clover says:

    Even though I don’t live in Sheldon now, I did for several years and had hoped to return someday. I use this site to keep up with the Sheldon news. I had a chance to go to Sheldon this weekend and could not believe how bad the “bump out” situation really is. I happened to be driving a long box crew cab pickup and found it difficult to make corners without riding over the curb. Heaven forbid another car was in the intersection at the same time. Now people want to spend money to add amenities to the down town, I suggest any available money be spent to call a bulldozer and have these ridicules things removed. My wife likes to shop downtown, especially Ben Franklin, but she will have to find another way to get there.

    • Bob says:

      This is quite the sob story…

      • Clover says:

        Bob, I am sorry my comments sounded like a sob story, you have my apologies. I would also like to thank you for the well thought out and considered response.

    • Fisher40 says:

      First, do any of you know why the bump outs are there, it is because the government says they have to be there. There is no choice in the matter. Second, all of you complain about every little thing there is in the community, and then wonder why we don’t grow, and get new businesses. There are a lot of people from other communities that like to shop in Sheldon, and they think it is great. Appreciate what we have in Sheldon and if everyone would support the town, then we would grow in business and number of residence. Now it takes a lot of money, a lot of sweat, a lot of grief to get a new business started, and a lot of hours a day, to make it happen, and with the community support, they will be able to make it, but with negatism, it will not make it.
      It takes time to turn around the trends and gent things growing, and get things fixed up. I think the city is on the right track, so let’s complain a lot less, and praise a lot more.

      • BEBE says:

        A hear a little bashing again about Sheldon. In my opinion if some of the people that spend their time doing so much bashing and being negative nelly’s all the time were actually showing up to the counsel meetings and voicing their opinions, thinking of ideas, being positive influences on the town of Sheldon and the youth that would be appreciated. We do NEED trash cans….the problem is some parent’s do NOT teach their children respect and manners so that is how we get trash thrown in the flower containers and not in the trash can which is maybe only 5 feet apart. (heck this includes some adults as well) Set the example…..the youth learn by example best.
        And well said Fisher40 agree.

    • HAPPY says:

      If we all need something to complain about I would complain about the huge long box crew cab pickups. Our small town main streets were never meant to accommodate these and other large vehicles for parking. We have parking lots were there is lots of room for these vehicles. One right behind Ben Franklin, they have a wonderful back door entry. Another nice parking lot by the community building, only one block from Ben Franklin. Another great parking area in by Prairie Queen Bakery. We have lots of options. I guess we need to remember that everything is not centered to be all about ME and my needs but that the best decisions have to accommodate lots of people, some who actually benefit from the bump outs.

  6. biker says:

    Committee’s being hand picked ……….yes I beleive so. Look whose on these committee’s, bankers, insurance people, business owners, others who are in the position to leave a job to go speak at or attend a meeting during the day. Usually these are the ones that like to be heard. They may be 2nd or 3rd generation business owners whose business in on cruise control and they need to fill the void. These are also the people that think they know what is best in regards to you and your tax money. Picking out lighting for downtown, trees, flowers, pickiing up trash, the list goes on. You may say well then sir/mam go volunteer your time. I have asked a few times I would love to be involved in X project, well i was told I didn’t meet all the critera for such a committee due to the mentioned above “whose whose”. The bumpouts, there in concrete and going to stay. I have rode over the one by His n Her Hair a few times now when leaving after my hair appointment. Oh well, deal with I guess. The flowers, trees, benches, pots, go for it. Add some color. Only thing I can say it keep that business in town if at all possible. Someone wants to volunter there time, go water the flowers throughout the year. I cant see getting paid for that………unless a city employee does it. Over all appearance is better than before but lets continue with holding sheldon to a higher standard.

    • Fisherman says:

      Who do you think pay the most taxes, put in the most hours working, and have the most to lose, the businessperson. And there is no such thing as a business on cruise control, not to mention the worry and regulations and fees.

  7. Tim says:

    Great to be back in Sheldon, the downtown ‘parking’ situation is interesting to say the least, not sure about those so called ‘bump outs’ yet, not sure how delivery trucks make those corners, and parking a small vehicle next to alarge one at an angle…well you back out blind. I do think the highway thru town looks great and should work great. I have seen many many cities and towns with that same arrangement, with the turning lane. However, if the state or whomever is in charge wants it to work like it is supposed to, they need to paint the markings on the road, and keep them visible! Turning on some corners, especially at the Hardees corner you can’t even find the lanes. Some one please inform those in charge to mark them!

  8. Diamond lu says:

    Growing up,learned a very good lesson,”Who ever Complains at Supper get’s to be the new Cook.”
    Why don’t you Forget all the Screen time and Volunteer to Take Care of “Said Trees”So, there,Can whine now Can Ya!

    • Frustrated says:

      Well,thought by now there would be a response to where the $30,000 was coming from for amenities ,but no, instead we got all the wise ones who say volunteer – volunteer. I for one work all day and appreciate every dollar I have give back to government to be spent wisely. We know that doesn’t happen on the federal level but at least we have a say locally by forums like this. To the committee: how about restroom facilities downtown? Maybe in the new area or on the vacant lot next to the Ia Information Bldg. $30000 might go along ways even to upgrading the facilities at the local park.

  9. meets says:

    Yes it seems like alot of money $30k to spend on flowers ( which maybe should be itemized) soil, water, flower pots which I understand are to be made out of concrete, some benches, trash cans, etc. But things cost money. Now everything here is expendible….we’ll need to replace flowers yearly – they just die off. Simple. The planters, benches etc I assume will last 10,15,20 years. So so $20k for these items, over 10 year life – Thats $2000 a year, $166 a month. Ok they last 15 years..Thats $1333 a year or $111 a month. I assume there are accounting proceeders for the city, there is “eye appeal” for the city. It is a welcoming place to be with some color. If people want to volunteer time ..that is fine…go for it. But I like many of you have a job. I put in 60-85 any giving week so dont plan on me helping!! But we need to look at the big picture here. The downtown project is near total completation….lets finish it off. Have any of you, I have not, attended council meetings? I am sure there are a few things the city will be working on this year……as in bathrooms, hills park, etc. Not everything is always brought up at a meeting. I also beleive the sheldon mail stated where this money will come from…..that is if you have the time to read a paper. Its easy to complain………but seriously for sheldon to grow we need to work together as a community……betterment for me or you but lets think of our children, grand children etc. Community support is this town is seriously lacking i beleive that something starts now.

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