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Are North Korea’s threats to be taken seriously?

Date posted - April 1, 2013

What can their 28 years old leader Kim Jong-un hope to accomplish?  He has to know any attack on South Korea or the U.S. will result in the destruction of their military and unfortunately some civilians.  In the south an attack would also in all probability destroy Seoul while killing U.S. and Korean troops.

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23 Responses to “Are North Korea’s threats to be taken seriously?”

  1. Lee Ann says:

    I don’t know. From what I have read, he doesn’t have the majority of popularity that his father had. So he is basically alone, with no loyalty around him. Some say that he is spouting all of this scarey stuff in hopes of getting the backing of his Army and the people. Even if that’s what he is doing, he isn’t in familiar territory, and one bad mistake and he can be sitting in the middle of a sandlot volley ball court, with all of the misery that would entail.

    The people in NK deserve more than they are getting. And have also heard that after spouting all of this scarey stuff, he is hoping that if he gives in to the grand bargain of six countries, that he will have better leverage to get what he wants for his country and his people. I’m just hoping its one of these two ideas, and he is merely being “The Mouse that Roared.”

    NK is pretty good friends with Iran. And thankfully we don’t have a President McCain, because he would have started something with both Iran and North Korea. Fingers crossed that NK is just trying to be tough.

    • Aaron says:

      Awww man!
      You were doing so good, but then you had to add a little something politically divisive that has nothing to do with your point or the original question.

      I really thought you had a good thing going here. Guess not.

      • Lee Ann says:

        How many people saw Sen. McCain singing, “Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.”?? Sen. McCain acts like he lost one war, and he is darn sure not going to lose another. That is what I was referencing. I actually used to like McCain..

        • Old ORAB says:

          Ms. Lee Ann I’m not saying this to disrespect you; promise. Strategists and historians can argue that Vietnam is a very long campaign in a war against Communism. The true definition of a campaign is a series of battles. The fall of the Berlin Wall and the implosion of the Soviet Union indicate the U.S. achieved victory. A very expensive victory in many ways. Vietnam was the U.S. resolve to prevent a “Dominoe Effect.” The campaign wasn’t what we had planned. The end result is the same. The flag of the Soviet Union is found only in history books. The achieved objectives suggest that the U.S. fought a war for four decades and won.

          • Old ORAB says:

            I forgot to state my point. Based upon the fact that the Soviet Union crumbled; Sen McCain didn’t lose a War. Our Vietnam Veterans got the job done. History is a strange, amazing creature.

          • Old ORAB says:

            One person disagreed. That’s OK. The education system can’t reach everyone! I feel sorry for the poor soul.

          • Lee Ann says:

            Geez, I wasn’t talking about Vietnam as a victory or a loss. I was talking about McCain personally who feels deep anger about Vietnam. I’m only saying that McCain himself feels anger over the war personally. Perhaps if I’d been a POW I’d feel the same. But I feel that McCain personally wants to fight a war, any war to finally feel like he has won one.

            I have no issue with Vietnam World War I and II, etc. I was merely discussing McCain’s actions and the way he says things.

    • Tim says:

      Ok…Heaven forbid the dictator who is really actually crazy, doesn’t start something, However, LeeAnn you said “thankfully we don’t have McCain, (a republican) in office”. But What do you think Obama should do if this crazy lunatic actually throws a bomb on americans? You say you know what a republican would do, now tell me what Obama will do.

  2. Ashshade says:

    Kim Un is a little kid. “I’m going to blow you up”, “Oh your going to give me something, ok I won’t blow you up”.

    Someday he is going to ask for too much, not get it, have a little tantrum, and send an A-bomb our way. We will shoot it down, send a couple of ours his way, and turn best korea into a glass parking lot.

  3. Robert Keller says:

    I think South Korea can take care of itself. When I was there, Seoul had anti aircraft guns on downtown street corners, and Osan Air Force Base was camouflaged, including brown and green paint on the streets, around buildings and on buildings.

  4. Lee Ann says:

    Tim, I believe that anyone that has acquired the job of POTUS would be willing to protect this country and react forcefully if attacked.

    John F. Kennedy was in office during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and it was close to war. All of his Chiefs of Staff, all of his counselors said bomb Cuba, get rid of those missiles. And he didn’t listen to them. He told the Soviets if they didn’t get their missiles out of there, we would bomb them. Kennedy’s people were horrified that he was giving them an out. Kennedy said, “I learned a long time ago, to always leave a way out.” The Soviets removed all of those missiles.

    What would Obama do? He would do whatever needed to protect this country and protect us AND Israel from any missiles from anywhere.

    I don’t mind if you don’t like Obama and do not like his policies. What I do not like is basing your dislike on lies and fabrications.

    • Tim says:

      JFK is still on the top of my list as my all time looked up to presidents. Yes he was a Demacrat, yes his morality was a little skewed, but I personally held him as president as one I felt did his job. Just me. The Cuban Missile Crisis you relate to was exactly one reason. You know I don’t like Obama, but I feel, my dislike is not based on lies and fabrications I have heard about him, it is more based on lies and fabrications FROM him. You make it clear you don’t like Bush and the Republicans, for many reasons, one being the war we entered into during his administration. Yet, here you go and say you support Obama if he would enter into a conflict to protect the USA. Wasn’t that Bush’s administrations dilema at the time also?

      • Lee Ann says:

        I think the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Iraq war are two totally separate situations. The Soviets were definitely a threat, and JFK was smart enough to know that you give someone room to back out so you don’t force their hand. The Iraq War was based on lies that the Administration tried to find anything at all that they could use on Hussein. A good example is those long tubes, that the US said were tubes to use in making yellow cake. It was told long ago that those tubes were not strong enough and would never work. The UN observers had seen those tubes before. But the Bush Admin said that those were pipes for making yellow cake. There were several of these type of facts that were made to fit, instead of fitting naturally. The book,”Hubris” by David Corn and Michael Issakoff detail all of the facts that they used to explain this war. There is a difference between protecting one’s country from someone like Kim Jung Un, and making up a big story out of separate facts that do not add up to the truth. I am sure Obama will protect Israel from Iran. If it all hits the fan, we will be helping Israel. Same with NK against SK. Any President would.

        We agree on one thing. I also think highly of JFK. he had a lot of health problems, some marital difficulties, but he was still a great President. I bet we agree on a lot of things. Just not the interesting stories on here. lol.

        • Murray says:

          I too liked Kennedy. But just imagine, what if his career had played out in the days of the social media we enjoy today.

  5. Old ORAB says:

    The people of the DPRK are trained at birth to worship the Kim family. Americans struggle with the idea that Kim Jung Un is worshipped like a God. The chilling reality is that the citizens of North Korea do consider him a deity. The DPRK has a military first philosophy that is embraced by the people. The nation is literally starving and they believe it’s their “God’s” will. The nation has over twenty concentration camps. One camp near Sunchon is approximately sixty-two square kilometers in size. The government enforces a three generation policy for political crimes. The crimes of your Grandfather will enforced upon your children. Children are raised and die in these camps. The “free” children of the DPRK currently have stunted growth due to malnutrition. They’ve now defied the UN three times; we’ve done nothing. They’ve successfully orbited a satellite at approx. 500 miles above the Earth. A nuclear detonation at 500 miles above the U.S. would result in an EMP. We’d receive no fall out. The effects of the EMP would be anything with a circuit board “FRIED.” The U.S. would be crippled. The best case scenario is that the Reactors don’t go into melt down and the power is restored in 6 months. The worst case is that our reactors can’t control the fission and power isn’t restored for three years. Notice I said everything with a circuit board. That includes Trains, Planes, Cars, Phones… You don’t have to take my word for it. Research it yourself. I’m a Veteran. I hate War. Unfortunately I don’t see diplomacy as a successful solution. I don’t want my children to endure this suffering. I don’t want North Korean children to suffer. If we remove the ruling class perhaps we can usher forth a brighter future for the DPRK and save our future. I wish another way existed.

  6. Jay says:

    Personally, I don’t find them to be a serious threat, although I don’t think it’s wise to take our eyes off them just yet.

    It’s a suicide mission to send a nuclear weapon over to the US. I have a strong feeling that we don’t even know the extent of what our Defense has for means in protecting us. I have absolutely no worries about North Korea because A.) They are far enough away that we would see whatever they send B.) I doubt they have the technology/weapons for this and C.) I’m sure we have missiles pointing in every corner of their country.

    My only problem is this… if for some strange reason they hit the US (even if it’s Alaska or a military base), I’m afraid of sending a nuclear weapon back. Not only could this start a nuclear war, but the fallout might harm our allies, the South. Unfortunately, North Korea is so small that it’s almost inevitable that it would harm the South in some way… maybe even China as well.

    I do however think something needs to be done to save those poor citizens from destruction. I heard the hacker group Anonymous successfully hacked into North Korea servers via Chinese servers and warned them of deleting their hard drives and alerted NK that they were in their computers. I’m not good with computer hacking technology terms… but… it’s kind of funny how stupid the North Korean government is.

    Also.. am I the only one who laughed when North Korea freaked out because our stealth bomber just happened to be spotted flying over South Korea?

  7. Lee Ann says:

    Just watched Chris Hayes new show. And there was a section on North Korea and fear mongering. This one woman is a Korean woman that has a doctorate in Korean Politics etc. And she says that although she almost wishes to have Kim Jung Un’s father back, she says that since the 1950s, the NK dictator brings up bombs, wars, etc. and they get something from the US and their allies. They talk about war, and the allies all sit down at the table, so the N Koreans can storm out. She says that President Obama is doing very well, because he is refusing to give in. He is outwardly (maybe not secretly) ignoring him. And that is a new way to do things, and Kim Jung Un does not know how to react. And she said one thing that was very reassuring, “North Korea may have tested missiles, etc. but one thing they are not, they are not stupid. And they know exactly what would happen to them if they became aggressive. So they will always stop short of being physically aggressive. One bomb lands on our Allies, North Korea knows exactly what will happen. And they are definitely smart enough to know the results. ” Kind of reassuring.

  8. Robert Keller says:

    Hopefully, unlike in Iraq, the United States would not act if we were attacked in the south, unless it was a full scale invasion. Secrecy is a better way to deal with this situation than to retaliate and be the aggressor on the world stage, which is a personal contradiction as I could not care at all what is perceived of us with exception of American servicepeople being in harm’s way. I don’t think this lady knows how the U.S. will react to being attacked? If I don’t, how could she? I do know that it was a different mindset over there. When I was on a civilian bus going from Osan AFB to Seoul, a middle aged to elderly lady got up so I, an American serviceman could have her seat, which I refused and we both ended up standing and the seat remained empty. I was in civilian clothes also.

  9. Harriet Oleson says:

    Back in Walnut Grove when Willie threatened Nellie, Nels would drop the bomb. That generally nipped it in the bud

  10. Mom of 3 says:

    Don’t you people have jobs?

  11. Tim says:

    Why are we forgetting the one person who has the utmost respect for this little snot nose dictator. He has already told the President what to do. Our ambassador of peace….Dennis Rodman. Remember, he said all the little man wants is to have Obama call him…what will they discuss, an ‘air ball’.

    • Jay says:


      I hate how stupid Dennis Rodman made himself out to be. Doesn’t he realize that he basically went there to ENTERTAIN the North Koreans/Kim? He doesn’t what to be your friend. The worst part is I imagine Kim probably told his country something like “look! All these Americans want to come to North Korea and entertain us and be with us” to convince their citizens that Americans are really that terrible and NK is everything.

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