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Bad Dog? Bad Owner…

Date posted - January 23, 2013

Once again …on my way to work I get the privilege of witnessing many Sheldon residents using our cemeteries for a drop point for their dog’s waste. I cannot for the life of me, understand why people feel that it is o.k. to allow their pets to discard in our cemetery’s. (where so many of our local loved ones have been laid to rest.) If they feel it’s not o.k for their pets to destroy their own property with the waste then how, with any kind of moral conscience at all, would they feel it was o.k to use the cemetery? Dog’s urine is very acidic & a repeat of use on plant life will eventually kill it …so it’s not just the fecal material that will cause a problem for the cemetery over time. Many other cemetery’s have signs posted at the entrance “No Pets Allowed”!
There is nothing worse than in the early spring, heading into the cemetery to place flowers on a loved one’s grave, to see piles all over left from dog use in the winter months & brown patches all over the grass. We all know that dogs mark their spots & tend to go back to the same areas. I am a dog owner myself & I certainly would not allow my dog to do his deed any place other than my own backyard. Our dog is on a 15ft tie-down which gives him a large enough area to take care of business. We can than take care of this small area in the early spring & use heavy fertilizer & treat the confined area in our yard. People walk their dogs off of a leash & think nothing of them urinating on people’s yards & bushes close to their house. If I didn’t care about that, than my own dog would be allowed to use any part of my yard! In this day & age, there are so many people so readily pointing their fingers at how others live their lives & these are the some of the same people using the cemetery with their dogs everyday!


–Disgusted Dog Owner

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20 Responses to “Bad Dog? Bad Owner…”

  1. Jr says:

    I agree…my jogging route took me by the north side of the Elementary school and there was a guy across the road that let his dog take a crap on the school grass then he would just leave it….REALLY…there is kids playing there..some people have no respect.

  2. biker says:

    I would agree. Used to have a dogs. But after passing away my wife decided to not get one this time and enjoy all the neighbors dogs. I enjoy them, they love me as they say I am just natural dog lover. But the flip side is I have a nice landcape, where do these big dogs to pee – my bushes, so now I don’t pet them unless they run over here and I catch them in the act. The neighbors think nothing off it. My other neighbor has a nice place and a little dog – where do they walk it, along everyone’s property line. Although little poo but it soon becomes alot of poo.

    Respect. If parents do it, children see it. Kinda like monkey see monkey do!

  3. yard man says:

    Have same issue with my neighbor..Tried talking but that didnt work. So now When I find a present the animal left, I get a scoop and scoop it up and give it a toss back to the yard next door. I have even left it right by their door. And guess what, this past summer I didnt have any issues.. If I want dog poop on my yard I will get my own dog..

  4. Lee Ann says:

    I have two dogs, they are inside a fence. If I take them for a walk, I also have a few plastic bags from Hyvee in my pocket. I clean up my backyard once or twice a week. But certain neighbors of mine leave dog poo in my front yard or the far back area near the alley. Once I was outside and I noticed his dog going in my yard and he actually picked it up with a bag. But i’ve seen out of windows in the house, that if nobody is around, he doesn’t pick it up. Is just common courtesy to pick up after your pets.

  5. Ashshade says:

    It’s just organic fertilizer. Better than the chemical stuff – right? No cancer – right?

    • yard man says:

      Yea it is. But I really dont want to walk in my own yard and step in dog crap. I will bag it up and drop it off on your yard.

      • chris says:

        so be it theres a turd in your yard. If that is the only thing that concerns you this country is in trouble. Like ashshade said it is not HARMFUL chemicals atleast. And it aint a big deal if you step on a dog turd every once in awhile. moral of the story GET OVER IT.

        • Looks like you missed the majority of the point being made here. The main focus was the cemetery…a once considered sacred & respected ground. A point well made however with what’s wrong with our country! In case you haven’t watched the news, Fox or CNN lately, or for that matter Bill O’Reilly…the country is in big trouble & has been for quite sometime. The majority, now adays, seem to care about what is best for the “ME” mentality & that it must also be what’s best for the country. Well, what is best for those being called out here appears to be, not having crap or urine in their own yard, but instead, by a deceased spouse, parent, sibling, best friend etc…one can assume that the intellectual moral here is applied to all other aspects of their lives…so as you can see…it’s not just about a “turd”!

        • yard man says:

          So you would be ok to have kids playing in your yard. And not have a dog, but have them fall and roll around in someone elses dog crap?? Or walking thru cemetary at a funeral with your best shoes and step in it???
          Plain and simple, if you have a dog, cleanup after it. But I guess you would rather take your pet to some elses property or cemetery so you dont have to clean it up.

          • chris says:

            Big deal if you step in a turd. Its not like if you step in it that you have to throgh your shoes away. Plain and simple yard man there is bigger things in this world to worry about than a dog poop in your yard or a cementary. just get over it

      • Ashshade says:

        That’s fine, it will blend right in with the deer, coon, opossum, fox, mouse, bird, rabbit, cat, horse, and cow crap that is already in my yard. Well the cows have not been in my yard yet but the time will come when the gate gets left open and they find their own way.

        • Sam says:

          It is never ok to harm, destroy, desecrate property; whether it be our own or someone elses. What is wrong with people? Are we so inconsiderate and calous that we can’t see what we are doing to our own community? When we were small we were taught to clean our rooms, our houses and our lawns, don’t leave toys on the neighbor’s lawns and to clean up after ourselves. Now as I read these posts, it is apparent that there are adults that think it is perfectly fine to leave messes on property that may or may not belong to us. Animal waste does harm lawns, shrubs and flowers. Take some responsiblilty and do the right thing – clean up your pets’ messes.

          • Harriet Oleson says:

            In Walnut Grove we generally don’t get that worked up over little things like this. We realize that every animal deficates – Its God’s way. Rabbits, Raccoons, opossum, mice, birds, deer, fox, skunks(and they can really ruin your day), snakes, you name it. Should we oust all wildlife from the cemetery. I for one would welcome a dog in the cemetery when I am six feet under – I’m sure it would help to break the monotony of the endless days – in fact I think a smile will crease my lips when one poops near my gravesite!!!!

  6. Luvmybigdog says:

    As an owner of two dogs, I was always under the assumption, unless its on your own property, pick up after your dogs! Quick and simple!!! A cemetery should be no different than someone’s yard! And yes a little more respect even more being the place loved ones are laid to rest! It’s a respect thing!! I don’t want to step in a pile of dog crap, wherever it may be! It’s quick and simple, just pick up after your dog! It’s almost like peeing in a pool. I don’t swim in your toilet, so don’t pee in the pool!

    • chris says:

      well all you out there that are afraid of a dog pooping in the cemetary what about the wildlife that you cant control pooping or peeing in the cemetary what you going to do about that? So therefore why cant and dog do there bussiness there?

      • Sam says:

        So, Chris, are you saying that if there is already a little mess from wildlife in the cemetery, then it is ok to purposely make a bigger mess? So, I ask again, what is wrong with people!!

  7. Sue says:

    It’s unfortunate this does get so much attention, but the fact is it boils down to responsibility and respect. Just because one has the ability and maturity to ” get over it” doesn’t change the fact that one shouldn’t have to be required to do so. If you have a pet it is your responsibility to not have it be a nuisance to others. You still have to do your part, take care of your pets messes, teach them not to bark all day long, teach them not to jump up… Everyone wants a pet, fewer and fewer actually know or care what all comes with it.

  8. Art says:

    OK, here’s the deal. Do wild creatures poop everywhere? Of course. That includes our lawns, our gardens, our cemeteries, and birds even poop on our cars or on us! Wild animals are just that — wild. Not trained. By definition, they poop anywhere, whenever the urge strikes. We just deal with it.

    If you have a dog and let it poop in your own yard — it’s your own decision whether to pick it up or not. Personally, I wouldn’t want to step in dog crap when I mow my lawn, but it’s a free country. If you like the smell of dog crap on your shoes after you’ve mowed — hey, whatever trips your trigger, dude.

    But when you let your dog do its business somewhere that you don’t own, like someone else’s yard or a public place like the cemetery or park — that’s different. It comes down to respect. You can train your dog where to do that — or if he has to go, you can discourage him from doing it somewhere inappropriate.

    This is one of the reasons I don’t have a dog and probably won’t unless we move out in the country. I don’t like dealing with dog crap. I don’t like picking it up and I sure don’t like it on my shoes. Many people feel the same way. Out of respect for those of us who don’t like dealing with it — could you please encourage your dog to go somewhere else? That’s all we’re asking.

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