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Boys Will Be Boys

Date posted - February 27, 2013

Saturday night’s 27th annual O’Brien Co Spts. banquet was another great success. Although most who attended were courteous and enjoyed their night out, there were 2 attendees who used the night to retaliate against a newspaper article that is posted at the Roller Roulette. The newspaper article that is posted at the rink is from last April’s Mail & Sun. The article states that HyVee is going to build a roller skating rink along with other expansions and ends by stating it’s an April Fool’s joke – all lies. During Saturday night’s event, someone placed a large fluorescent sticker on the glass showcase where this article is posted. The sticker read “it’s an April Fool’s joke, duh. Looks like someone was fooled” . Now I wondered who would deface my property like this. After all, this was almost an all adult event and it must have been premeditated because the sticker was printed from a printer.


I knew that article was all lies but some people didn’t get it. That is why I posted it. After viewing our surveillance tapes, we know who the culprits are. It was actually quite comical to watch, like they were being sneaky and about to steal a piece of candy at a store. These 2 men who sat right next to each other during the banquet are 50ish and one of them could be a store manager.


Now I think it’s time for you boys to put your play stickers away and put your big boy pants on. Please respect other people’s property.

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44 Responses to “Boys Will Be Boys”

  1. TDS says:


  2. Hadaway says:

    Cue violin music

  3. Tim says:

    I don’t get to the RR very often. I took my grandson to the event Sat night. I hope it does not tarnish all of the participants that were there. Don’t hold it against the people and organization that was there. I for one, appreciated the RR for the facility, and the courteous staff. I have read some neg things people have posted regarding the RR, kinda silly things if you ask me. I just want the staff and owners of the RR to know you have a fine facility, clean, and I was impressed. Thank You.
    To those who chose to act like idiots, I feel sorry for you. I hope the RR makes it known, who you are.

    • RR says:

      The thought did cross my mind to post the surveillance video on youtube and put a link here so everybody could get a good laugh but I think that would be pretty embarassing for a Sheldon businessman.

      • JP says:

        It would be embarrassing for them if you were to post the video but it would have been more embarrassing for them if you would have pressed charges for it ~ It is after all illegal to deface someone’s property ~ you know the old saying ……you do the crime… you do the time ~ So I commend you for just writing this. I think if other people had this happen to them they might be a little irritated also ~ A lot of business have articles up on walls or in showcases pertaining to their business from years ago. Are they NOT ALLOWED to have these things up ? Maybe people should treat the 50 some year old juvenile delinquents the same way you do the young ones ?

  4. Gerald Holderkamp says:

    Only one thing can settle this. ROLLER DERBY MATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Stuart says:

    talk about sticker shock

  6. Hadaway says:

    Ban assault stickers

  7. Bobbi Van Wolterrink says:

    LOL. This sounds like the type of thing that would have been newsworthy in 1874. All involved need to get over themselves.

  8. Eye In The Sky says:

    What happens at Roller Roulette stays on youtube.

  9. Doug says:

    In the world of Political Correctness, this is what we are becoming?

    While you are quite identifiable as the proprietor of the establishment, you could at least fill in the blank titled: Name, when you make such accusations.

    If it was as you say, a sticker, put your own adult pants on, peel it off and get over it already.

    • Devin T-Bone Winter Nighthawk III says:

      I agree with this. Be an adult if you are going to publicly make accusations. Put your name on it (even if it is over an incredibly petty, childish feud).

      • RR says:

        I’m so sorry I missed that part by mistake. To set the record straight, the poster is Roller Roulette although it is pretty obvious in the posting.

  10. Red says:

    Just think how mad you’ll be when someone tapes a “kick me” sign on your back!

  11. Thanks4TheSmile says:

    Wow, you have a article hanging up on a April Fools joke yet. Get over it move on. I am not sure what the statute of limitations is on April Fools jokes but it has to be up. However I thank you for the chuckle. Goo Gone should fix this, or whatever you use to clean up the gum. Just smile. Thanks for making me chuckle.

  12. Meets says:

    Interesting. A good chuckle for a Saturday afternoon. Great show though.

  13. Harriet Oleson says:

    I’m flabbergasted – nothing like this would ever happen in Walnut Grove. Doc Baker and Mr. Edwards would have tarred and feathered the lot of you.

  14. AMELIA says:

    LOL. can’t stop laughing about how foolish you all are being. Obviously you have some growing up to do if you still have the article up after almost a year. It clearly states at the end of the article that it is a JOKE, and most of the community understood that. get a sense of humor. and it is a sticker. stop complaining and take it off. it probably took you longer to write this article than to take off the sticker and get over it. So get your underwear out of a wad, take the article and sticker down, and stop this nonsense.

  15. FYI says:

    Just a suggestion, but you do realize that there are more places than just youtube that this could be seen…one comes to mind, WORLD’S DUMBEST CRIMINALS!!! Sorry, but after reading all the comments, I think that that cast might just have some pretty funny stuff to say about these knot-heads.

  16. Tim says:

    Listen, the point of RR making a comment on here in the first place was it was defacing her property. A criminal offence in reality. I have been in many many places of business where for years they have posted certain interesting items that were written in the papers about them. They all do it. I give RR cudos, for holding back. By now I would have posted the names. You all can say what you want about not getting your “shorts in a wad” etc etc.. but you all are defending the perps, is that right? I think RR has made their point. As would any business, that was defaced.

    • Sir Lancelot says:

      really they are putting down HyVee (a local business) by saying it is nothing but lies lies lies. either way, both are being immature. do you not think other businesses have been defaced? i know several that have had graffiti drawn on their windows or building sides, nasty notes, etc. but i don’t seem them making this big a deal out of it.

      • RR says:

        They probably didn’t make a big deal about it because it usually is done by kids. I have had graffiti on the side of my building, graffiti scratched on my front sidewalk and in my bathrooms, gum stuck anywhere possible, called names I can’t repeat, and I clean it up and keep my doors open. Remember, this was a businessman that did this and he has no respect for my business and this is not the first time we have had dealings with him.

      • Mom of 3 says:

        That article was not putting down HyVee or any other business! If other businesses were defaced, they probably took it to the authorities and let them take care of it instead of calling them on it. That’s why they didn’t make a big deal out of it. I’m thinking that RR decided to let the perp wallow in their guilt and let them worry if it would eventually come out who they were. That’s if they had any guilt!

  17. Red Bull says:

    There’s a rumor going around that it was the energy drinks that made them do it!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. biker says:

    I agree with tim. Seems like most on here are defending the classless men who did this to there stuff. I don’t care what it is. I have a business. Would I like it if you came in and posted over my better business bureau plaque, or my ribbon cutting article that was in the paper, or picture of the employee’s together that was in the paper a year ago, No I would not like that and I am sure you wouldn’t either. I think I would of posted names but……………… I did not attend this year due to another conflict. It is always a good time, a good place to meet and with that being said I hope it is there next year, or maybe sheldon will need to build an event centers like other towns and once again take business away from honest, hard working folks who are out there making a stand on there own with or without “posters”.

    • phil micheal says:

      They did but a sticker on the glass, but it was not on a plaque or ribbon cutting. It was on a article putting down another local business. I’m sure you woudnt appreciate someone puting up your article and saying nothing but lies lies lies!

  19. you cant roller skate in a buffalo herd, and you cant go fishing in a watermelon patch but you can be happy……just laugh love live and learn!

  20. Howard Wolowitz says:

    Would the stick-er please stop by the stick-ee’s place of business and apologize. Shake hands and settle this. At an event on Tuesday in Des Moines, someone told me they saw this two-cents exchange online and asked if we didnt have more important things going on in Sheldon. I think the exact word he used was “ridiculous”.

  21. Jesus loves Harry says:

    You are my Sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happppppy when skies are gray. You’ll never know dear how much I Love you. Please dont take my sunshine away :)

  22. Harry Loves Sally says:

    OOOoooo….sounds like quite a caper! Were they wearing ninja gear and was there mood music in the background? Maybe I should put in a call to the FBI….sounds like something they’d be interested in investigating! If that’s the worst thing that has happened to you as a business owner, I suggest you buck up, get over it and move on. (I did however enjoy the Little House references!) I have to go now and hide all of my stickers so nobody accuses me of such a unspeakable crime!

    • RR says:

      I never said it was the worst thing that has happened to me. Maybe it was the local contractor we hired last fall and caught him on surveillance walking out with over $500 worth of my property. I’m just saying, please respect other people’s property. If it’s not yours, leave it alone.

  23. Roller Queen says:

    This makes me wanna go roller skating. Anyone wanna go?

  24. Timmay says:

    Any word on when the new rink opens up? Quite an ambitious expansion for HyVee. Let’s see if it pays off.

    Any word on what they did with all that gold they found???

  25. Bob Terweiliger says:

    I can’t believe there are 42 responses to this. If it was my business I would welcome a few shenanigans as long as it meant I was making money catering to large gatherings such as this. I would smile for the whole 30 seconds it would take to remove said sticker from the display case glass, and campaign to have them back again next year.

    As it is now I would be afraid to step foot in the RR for fear of knocking over a soda and having the whole ordeal posted here with stories of how I was caught on security footage.

  26. Randy says:

    All I can say is, I’ve seen the article at the Roller Rink and it strikes people as being kind of a snotty thing that it’s up. I’d venture a guess that 90% of the people who see it have no idea that it’s a joke article. I know I didn’t bother reading it to the end.

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