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Date posted - January 27, 2013

What do you think about Sheldon spending money bumpouts?


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26 Responses to “Bumpouts?”

  1. ba says:

    No, we should not we have lived in other towns that did bump outs and planted trees in later years they tore it all out again. why waste the money or parking spaces

  2. lynn says:

    money that could well be spent somewhere else!

  3. Max says:

    Bumpouts will not make any difference on the amount of people who shop in Sheldon. If you want more people to shop in Sheldon get Walmart to put up a super center in Sheldon.

  4. Jr says:

    Bump outs make about as much sense as the curves they put in the roads by the bypass…..NONE.

  5. biker says:

    Waste of money, time to think about and energy that could be put to better use else where in the community. Like Jr said – just as stupid as those curvy roads out by chase lumber and the stop lights by the high school.

  6. Rainbow says:

    Yes, we can make downtown attractive, but at what cost? Let’s fact it bump outs downtown isn’t going to attract more people downtown. Pretty just isn’t always practical.But then as I see it practical and common sense isn’t always in the plans by our city administrators. When Sheldon had a chance to grow industry years ago, they choose to control a low wage in the area and keep out industry. Look where industry went and how they grew and look at us, Sheldon, a town with what? A monopoly on gas, residents that by financial demand shop out of the area for lower cost items. I am not sure a walmart would be our answer, they do hurt the small home town stores, but industry would be a great place to start! Instead of bump outs, why don’t we invest in our interstructure, water, power enough for industry to operate. It is a win-win deal, we have the bypass, lets consider the many opportunities this could hold. Maybe then when the average family income has a chance to stand on their own because of good wages, we could see Sheldon grow. Relocation is not new businesses! Besides, bump out’s are a pain for our city snow removal employees. I think also that personally if downtown continues to up the cost to the current store owners, that you could see them also make changes or close their doors. Their is only so much profit, City is equal to state and federal government, no thought for the honest working person.

    • jcs says:

      I realize this segment is on bumpouts. However, do you have any solid proof,
      i.e. examples, that our city fathers tried to keep out industry to keep wages

  7. biker says:

    As on older feller of the town – yes. But I can not state that on here. This goes back along ways. Remember the mid america saggo back in the day for our own utilities? There were a few prominent men, one who stilll lives in this town, one passed away and other lives elsewhere. Two prominent business men right now were younger men just starting and they also seen the wagon to jump on board. Those were the men I remember as I was in a few meetings behind closed doors but I was a little two person operation that eventually the door was closed upon.

  8. Concerned says:

    I have followed the “bump out” saga in the council meetings and my opinion is that the time and money spent on this is not going to impress anyone. The downtown area is no longer the center of shopping in the town of sheldon. We now have the by-pass and different areas of business that draws most of the residents and also the people passing through. If we want to make our town unique, let’s spend the money out there or on something that benefits all. The plans of the engineer looked to me like a landscaper could do the same thing unless there are codes and permits to be gotten. I don’t know how this idea got so out of hand and now the council won’t drop it. Sheldon tried to grow trees and evergreens in the community building parking lot and I thought that looked nice and then they were gone. Let’s put some more parks with just a play area up north and south of Sheldon. I’m sure the council gets discouraged with negative feedback and I apologize because they do good things but this idea is a run-away train that needs to stop.

    • Tim says:

      If I read and understand the situation, the council has taken the measure out of any voter approval of the issue. I think this would include the businesses involved.

  9. Cathy says:

    I totally agree with concerned. Making downtown “pretty” will not bring shoppers to town. We need to do something that WILL!!!

  10. Kenny says:

    This whole concept is a shameful waste of time and money.

  11. Ashshade says:

    Just an idea, let me know what you think.

    Step one:

    The city buys/rents a store downtown. They put up shelves ect. hires an employee or three. Then they rent out shelf space to community members with a limit on how much one person or organization can rent so one person won’t take the whole store. Sales could be tracked with computers to get the right people their money. Individuals would be responsible for stocking their product, managing inventory, and tracking profits or losses. They would have to turn a profit after a given amount of time, or get out and let someone else in. The clerks would be paid by the self rent. The city could eat the building cost/rent. The city has spent more money on worse stuff.

    Step two:

    Those that have successful product lines will have a chance to move into an empty building in town with the city covering start up costs up to a given amount. Maybe having two or three people in a store yet if they are small but still a step up from the couple feet of shelf space that the step one store would give them. They would first have to complete a business management course at NCC if they don’t already have that done.

    They would have to perform to get any city help, and that help would be limited. The last thing we need is for the city to subsidize stores. This would take a big chunk of the risk out of starting a retail establishment.

    I can see some issues that may come up but I think if you get the right manager, and a good set of rules to follow, something good could happen.

    • Ashshade says:

      13 people don’t like it, why? 15 like Hadaway. sounds like a lot of I want with no effort. We need the city to give it to us and we are going to sit on our hands until we get it!!!!

      • Chad says:

        Sheldon already has that. It’s called Garage sale days.

        • Ashshade says:

          No, new merchandise.

          What might be better, Sheldon could build Walmart a building to get them to come into town.

          It would be great, give a milti-billion dollar company a building so they come into town. Then they can pay us local-yolkels $8/hr to sock the chinese crap on the shelves. All so we can save 10% the first time we buy something that should last 10 years – but only gives you 6 months. Oh, but I can save 10% the second time I buy it too!!!

          Life would be grand, the city would have a huge loan that would take 50 years to pay off, boat loads of locals would have jobs (that don’t pay diddly squat), and we would be helping China stomp on the US. What more could a guy want?

          Or, YOU could start your own company, YOU could give people jobs, and YOU could make a difference.

          Wait, what? Oh yea, it’s too hard, I forgot. My bad. Oboma will save you.

  12. Hadaway says:

    Sheldon is a retirement community. Instead of wasting money on bumpouts, why not look for ideas to bring the youth back to town once they are done with college. There is NOTHING for the younger generation (18-25) in Sheldon.

  13. Sheldon Citizen says:

    Let the people vote on the bumpouts proposal!

  14. biker says:

    Really the entire downtown project in my mind is a waste of time and money. Ok, update the water and sewer system. Seem once a week there goes farmers market to fix yet another sewer / water leak. Job security for that owner. Other towns have there own backhoes. If I had the commmittment of x amount of business that were all full, busting at the seams of where to go, rent more space or build more buildings like the furniture store, bakery etc then sure, lets serisouly consider all options at hand. I feel as though this town has new housing development in the works, they want the “pond”, they need more infanstructure to get more lots available for commercial business say behind S square and New Holland building, then whats next more bike paths, more ballfields, since the town is basically “relocating” to the east side of town we’ll need a new water tower, lift station for sewer,etc. Seems like alot of irons over a flirkering flame. We need to address one situation at time or two, make some decisions and move on. Priorities – what needs and wants are and move forward

  15. Hometown girl says:

    I wonder how many people on this forum regularly get out of town? The aesthetics of your downtown speaks a lot about your love of it’s history and birth. Once these architecturally
    beautiful structures are gone they are GONE…nothing quaint at all about a metal building with products made in China. If I were looking to put a business anywhere it would not be in a place that does not care about it’s local businesses. NOT a local business. We need to host festivals and events that attract outsiders…maybe put black and white photos of historic Sheldon at the Holiday Inn or Mc Donalds and get people to WANT to see what is up there. Work on community PRIDE! As for bump outs…not really the issue…do we need to improve the look of our down town??? ABSOLUTELY

  16. Rainbow says:

    I keep hearing about building a major chain store in our town. Personally I would love it, and I so appreciate Shopko; but the fact of the matter is no major chain store will build here until we have something for them to come to. We have a low city population and no real industry. Until we grow as a community, we won’t see these changes for the better. We need to grow our interstructure, good jobs, good pay, affordable homes and increase the cities population, then they will come, we have the perfect location! Downtown renovations are not going to do this. I shop downtown when I have to,many times though I am limited or can not find what I want, this is difficult but when the store owners are hit with more increase of operating cost’s the products will increase and I am sure I will shop online more, money is hard earned and a person must watch what they spend. We have a great number of elderly and young familes on a fixed income. These bump outs are not a advantage to anyone when it comes to spending their money in Sheldon. The money spent on the research of this project was a big waste, the city needs to listen to the real people of the community and not just a few with influence, maybe they could see what the people really want. I also agree that a project with this big of a exspense for our downtown, should be put to a vote. We have area skilled contractors who if they were asked could have provided plans I am sure, without the huge price tag. I always thought that a real manager could look at a problem, evaluate, utilize all the available people with skills in the area of need, produce their own report and present to the city council. What does our city administration do? BUMPOUT’S!

  17. To Bad says:

    I know there are alot of people that are not for the bumpouts. I to feel it is a waste of money, just wish we could do something more then voice my 2 cents and why it doesn’t go to a vote. We already have that arch between the buildings that I’m not sure what that is and how much did that cost and was that to make it look nice. I think we need to start talking to our council or they need to start listening.

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