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Bureaucratic Discretion

Date posted - October 23, 2013

It is designed to fail. The computer problems they are having with the Individual Mandate will be multiplied next year when the Employer Mandate kicks-in. Instead of producing products, providing services and making a profit, businesses will be coping with 2,900 pages of convoluted legislation, 20,000 pages of regulations and 10,000 contentious IRS auditors. These insurance exchanges, computer technologies and health services will not and cannot be FIXED even if they go to Single Payer socialist health care. Like all other government programs, consumer choice is replaced by the bureaucratic discretion of the Secretary of Health. Obamacare epitomizes everything that is wrong with a government that is too big, too costly and too powerful! While Democrats would reform it and Republicans would replace it, we need to fundamentally change not just Obamacare, but government. We don’t need millions of federal bureaucrats imposing new mandates, regulations and requirements on minions of state and local bureaucrats who, in turn, impose these burdens on businesses and individuals. Administrative, budgetary and regulatory decisions for most domestic programs should be turned over to the states and localities. To do this, we have to take away Congress’s ability to hold the economy hostage in order to borrow money. We need to move a Constitutional Amendment through the state legislatures that requires federal officers to automatically pay the debt owed to federal bond holders, Social Security and Pensioners. Rather than Debt Ceiling a crisis; they will have Deficit Reduction debates.


Michael McCarthy

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27 Responses to “Bureaucratic Discretion”

  1. als says:

    Agreed Mr. McCarthy!!!

  2. meets says:

    Not good. Good post.

  3. Ducky says:

    The affordable care act doesn’t differ from a lot of bills when it comes into implementation. The more of an effect a bill has on the nation, the harder it is to implement. In my mind, the ACA’s struggles now don’t differ from another important bill in US history. Have any of you heard of the OSH Act? It was a bill that paved the road for OSHA. I’m sure all of you in the manufacturing field or other hazardous career understand how important it is today in the work place. Believe it or not, OSHA struggled very similarly to the ACA when it came to popularity and implementation. I know people whine and complain about OSHA and the department of labor, but would you really want to continue working in a workshop without it? I’m know the ACA is struggling, but in the near future, barely anyone would seek to remove it.
    And I agree completely with the writer that we need to fix congress. I live with a 2 year old and it’s uncanny on how similar they behave. Anyone else notice how congress behaves like a group of toddlers when the going gets tough? I think the whole shut down was similar to a child throwing himself/herself onto the floor and kicking and thrashing and screaming.

  4. Concerned says:

    I agree with this comment. We will never see this, but I would like to see no congressman or senator able to serve a consecutive term. They seek a life in politics and we, the people need someone with our best interests serving. We need a pool of electives that have had successful business skills that are able to vote common sense instead of with their party politics. I don’t think these long-termers remember how to do this. What baffles me the most is the fact that they pay themselves after they have served their terms and get life long benefits and that they exempt themselves from the laws they make for the people. How far back does this go?

  5. Doug says:

    It was a nice little break for the White House, to take the heat off of the Fast & Furious, Benghazi, and IRS scandals.

    But as is now showing up in the off-stream news, there was a grenade manufacturer allowed to pass weapons into Mexico, the “isolated extremists” in Libya are actually tied to Al Qaeda top leadership, and the IRS has been paying billion to illegals while backlogging Tea Party tax exempt applications.

    Like everything else this administration does, they awarded millions of dollars in contracts to a firm with a sketchy track record to create the Affordable Care Act website.

    But the Republicans must be blamed for this. There’s no hint of anyone in the White House taking responsibility for anything. It’s always somebody else’s fault.

    • Ducky says:

      Even though I voted for Obama, I’m not really an Obama supporter. I voted for him because he was the shiniest of the two turds. I really think that Mitt Romney running was a complete joke. It was beyond obvious lobbyists were using him like a puppet, he was caught lying on almost every discussion, and cared for the money more than the people. Obama has gotten pretty bad himself with some lies like not following through on stopping the DEA raids in states that have passed laws on allowing marijuana. The Republican canidate during the 2012 election should have been Ron Paul. In all sense, he is true definition of a Republican.
      As expressed, I don’t have the best views on Obama, but during the shut down, I have to agree that Congress is to blame. Obama didn’t need to milk it in as much as he did, but he’s not to blame for the shut down.

      • Doug says:

        You are pretty focused on that Mary Jane subject aren’t you.

        I find it interesting that your reasoning for supporting Obama a second term, is because Romney allegedly lied. I was hoping you would provide a strong base for your vote. Maybe you could try again and come up with a better reason. Are there any successful economic, jobs, foreign or domestic policies, education, defense, energy, or tax policies you can think of? What about immigration or sealing our borders? Veterans? Seniors? Anything? Can you think of any grand Obama accomplishments that would support your vote for a second term? There must be some Hope or Change you could think of to support your one singles excuse for voting against Romney.

        The U.S. Constitution forbids defaulting on the debt (14th Amendment, Section 4), so the government is not allowed to default even if it wanted to. Those threats to default on loans, were not started by the Republicans. The Department of Treasury, an executive (White House) department is responsible for paying the debt. Any default on our debt would have to come from a presidential order.

        I fully supported the government shutdown because the government couldn’t agree upon, or operate within a budget. He can’t spend less, he can’t even spend the same from one year to the next. 5 trillion dollars deeper in debt since taking office, and refuses to spend one less dime, so he agrees to a sequester. While you’re digging up information for Tim, look up who floated the idea of a sequester, when Congress and the White House were negotiating a budget. How can it be that the government operated for months under the debt ceiling, then after it was lifted, jumped 328 billion dollars in one day?

        If the White House can get the spending under control, I hope there is another shutdown in January. Heck, they already have the National Park shutdown banners made up, and they are almost new yet. I wonder how many months in advance, they were ordered from suppliers. You’d almost think it was a planned crisis.

        • Ducky says:

          Romney allegedly lied?? Ha! I’ll let you think that. Yeah, I’m not a huge Obama fan, but the reasons I voted for him in the second term (based on his accomplishments) are the following:
          Removed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

          Allowed young college adults to stay on their parents’ health insurance

          Made sure insurance companies can’t drop a child with pre-existing conditions

          Caught Osama bin Laden during his term. -although I can see many people debate this, it still happened.

          • Doug says:

            That’s a pretty short list of Presidential accomplishments after almost 5 years.

            #1 not having much influence with the country’s well-being.

            #2 & #3 could possibly be somewhat self-centered

            and most of the credit #4 in no way, shape, or form goes to Obama as that search started with the Bush team. The only credit Obama could possibly get, is he did not hinder the search.

            Now if there were some sort of progress in the search for the terrorists at our embassy in Benghazi over a year ago, he would get the credit for that. That of course, does not seem to be a matter of importance to him. They want to bury that story because it highlights his, and Hillary Clinton’s total incompetence.

            Maybe when he pulls back the curtain of transparency, someone will get on it. Until then, it’s up to the news investigators to do his job.

          • Ducky says:

            You know, I’m not arguing. I’m just saying that politics and politicians are terrible, well, at least here in the Untied States. I do strongly believe that presidential elections have become popularity contests among two brightly polished turds. I believe most terrible congressmen stay in office because nobody anymore really cares anymore, which is terrible. I believe politicians care more about the money and recognition than the people they represent (Steve King). I believe that large corporations, like oil and banks, are the ones who really control the nation. I believe Fox News is corrupt and tries to spread fear and confusion. I believe that the titles “Democrat” and “Republican” no longer hold to their true definitions.

            So when you bicker about Obama and defend Mitt Romney, you don’t phase me. Yes, Mitt Romney was caught in lie after lie after lie after lie after lie. He also gained most of his money (that of which he earned without the help of his Daddy’s money) by exploiting the working people. He was a draft dodger. He was all around a liar, corrupt, and a total puppet by the GOP.
            Obama probably started out pure when he ran for the first time, but I’ve seen more and more corruption from him. He falling into the darkness. He lied about the DEA’s involvement in California and Colorado, he is pushing hard for drone strikes in nations we have no business meddling in, and he still won’t bring our troops home from two wars that we supposedly ended.
            I think I’ve made it clear that I say it as I see it. But too many in this country get all of their news from Fox News and believe every word. I assume with the way you argue and the things you truly believe on politics suggest you are one of these people.
            Now here’s the part where a lot of Fox News Republicans will get mad:
            Rush Limbaugh broadcasts his views on how Americans should behave, when he himself does not follow his own advice. Bill O’rielly so closed minded, if anything or anyone has an opinion different from his own, he tries to make them the bad guy and kicks them off his show. Glenn Beck provokes anyone not on the Fox budget, not for investigation, but because it brings in the ratings. The RedEye segment is nothing more better a group of middle schoolers discussing global economics, and then always have to say something offensive.
            Fox News is not a news site. It is a giant talk show with multiple hosts. I believe if Fox News is a person’s only source for world events and information, I automatically assume that they can’t think for themselves.

            Alright, let the “thumbs down” clicking begin!

          • Tim says:

            Not sure where this will post in order but it is in responce to your post regarding news media.
            I am not supporting any particular one, however you state shortfalls of FOX, let me remind you of MSNBC, with Mellissa Harris, Chris Matthews, and a host of others, In my opinion, it is totally Democratic, biased. So it goes both ways. I usually check out numerous ones if I even want to watch them. It is best to do your own research. Draw your own conclusion.
            Also, you state Obama started out “PURE”, who are you trying to kid? I could go into a whole list of very questionable items in his past. I am sure that none of them are “pure”. Frankly, some of the things you posted, make me think you would have voted for Ron Paul.

          • Doug says:

            You originally came off as an astute fact checker. After your slamfest of Fox, O’Reilly, and Beck, you sound like another mouthpiece for the left.
            For sure, there is no Fox in the hen(white)house. They don’t have ties deep within the administration like CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS. You could possibly get your information from PBS. It’s not like they could be strong-armed by the hand that feeds them. Or better yet, you could be getting your news from the Daily Show or Colbert. They would never use sattire & belittling humor to shape your opinions. It must be a blessing to have such an “open” mind.
            Who listens to Rush Limbaugh and how is he affiliated with Fox? Bill O’Reilly has the highest Nielsen ratings in the business. Because he is a liar? Glenn Beck is no longer affiliated with Fox. Hasn’t been for a couple years since the administration started threatening his advertisers. Hard to believe the administration would threaten advertisers with the agency that is going to be in charge of our health care. Beck has his own very successful subscription based network. Because he is a liar?
            Do you honestly think the same news media that helped elect Obama are going to ask him any hard questions that would reflect badly on them for supporting him?
            Maybe when you graduate and get off your parents health insurance, have to start paying back student loans and maybe even have to support a young family yourself, you will begin to seriously consider the big picture and if this country is headed in the right direction. Who is going to pay back the 17,000,000,000,000,000 borrowed dollars? Not me. How much is it going to take to satisfy Obama and his spending? 20 trillion? 50 trillion? He could spend a $100 trillion, and it’s not going to help this country.
            The man is like a god to some of you, and you can’t even fathom the thought that anything is amiss. “He started out pure”. Unbelievable…….

          • Free Man says:

            Sounds like you asked yourself “What can the country do for me?”, instead of “What can I do for my country?”

            I’d like to hear you explain to your 2 year old in 20 years why the country is 100 trillion dollars in debt, and why they cannot get a job.

          • Not so young but not really old guy says:

            I’m friends with alot of active component and reserve, career Soldiers, Sailors and Airman. I understand that the left feels they need to “protect” the troops from this war; most of the troops find it offensive that the public believes they must protect the troops. The service members I know took an oath to defend the citizens and constitution of the U.S. with their lives. Most feel that the job isn’t complete in Afghanistan and that the threat to the U.S. is very real. I’ll take their word for it. They’re not watching the war on the news. They’ve lived it.

        • Ducky says:

          Of course I hang heavily to the left. That doesn’t mean that I expect the government to hand everything. I was without a job for a couple of months and refused to be on unemployment or food stamps (I did check and I was eligible). You’re talking to a guy who lives on $1000 dollars a month and out of his parents house. I pay my own rent, I pay my own groceries, I pay for my own bills. In fact, I don’t know any democrat or liberal who expects the government to hand them an easy life. This is yet another biased view that Fox News parades around to keep their extremist republicans happy. And if you want to know my news sources, I sure can tell you. CNN, MSNBC, NPR, TYT, local news channels, and even the BBC (British). Once in a while I will turn on Fox to see their stance on hot topics, but then I can’t even stand it.

          • Doug says:

            I thought young people were taught to accept change as a process businesses and individuals need to be successful.

            You keep digging through your normal sources of information, and you will never find the truth.

            Nothing going on here….go back to your homes……

            Here’s one of your cited news sources releasing a preview of the first eyewitness account of Benghazi events.

            This would be the event this administration has been flat out lying to you about on every possible level since Sept 11, 2012. The event that Fox News dogs them about at every opportunity. Because that’s what good journalists do. Instead of reading the mind numbing White House talking points every day like little robots. Surprising they are even covering it now.

            Notice I said lying to you. It was already quite evident on day 2, the coverup was on.

          • Tim says:

            And you call FOX biased?? But yet rely on MSNBC as one of your ‘reliable’ sources? You have been into the brownies way toooo much. You don’t know anyone who expects the gov’t to give them everything? WOW. You need to get out more often. You don’t need “biased view that Fox News parades around to keep their extremist republicans happy”. as you claim… you just need to get out into the real world and look around. Are you still on your parents health ins??

          • Todd says:

            You don’t know a liberal who expects the government to hand them an easy life? I can personally introduce you to dozens. In my work, I meet them on a daily basis and they are very open about the fact they don’t want to work and have no incentive to work because of handouts they receive. I am happy to hear that you are involved with an entirely different group of liberals, it truly renews my hope that maybe, just maybe, there are people out there willing to work and not just looking to be taken care of.

    • Tim says:

      This administration will never take the blame!! Watching the hearings this morning on the ACA…not one of them is to blame, it was all the other guy. Sebelius said she had a “schedule conflict” so had to wait till next week to testify. She just flew all over the country to be out of town. I don’t believe that for a minute. She needed to get her ducks in a row to see what these people were going to testify about. She will, I predict take the fall for Obama. ( how does this man get so many people to take the fall for him, Chicago style politics?) I do not believe for a minute, that the CEO of the largest corporation in the world (USA) did not know one thing about how the ACA (one of the biggest programs instituted by the federal gov’t) was going to role out. If he did not, he is not fit to be my CIC (CEO). This is the biggest gov’t program since…. and he did not know anything??? Stinks like fast and furious, bengazi, IRS scandal, on and on…. I predict, he will screw up soon. He cannot cover his butt forever, there will not be enough people in his administration to take the fall for him everytime.
      For those of my outspoken freinds on here that continue to blame Republicans for the gov’t shut down, (and for everything wrong with the country) help me understand something, wasn’t one of the things the Repubs wanted was to delay the enrolement period to work out the bugs in sign up? I thought I heard Dems say there would be NO NEGOTIATION on that.. Now, Dems want to extend it, b/c guess what, its not ready??? So who actually was the stubborn ones??? But none of this is the White House fault…. they knew nothing?? Of course not.

      • Ducky says:

        Last year, Republicans negotiated with democrats to postpone Obamacare until the fall 2013 so that the Republicans could get what they wanted in 2012. A deal was made, the republicans in congress wanted more out of the deal the later year, and the democrats (Obama) say, “No, we had a deal and we’re going to stick to it.”

        It’s like if your child asked you if he can stay at a friend’s house a little longer and promising to clean the kitchen. When the kid comes home, you remind him to clean the kitchen. The child refuses and throws a tantrum and refuses to clean the kitchen. After throwing a tantrum, he finds a lighter and sets the drapes on fire.

        Just like that dramatic story, congress republicans shut down the government (billions of dollars lost) and then threatened to default on the loans. I’m not bashing republicans or the entire congress. I’m talking about the select few republicans in congress that care more about their own status and money than the people that they represent. I know no one in Northwest Iowa who supported the shut down, yet, our representative wanted to continue the shut down.

        • Tim says:

          Please explain your “deal” you are talking about and provide support for it. I do not recall at anytime Obamacare was to be implemented in 2012. It was signed in 2010, designed to be ready Oct 1, 2013, Mandates to go into effect on Jan 1,2014.
          So explain to us, that “deal”. Please

          • Ducky says:

            Basically, republican congressmen wanted more money and to delay Obama care a year. I don’t remember what was in it for the Democrats, but I’ll look for it for you. I’ll find you proof from some credible sources, but I have to do a lot of digging through the whole government shut down over the ACA.

          • ha what says:

            still waiting….

          • Ducky says:

            You know, I have real homework to do. You know, so I can become one of the greatest engineers to better this country. Let me focus on my real homework before I dig through several hours of government shut down situations. Or even better. Instead of sitting there and waiting, look for it yourself.

          • ha what says:

            I am not hoing to waste my time looking for something that does not exist! I was hoping to get some entertainment from what you posted. You did just fine!

          • Tim says:

            It seems to me, you may have gotten your information on this “deal” from your news sources that you say you follow. CNN, MSNBC (melissa harris and Chris mathews?) the BBC, and NPR, and others except never FOX. Let me guess, you also get your information from the new Al Jazeera network? BTW I am glad you are going to further your ed, but you seem to have a lot of time to express your opinion on here, which is fine, but then don’t use your ‘homework’ as a crutch for not being able to support your opinions.

          • Ducky says:

            There’s a difference between checking Two Cents for ten minutes and digging through media information for several hours to try to please someone who’d blow it off anyway. I know the information is there and I’ve already spent about an hour and a half looking, but I’m not going to blow off my other daily activities for someone who’s going to tell me my sources I’d find are biased.

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