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Business and Religion

Date posted - July 25, 2014

Noticed that KIWA had a poll re. if customers would frequent certain businesses because of their political beliefs. I believe it was around 40% that said they wouldn’t do business there if they didn’t like their political leanings. Does this carry over to religion also? I don’t think it’s as bad as it was in the past, but does it still happen?


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One Response to “Business and Religion”

  1. Lee Ann says:

    That poll was a bit difficult to answer. I finally answered that a company’s political views could prevent me from going there. But it didn’t clarify the different possibilities. An example is I don’t like companies to have their own corporate free speech. A company should be used to buy and sell, not have political views. I don’t mind, for example that Pizza Ranch and Fareways are closed on Sunday, due to their religious beliefs. I don’t mind if an owner donates to the causes they believe in. As long as they do so privately as a private person. I don’t like Target and Chick Fil A donating to issues as the corporation itself. I wouldn’t go to Chick Fil A because I don’t believe in them donating against people that could be customers, etc. But anyone privately donating in their own name, is no problem for me.

    I wouldn’t buy from a bakery that refused to sell cakes to people they don’t like. Business is business and I just feel business should not mix in politics or religion. I wouldn’t buy from a restaurant that wanted me to pray to Allah before eating. But political and religious views are just fine. Its nobody else’s business what a private person donates to or campaigns for. Unless they do so under the umbrella of their company.

    I don’t mind if a Chinese restaurant is run by Buddhists. I don’t mind if a convenience store is run by Muslims in Colorado. They provide a good service and I will be a good customer.

    I’m going on and on because I’m trying to be clear. If a company refuses service to someone because of their differences in lifestyle, or brags about donating $20,000 to an Evangelical Politician, if their private dealings are kept private, I don’t have a problem with their politics or religion. Only when its from the company itself.