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Busy Mom

Date posted - May 28, 2014

I wish Sheldon Rec would offer all of their ball programs at night. I am a full time working mom and will miss out on my son’s t-ball this year because I work all day, every day. I also rely on other parents to take him there, which makes me feel terrible. Thoughts?

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18 Responses to “Busy Mom”

  1. yardman says:

    thats a tough deal…..because then you run into the parents that work at night…Its kinda of a no win deal. Unless all games were on Saturday. But then again you will still have people that work or do other things..

  2. Concerned says:

    Back in the olden day, most parents worked during the day, the mothers sent their children off on their bikes to the park, and the kids played ball without the pressure of pleasing parents. They just played for fun on a summer day. No guilt was involved of the parents because they had other things to do other then being a slave to summer rec and thinking they needed to be with little Johnnie and say “good job” even if little Johnnie sucked at ball. Then kids had family time and dad would probably play catch or just watch the neighbor kids play an unorganized game.

    • iowamom says:

      I don’t think it’s about “pleasing” the parents. For me, it’s about missing part of something my kids are involved in. I have my kids for such a short time in their lives and those are moments you can’t get back. I was one of those kids “sent off” on my bike and my parents never attended any of my games. It made me feel like they weren’t interested and it didn’t matter if I did well or not because they didn’t care. I choose to show support for my children by being on the side line, not coaching. At least they have a friendly face in the crowd if they need one. They don’t get told “well done” if they didn’t do a good job. It’s about doing the best you can in that moment and if they need to work on something to make them more confident for next time. That’s what we do.

    • RDW says:

      Thanks for posting this. I too can remember when kids had a life without there parents being involved along with parental involvement too. Unfortunately were living in a very different world now.

  3. local shopper says:

    I’m sure you are not the only mom in this situation. Here are some solutions. 1) Have other parents communicate kindly with the rec dept. This can be done by phone calls, or perhaps some type of petition. Remember though that the rec director wears other baseball hats besides t-ball. 2) Ask for time off from your job. Hopefully even your lunch break can be around his game time.
    If you don’t attend every single game and you live in a geographical location where your son can (eventually) ride his bike to the games-that is a good thing as you are fostering independence in your son. Hope this helps

    • Rainbow says:

      Having a child ride a bike to games would be great if…. vehicles would slow down and be alert. I have seen youth trying to cross at Casey’s corner Washington and Highway 18, I just hold my breath and pray for their safety. There is way too much pedal to the metal driving in town and too much of a lack of paying attention, just a matter of time before someone is hurt. I would not recommend any youth under 13 to travel to baseball fields or the pool by bike unless they are well trained in bike safety and respect for traffic.

      • i-wonder says:

        But Rainbow, who is going to teach the kids common sense and responsibility in the summer when school isn’t in session? Who?? If they can’t learn something in school, who can teach the right way to do things??

        • Rainbow says:

          We can teach children the safety of crossing at corners and watching out for vehicles I agree with that, but children have a short attention span and especially if they are with other children. Children knowing the safety and applying it while riding bike is great, however the problem with speeding inattentive drivers is still there. We as adult drivers need to pay extra attention to insure the safety of our youth and also our seniors crossing our roads. I even notice that driving down highway 18 east, if I drive slower then the speed limit 3 to 4 miles per hour, I have cars on the back end of my car sometimes I can not even see their headlights. Did we not have bike rodeos at one time to help educate our youth on bike safety?

      • momof1 says:

        I watch the bicyclists but my problem is when they don’t cross at a street corner. Teach kids the basic rules of the road also.

  4. Ty says:

    1) High School kids coach. Most of them play baseball/softball at night

    2) no matter what time you run the league, someone will have a conflict.

    3) It’s been in the morning forever.

    4) Having the rec programs in the morning or afternoon gives your kids something to do while you are at work. To some parents the rec dept is a glorified babysitter.

    5) If you run it at night then parents will complain about having to work all day then spend their nights at the ballpark. Thus not having time to get things done around the house etc…

    6) You can’t please everyone. The worst thing you can do it try.

    How do I know these things? I worked for the Rec Dept for 6 years.

    • Mr. Positive says:

      You are 99.9% right Ty. The only thing you missed was #6–You can’t please everyone. The BEST thing you can do is try.

      The rec program is for the kids so they have activities to keep them busy during the day. If you can’t make it to watch rec ball during the day, try picking up your glove at night/in the evening and asking your son/daughter to play catch or go to the ball field for some extra practice time with dad and mom–your son/daughter will always remember that!

  5. Harriet Oleson says:

    Back in Walnut Grove some parents got in an uproar over the time of the kitten ball practices and games. Things got to be so grave that a meeting was held in the school/church for all those concerned community members. It was at this meeting someone mentioned the attitude and behavior of the kids had become positively awful and also how “spoiled and entitled” the youth were nowadays. At this point Miss Beadle stood up and stated that children hadn’t changed over her career but parents certainly had. Take it for what its worth….

  6. Rational says:

    If you want to do what is best for your son, then you need to sit down and have this discussion with him. If he is old enough for tee ball, then he is capable of expressing his needs and desires.

  7. Just Sayin’ says: When my boys were little, we lived in Orange City. I didn’t want to miss out on games, so I worked out a plan with my boss. I took my lunch early or late depending when the game was so I could watch. It meant a lot to my son’s that I could attend part of the game. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything.

  8. Don says:

    Agree With BusyMom. Obviously the people planning these events are well to to do and can afford a parent that doesn’t work. Or the people running these are college or teen age with out need for jobs. I suspect the majority of parents are being forced to tweak their schedules to meet the schedules of these people running the games. Sure some people work night but I suspect that is the minority. Sure you cant please everyone but I suspect you are more so pleasing the people running these sports.

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