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Caution: Cliff Ahead!

Date posted - December 24, 2012

Am I the only one who is having flashbacks about Thelma and Louise when I think about the Fiscal Cliff? I can just see Boehner and Obama reaching up, clasping hands, putting the Thunderbird in gear, and sailing off over the cliff!! The only difference is, I’m not sure who is actually driving. I think both are fighting over the wheel, but neither is in control!!



I.M. Disgusted

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22 Responses to “Caution: Cliff Ahead!”

  1. Sonny says:

    Don’t forget Harry Reid (D) Majority Leader in the Senate as he vowed not to allow anything from the House to be voted on in the Senate. Obama believes he has a mandate. Boehner is a weak leader in the Republican House (where’s Newt) and Reid believes his _ _ _ _ doesn’t stink. It’s Obama and Reid going over the cliff clasping hands – Boehner is the hood ornament.
    America we’re screwed.

  2. Chicken Strips says:

    Please don’t compare the best movie ever to either one of them. Thanks.
    I’m reminded more of the Honeymooners.

    • Lee Ann says:

      They agreed to put this sequester into place, because they just knew that they could come to an agreement before the first. They screwed up on the last raise in credit, and screwed up our credit rating. Now that is due again, they can’t get their acts together to vote on anything. and they all lie about it in front of the press. Both sides are blaming the other. And North Korea has a higher popularity rating than Congress. SMH. wondering what it will take to get this Congress to work TOGETHER for the sake of our country.

      • I.M.Disgusted says:

        In any case, if anyone in the House or Senate were really concerned, they would all forgo their “automatic” pay raise in 2013. They still work for us. And I say, “No Raise”, “No Vacation”, “No Benefits” etc until this is resolved. All they have to do is go along with what the majority of people are saying.

        • Lee Ann says:

          I think they should divide their wonderful yearly salary up into an hourly wage. If you spend 8 hours in session, you get eight hours of pay. That would ensure they were at least on the property, but it doesn’t ensure that they will actually do anything.

  3. virgil says:

    I cannot figure out why we as voters keep sending the same idiots back to represent us. That is just what they are not doing is representing us. If they can not agree then send some one else in. I’m am thinking right now
    I for one will not be voting for ANY incument next election

  4. Lee Ann says:

    Warren Buffett said that he could balance the federal budget in one easy step. Tell the members of Congress they won’t get paid until the budget is balanced.

    • Tim says:

      What budget??? Our president has not passed a budget since he was elected. Help me understand that when I go to my bank loan officer, and ask for money, (the president going to the american people) how or why he should even look at me if I have no way of paying my loan back. would any of us get a loan for a car, or home if we showed a debt higher than possible to pay back?? But then, I could always go to the gov’t and get a free stimulus, or a grant or something free, right ??? When will our gov’t ever learn they can’t live beyond their means. We as citizens can’t do that, why should they. Cliff here we come!!!

      • Chicken Strips says:

        Wa Wa Wa. You think this is the first President to spend crazy? Well, he ain’t. That’s why nothing gets done; everybody cries about the other party like a bunch of BABIES. Every 4 years the other party cries. Learn how to vote, people!!! Voting requries using your HEAD, not listening to paid demogogues on agenda-driven “news” programs!

        • Tim says:

          You have not addressed the problem. Not once did I say anything about a particular party. Again, it seems anytime someone critisizes this man, they take offence. Just tell me, has he or has he not passed a budget since in office? And then tell me, I don’t know, has there been another president that has not passed a budget in four years? Voting requires you to do your own research. When has the USA had its credit rating dropped like it is today? And answer how a CFO/CEO would dare to go to a board meeting without a budget in hand? What would happen? You mention “Faux/CNN blind the truth” but fail to mention MSN/MSNBC. If you vote according to only the views expressed by either of them, you are not doing your research.

          • Chicken Strips says:

            I voted for Romney; I am not DEFENDING the President. I’m standing up for fair treatment of ALL parties. Republicans complain about Democrats and vice versa. It’s pathetic. I didnt mention MSNBC because they’re almost nonexistent.

      • Lee Ann says:

        Several budget ideas were introduced by Obama. But the Senate has been filibustering everything, and the House is voting everything down. These people are sworn to uphold and defend the constitution, but they can’t compromise or cooperate on anything. both sides are just as bad. They say that whenever we have a recession (or a Great Depression) Congress starts fighting because they all want the government to go their way. So the divide between the two gets bigger, people get more extreme and radical. I do hope that eventually they will get to some sort of an agreement on something.

        Like the debt ceiling, its been raised without difficulty throughout all the years we’ve had debt. No problem, its just a common vote to pay our debts we have incurred. Now, all of a sudden, its a big deal, and both sides fight over it. They act like its a life or death moment. Do they not realize that the debt ceiling allows for payment for the debts they have already incurred? We have to pay our debts regardless of who made them. The debt ceiling is not where the arguments should come. that should be before we spend the money, not after we have already spent it.

        • Tim says:

          Lee Ann
          Your comments seem contradict each other. they debt ceiling is raised for years, Yet you say it is so we can pay for the debts, are you really ok with an unlimited line of credit? Do you really understand what that will mean? It is a BIG DEAL!!!
          Think about what you said, we spend, but it is ok, because we can just raise our debt ceiling. Tell me, if you want a new car that costs you 20k, but you have no means to pay the $350 per month payments, should you go out and buy it and then worry about how to pay your bills, that go unpaid because you used that $350 to buy a car? It is simple economics 101, don’t spend what you don’t have. Don’t live beyond your means. The same goes for our gov’t.

          • Chicken Strips says:

            It’s just a distraction. Spending has been out of control for years. I highly doubt she’s for them spending beyond their means. No rational person is.

          • Lee Ann says:

            I said that we should worry about the debts before we make them. Because the debt ceiling covers the debt we have already made, and the US has always paid their debts that they have made. Once the debt is spent, its kind of a stupid idea to have a political argument over it. Because we owe that money. The time to worry about spending is before we spend it. Not after we’ve spent it.

          • Lee Ann says:

            Read the last sentence in my original post that you are talking about Tim.

          • Hank Rearden says:

            The Federal Reserve is now buying 60% of the new bonds being issued. This is monetizing our debt, meaning we are not really paying our bill already.

  5. MingLing says:

    So this string walks into the bar and sit down and the bartender looks at him and says “we don’t serve strings here” The string get depressed and goes outsides, ties himself in a knot and burns himself at bother ends, goes back into the bar and grabs a chair. The bartender looks at hime all confused and says ” Aren’t you that string that was just here” The strings looks at the bartender and says, “Im a frayed knot.”

    • Chicken Strips says:

      Get a job.

    • Tim says:

      Very interesting. I like it. A play on words perhaps, or a very clever analogy. We try to better ourselves, and when we think we do, we get knocked down, so we go out and work even harder. Only problem is, when we do that, we are so stressed we cannot enjoy the life we are trying to build, and society dtill sees us as we were. Not sure Ming Ling. but I got a chuckle trying to figure it out. Ok tell us the meaning :)

  6. MingLing says:

    I have one.

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