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Choices for Sheldon Leadership

Date posted - September 20, 2013

Since I see we have choices now for the Sheldon City Council, I encourage all to not only vote but talk with each candidate and find out which one best reflects your views on issues. Get involved in the process….I am. If you can’t make the council meetings please contact your councilman or the Mayor and express your concerns. Most importantly, make sure to vote for the councilman and Mayor that will listen to us and act accordingly. I’ve read a lot of complaints on “My Two Cents”…now do something about it. I feel it’s time for new leadership, let’s make the change this year. Communication is the biggest issue with this council…let’s communicate to them that we want change.


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5 Responses to “Choices for Sheldon Leadership”

  1. concerned says:

    I would love to run but time is an issue. This topic has been discussed before. The other concern I have is yes new leadership, new ideas, etc but the new voices on the block….I have never heard of? Dont know if they work, own a business/father business, I guess what makes them better suitable for the job at hand. What are there expereinces? Age? Currently the council is..well…you know but to what degree do we have as voters to make the right choice based upon someone as a friend to us or an asset to our community that we know deep down will be the best choice, maybe not for some of us but…….. I also realize there will never be one true person that everyone loves…. The other concern I have I sometimes think people run for these positions to gain in there favor, know what is going on before anyone else, or simply just spouting an opinion to have there voice heard. BUT by all means GO VOTE!!

  2. Gramma46 says:

    So glad to see that people came forward to run in this election it is a much needed change and I hope everyone goes an votes to make these changes to our current mayor and council members. Good luck to those that have made this choice and campaign hard.

  3. Jcs says:

    Why anyone would run for public office in this town is beyond me. The way the 2 cents crowd treats them and judges them, I don’t understand it. They must have a lot thicker skin than those of US who won’t even reveal our real name. You have my support just for
    trying to make Sheldon a better place on the front lines. Does anyone know what the mayor and council people make for their efforts? I think it would surprise you, for the grief they have to take.

  4. don't agree says:

    when is the election?

    Editor’s note: Tuesday November 5, 2013

    • An Idea says:

      I hope whoever gets in will use their position to improve the community ! Have an opinion and stick with it. Don’t just agree with the high rollers. And question what needs to be questioned. That’s all I ask for . Good luck to all!!

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