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Christian Ponder, NFL Starting Quarterback – NOT

Date posted - September 23, 2013

I have never believed Christian Ponder was a good draft choice for the Vikings.  Ponder out of Florida State was drafted 12th overall by the Vikings in 2011.

I realize the team around him isn’t our best ever but still Christian makes bad choices. ┬áLet’s look for a new QB and quick.


Me: Knock knock.

Christian Ponder: Who’s there?

Me: Owen.

Christian Ponder: Owen who?

Me: Owen three.


A disappointed Viking Fan

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11 Responses to “Christian Ponder, NFL Starting Quarterback – NOT”

  1. Retired teacher says:

    I’m really disappointed, too. :(

  2. Dug says:

    I think they should keep him. He’s the best player the other teams have!!! hahahaha
    Signed, not a fan of the Vikings.

  3. Tebow Love says:

    Tebow time. I mean, how bad could it be??

  4. Fan says:

    I agree Ponder is not the best quarterback but the bigger question is why has the defense given up over 30 points two games in a row. Unless you’re Drew Brees and the Saints offense you will have a tough time winning.

  5. Retired teacher says:

    Hey, Fan… I am wondering the same thing.. it isn’t just Ponder. The defense steps it up once in awhile and the offensive line does not protect Ponder very well at all. I was hoping for an exciting season but I guess it is not to be. Broncos have been exciting to watch but I have ALWAYS been a Vikings fan. Maybe someday they will give their fans something to cheer about!

  6. VFF says:

    I feel like Im watching Childress and TJ all over again!

  7. peter lemonjello says:

    ponder is playing with 8 and 9 men in the box. average qb’s will succeed passing against this defense and elite qb’s would shred this. hard to believe that the vikings will eventually turn to matt cassell as an upgrade. that’s what you get when the vikings draft a 3rd round quarterback in the first round.

    • Fan says:

      Maybe they should try and pass when they have 8-9 guys in the box in stead of waiting for a 3rd and long when they back everyone off expecting the pass.

      • peter lemonjello says:

        that’s my point. ponder’s thrown 2 td’s and 5 picks this year against single man coverage so far. he’s tried to throw on earlier downs with so little success that opposing teams can spare to have an extra man or tow on the line.

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